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Our Moment: The University of Iowa
YouTube Videos for Practice Made Perfect

Dance Central 3 "Umbrella" DLC (Hard) 100% Gold Gameplay
Posted by RiffraffDC

K-Pop Dance Festival - Fantastic Baby A Rank
Posted by CTKaraoke2

Dance Central 3 OMG HARD 100% w/ Gold Stars
Posted by SoToSendoCadu

Dance Central 3 - Usher feat "OMG" gameplay on Hard
Posted by Diabolikkitsuney

Dance Central 3 - OMG (GoldStar 100%)[HARD]
Posted by 阿達輝巳

VidRhythm/ Dance Central Style!
Posted by Chelsea d'Aquin

Original Zumba/Cardio Practice Dance Sneakers Oct 2012
Posted by BailandoLee

Tugob 2013 Dance Showdown - Pineapple (NOCNHS, Ormoc Central)
Posted by sticollegeormoc

When God Made You Wedding Dance
Posted by William Guy

(1000 plp) Gangnam Style Flashmob Jakarta Indonesia - Thamrin Bunderan HI Sudirman Central Circle
Posted by annabelle1898

Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal
Posted by Spencer Stout

"BAD" Michael Jackson the Experience (Kinect) Master Performance - MightyMeCreative
Posted by MightyMeCreative

Mini Tan-Ok Dance Showdown 2014- Piddig
Posted by Province of Ilocos Norte Official

Cherreen Medley Dance (2) at central world
Posted by LeayDoDee Studio

Robert DeLong Global Concepts (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Posted by Robert DeLong

[Magic Dance] Fergalicious - EXO-K, SHINee and SNSD
Posted by YukihiraQ

Beginners Acro class choreography
Posted by Dance Central

Unstoppable(TobyMac) Dance for GCI Festival '13
Posted by Don Santillan

DANCE BATTLE | Deevolution vs Harmonic | Choreography by Geraudy Bombile
Posted by Géraudy Bombile

"Dance with me tonight!" || Off Ice - 09/08/13
Posted by Gina10179202

"Price Tag" - Professional Dance Center, St. Louis
Posted by Masquerade Videos

How to Do the Soulja Boy | Hip-Hop Dance
Posted by Howcast

The T-Mobile Royal Wedding
Posted by lifesforsharing

【KABAKABA】ROCKING (장난아냐) ~October K-Pop Dance Cover~
Posted by Karl Baclea-an

Volvo Trucks - The Ballerina Stunt (Live Test 1)
Posted by Volvo Trucks

Gymnastics Classes at Airborne Gymnastics & Dance in Longmont, CO
Posted by Pam Turner

FC Barcelona AMAZING Tiki-Taka Skills
Posted by Football Daily

CT Hmong New Year 2010-11 (Hmong Elite Qeej Dance Crew)
Posted by taznmon

Practicing the Dance of Bailalo (Ballroom Dance w/ Costume) - BB Prens :))
Posted by TheBBprens

if snsd was on just dance 4......
Posted by supashineegeneration