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RWBY 08: Japanese ResponseHey all, Long time lurker first time blogger here, Now that RWBY is hitting it's stride I was slightly curious as to what reception it had received over here in Japan, so I did a bit of searching and sure enough I came across a fan translation

So with the recent release of episode 8 let's take a look at the Japanese response to it! Below I've chosen comments that I found to be interesting or reflected a general opinion on the episode

*NicoVideo Account required to view video
** To view Japanese comments you'll have to switch to the Japanese site at the bottom

Theme Song
0:17 おっ!13分ありか - Oh! 13 Minutes, I suppose there's a fight this episode!
0:17 今回は何てる - You'll watch this one more than once for sure
0:20 今回はす - This week's episode is amazing!

First Scene, Ruby & Weise Midair
0:37 運営は公にRWBYをニニコ致するべき - NicoVideo should really invite RWBY to be uploaded officially on Nico Douga (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Ruby & Jaune Crash Landing in Tree
1:07 Screen explodes with 'wwwwwwww' comments the Japanese equivalent of a 'lol'

1:10 全キャラのスーフやってるてまか! - Are the the characters really voiced by the show's staff?!

Nora & Chess Piece
1:45 : ノラは原ヤマ一っぽいな Nora looks like a Kiriyama Taiichi work don't you think?
1:48 レンは苦ぽい~w Ren's got that feeling of a wise-worldy man don't you think? lol

Ruby, Yang, Nora!
2:17 - 表情がかなあ - The facial expressions here are pretty cute you know

Jaune Catches Weise
2:55 イケメンンス - A chance to look cool!
3:00 なんかデーっいな笑顏w - Somewhat of a Disney-esque smile there

Jaune and Weiss Fall
3:07 トムジェたいノリw - Tom & Jerry style humor, haha

Ruby Throws herself at the Scorpion Beast
3:25 後ろ幹に加速た!?- She propelled herself forward by shooting backwards?!

3:41 Monster Hunter references as Ruby flees from the beast haha

4:36 Comments on Weiss's Tsundere style attitude flood the screen
4:59 ワイスはいやよのう - Weiss ain't half bad
5:10 ノラの顔wwwww Hahahaha! Nora's Face!
5:24 やっぱワんかいい - Yup! Weiss-tan is totally cute!
5:33 ノラ最高やな - Nora is the best!

Pre-Bird Fight
6:10 さーてボ - Alright, It's time for the boss fight!
6:18 うひ~  ooohe! Looking forward to this!
6:24 この辺アンゲムでプレイしいよ Man I'd love to play an Action game the likes of this

Nora Smashes the Bridge
7:25 まさかのヒッー!! Whoa, What a Power Hitter
7:25 ノラスマ! NORA SMASH
Screen Explodes with Comments on how cool and cute Nora is (Fan Favorite it seems)

7:38 この動き - I love the movement here!

Blake Attacks
7:41 美しい Beautiful!
7:41 黒い声い Black's voice is pretty good eh!
7:41 - General Comments of Amazement
7:43 一番体能のはレイクかな - I guess the one with the best physical ability is Blake

Team Formation
7:50 - なんかFF7AC出すわ - Remind me a bit of FF: Advent Children

Tower Shatters,
8:06 - Monty お得意の動き- Yeah! A Scene showcasing Monty's strength, movement through the air!

BGM Kicks in
8:22 - このBGMのいい - Great Entrance for the BGM!

9:26 - Lyrics Kick in, Many Comments on this
9:28 - ジョーンダーたなの So Jaune's the Leader Type?
9:28 ジョーンやだ Jaune ain't so good at landings is he?
9:28 サウントら買わ絶対 - If the Soundtrack comes out for this I'm definitely buying it!

10:06 黒は引力 - So black is Gravity then?
10:27 いけええええええ! GOOOOOOOOOO!
10:28 ワイスち一番いているw - Weiss is the one working the hardest haha,
10:31 ワイスお - Nice work Weiss!
10:33 上へ参り Gooing Up!

10:42 スゲー、ぎたかっけ Comments of amazement flood on past
10:49 日本人に無いし方 - A way of defeating an enemy that a Japanese person couldn't think of

Team Naming Ceremony
11:18 - 3D アニメのを感 You can really see the potential of a 3D anime here!
11:18 日本でやスタフ過労死する If this was made in Japan, The staff would die from overworking haha,
12:03 - 冬コミでRWBYのレイヤ見たな~ I hope we see a RWBY Cosplayer at Winter Comiket this year!

Credits Roll, Screen fills with thanks to the translator and general expressions of how this was the best episode yet!

So, In general for those watching RWBY over here in Japan, the response is amazingly positive. From here personally I'd love to see the fan-base grow over here, I suppose time will only tell!

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of this sort of stuff from now on, be sure to like this post or flick me a comment.

Thanks for Reading..
Until Next Time!
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