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"We can live alone, but our lives will never truly be complete with others to be there for us."-me
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CollegeAlright all my friends and other RT peps. As of Saturday I will be back at college to finish my bachelors degree. So sadly I will not be on Saturday until probably in the mid to late evening. So Sunday before classes start September 1st. (Yes I know it is Labor Day) I will be hosting a tinychat party. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and hang out. If you are not joining us then you are just missing a little random hoopla. So come one and come all to a three ring randomness that is a tinychat.

I am going to miss being able to play my xbox while at college. But it is for the best that I do not take it. I mean that it can be and usually is a big distraction for me while at college and I ne...
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