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25 year-old male from UK
Hey guys, I made a game! The Cannon

I used to do more stuff here, now I don't. I am ashamed :(
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Then there were six...I'm really enjoying Ten Little Roosters, but with the whole Red Herring clarification now I'm really confused as to what to class as too obvious...

The first episode my first thought was Gavin, then I convinced myself it was Chris, obviously a mistake. I thought Chris for the second episode was even more obvious, but it was pre red-herring journal so went with it anyway. Now I don't know what to think...

Also, my initial choices for killer and survivor are most certainly wrong (both are still alive, I'm just pretty sure they won't be by the end), but I'm fairly sure my second choice for each are on course.

Anyway, bit of a ramble, but I guess that's just where my brain is right now
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