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GiGaHerTZ Nyuk Nyuk
31 year-old male from Leeds, United Kingdom
30 Male from the UK . Only me, nothing less, nothing more. Psychopath, Genius, Comedian, Artist, Gamer, Exaggerator.
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GiGaHerTZ Nyuk Nyuk
Move along, nothing to see. Ever.I don't say much I'm afraid.
I have a hard time talking to others.
I don't find I have much to talk about either.
I wish I could say I were going through a hard time, but when I look at myself, it really isn't that hard. Which only serves to make me feel worse, such is life ...
Oh, and the constant 'returns' are to add dramatic effect, which is as close to explaining a fail as you can get.
Six and Three quarters.
Chocolate biscuits.
And one last thing, I'm a Tootsie Roll convert.
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