The Last Man Standing
Win a Royal Rumble match on Xbox LIVE.
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Get your button mashing on! The less people you have the easier it can be. I just got it done with 5 people playing and they gradually dropped out as they got eliminated. You can come back as another wrestler if your first one gets thrown out and you can do it either in a ranked or unranked match
4 years ago  |  + 1 Funny
Best way to get this to invite a friend to a Create a Private RR & start.
With just the 2 of you, its an easy achievement.
4 years ago
can this achievement be obtain by having two profiles that has xbox live or not.
3 years ago
i hated this achievement i only won because all of the other players got disconnected and a one was a hacker
i was pissed till i was alone
and i could never get into a match either to make it harder
4 years ago
Managed to get this on my first try but then that was because the rest all quit. But i did this as soon as the game was out... all you see now are all these over powered creations.
4 years ago
This is the most annoying out of all the achievements.
The problem is70% of the people playing are using turbo controllers.
Its best to play with someone you know.
Invite them to your game & hurry & close the room,
That way only the both of you can run it & win.
4 years ago
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