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31 year-old male from sandy utah
do people actualy read this line
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hard rock cafe yesterday i went to hardrock in chicago it was cool. i sat about 8 feet from a bass guitar signed by sting also close was a guitar signed by jerry garcia from the greatfull dead he probably played played it with his 9 fingers and i was close enough to touch it with all 10 of mine i also saw jimmy hendrex's guitar which was interesting to look at and in my seat i was right directly under a guitar signed by the entire band the stone temple pilots if it fell on me i would have died but that is ok because it would have been a good way to go. in the bathroom above the urinal they had highschool yearbook photos of rockstars and musicians i went to the bathroom three times i have been in chicago since april and the hard rock is the best thing i have done yet if you have the means i highly suggest stopping by it is so choice
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