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20 year-old male from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
It seems as though I live in the land down under, where the internet is throttled like hell- especially in hotels. I'm a first year university student studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology, Sydney. Always eager to play some games, meet people, and various forms of comedy- such as the Drunk Tank Podcast, and RVB.
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RTOZYesterday the 16th of June was a fantastic day filled with drinking and various other activities held by the RTOZ community.

Heading to the line we could see the amount of people from the Australian community who were interested in joining in for a fun night- which it was. There was a goodies bag, bowling, laser tag, and competitions through out the night- drinking is just assumed when ever a rooster teeth event is on. It was great to meet some people, met Gavin- in which I got a great photo and signiture on my shirt. I had a glass of wine, coke and bourbon, and there were my free tokens gone- didnt want to spend much because I went out to bars in Sydney afterwards anyways.

But yes, it was a fun night. I hope to get more involved with the Australian community more so, and join in to the Rooster Teeth community in general as well.
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