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24 year-old male from UK
Hey guys, I made a game! The Cannon

I don't accept random friend requests, but when I do its from people who've put me on watch and given good feedback on my journals and stuff.
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Games and StuffSo, due to going to see the blood and ice cream trilogy (World's End, woOoo!), I'm going to be missing out on the RvB: UK game night this Thursday yet again.

So! In lieu of this, I'd like to arrange a little get together for anyone who'd like to play some games tomorrow evening (Wednesday). I'll be around to organise some games from 7pm tomorrow evening, so if you're interested, leave a message here and send me a friend request on Xbox Live (Gingerlink).

As for what we'll play, it kind of depends on what people want. My first choice would be GTA IV, but I'd also be up for Halo, Borderlands 2 (not actually started it myself yet) or any other suggestions (assuming I own it). Heck, if someone wants a throwdown on Rockstar table tennis, then I'm game
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