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23 year-old male from Rayleigh, Essex
Oh yeah, I'm actually 4 years younger than whatever the profile says, because I joined at 15 years old, and I didn't know if there were any age limits at the time. OH yeah, i also I have my own machinima channel, where i make comedy based videos with my brother and a couple of mates. check it out yo! www.youtube.com/user/LostTheLeadFilms?feature... I accept all friend requests too, because i'm such a doll. Also, you can follow me @CJenningsIRL :)
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I'M BACK MOTHERF*****R!I know all of my 1000's of fans have been thinking "Hey! Where the hell is Connor?" Well don't worry, because my lazy hiatus is up, and community videos are a-runnin. Need a guy to run shotgun, hit me up yo! That is all. As you were
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Name Connor Jennings
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Birthday March 1st, 1992
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