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23 year-old male from Arlington, VA
Hey, I'm Mike. I like photography, video, and digital imaging.

"Hey, I'm a wise-ass, not a jack-ass." - Richard Castle
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Long time!Hey, a journal!

I know it's been a while sense I've done one of these, so I thought I'd give a general update on what's up in the world of Mike.

So you know that job I got a while back? Still have it! I know, I can't believe it either. I'm actually starting to be trained to be a box office manager now. I've made some great friends from work and have learned a lot of things from the work (both good and bad.)

Sense about the beginning of 2012, I have entered the cosplay community as a photographer. It's been a great community and a great experience. Don't get me wrong, like any community there is a LOT of drama and stupidness and such, but the photos I've taken and the friends I've made... I'd do it 100 times over. Hell that's how I met AemaethZQ! She's pretty cool... I guess. ;)

If you're interested in seeing my work and other cool stuff, feel free to check out my website and my facebook page. But hey, here's some photos to give you an idea of what I do.

If you're patient, you maaay see some RWBY stuff from me in the future... or not. Who knows.

Have some projects I'm interested pursuing in the near future... so that's fun.

I'm not in school anymore... no degree. My choice and I very well may go back at some point in the future... but now is not the time for a number of reasons. I'm all for education. I actually love learning new things. It's just a matter of timing and a few other factors.

It's been... very hectic to be honest. I rather not go into details, but let's just say mental health is a bitch.

Been getting into video games again. A lot actually. I now have the following consoles:

- Playstation 2
- Playstation 3
- Nintendo 64
- Nintendo Gamecube
- Gameboy Pocket
- Gameboy Advance
- Gameboy Advance SP
- Nintendo DS Lite
- Nintendo 3DS XL (Pokemon X/Y red edition bitches!)
- Original Xbox
- Xbox 360
- Sega Dreamcast

Also might be getting a Nintendo Wii tomorrow... and don't get me started on games. @_@

But I will say that I have recently played the Uncharted series (AWESOME), The Last of Us (one of my top 5 favorite games now), Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Dead Rising 2, and other sorts of stuff. I also just picked up GTA V. Considering this is my first Grand Theft Auto game... I like it so far. I'm still feeling the waters out, but it's kept my attention enough to wanna keep progressing.

What else... hmm...

Still watching Rooster Teeth's stuff. I mainly focus on RTAA, The Patch, The Rooster Teeth Podcast, Rage Quit, and RWBY. I WILL catch up on season 11 of Red vs Blue, don't worry. I just... need to find the right time (I know that sounds weird.. but so is pickled ice cream, so sue me.)

But I love how Rooster Teeth now produces so much content that I can't keep up with it all. Now I know some of you are looking at me strangely for making such a comment, but let me explain. I joined the RT community in 2005. Back when I joined the site we had Red vs Blue and The Strangerhood. Then PANICS came out shortly after... and that was it. We logged in everyday for the community, but content came out.. weekly at best. Which was fine. 7 years later, multiple shows are released on a daily basis. That to me is incredible. And while I can't keep up with it all, and some just doesn't float my boat, I am so so happy for Rooster Teeth. I mean, there's usually something new I can watch on the site everyday, so... *thumbs up yo*

Other then that... butts. And dicks (thanks Barbara )

I'm going to try to be a bit more active here, but regardless know I do log in every single day. Love this place and always will. :)

How goes it with you guys?

- Mike
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