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24 year-old male from UK
Hey guys, I made a game! The Cannon

I don't accept random friend requests, but when I do its from people who've put me on watch and given good feedback on my journals and stuff.
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MCM award ceremonySo, MCM was this weekend and it was pretty fantastic. I got round to see plenty of games and other bits and bobs on friday and slowly started realising just how many other RvBUK people had shown up. I popped by the Rooster Teeth stall as well to buy all of the merch I've been meaning to get for ages and say hi to Miles and Kerry (and give them jaffa cakes). As great as Friday was, saturday was Miles (hehe) better. With the Rooster Teeth panel, trying to break out a crate (badly), RWBY photo shoot and hanging out in the pub, all topped off with Miles and Kerry showing up (and getting to beat them both in Smash Bros.), well, I gotta say it was all pretty fantastic.

But you're not...
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