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24 year-old male from Hingham, MA
Im a junior....a gamer...im 18.....and i do 3d animation....and web design

Currently Playing: Halo 3 and Fear Combat ( at the same time)
Currently Browsing: www.roosterteeth.com
Currently Watching: Red vs. Blue Season 1
Currently Hearing: Tucker and Church Arguing
Currently Creating: 3d model of Bryan's head in 3ds Max
Currently Anticipating: Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 and Fallout 3.....so much gameplay so little time!

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DOOM 3We beat Doom 3.....in a day....WOOT
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Name matt
Occupation Student...part time dish washer
Birthday October 3rd, 1990
Interests Video Games Movies (Kevin Smith Quentin Tarintino) TV(scrubs south park furturama family guy) hanging with friends Red vs Blue
Music Rage Against the Machine 311 Phish grateful dead Led Zeppelin beastie boys others
Movies Clerks I and II Dogma Resivoir Dogs Jay and Silent Bob strike back Mallrats Grandma's Boy.
TV Shows Xplay south park family guy that 70s show futurama Cheat....and that one with your mom in it
Books I mostly read comic books and graphic novels...