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Hey guys, I made a game! The Cannon

I don't accept random friend requests, but when I do its from people who've put me on watch and given good feedback on my journals and stuff.
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RvBUK 2014Short version:

I was at RvBUk this weekend with just a small chunk of our awesome community. Fun times were had, lots of games were played, I now realise how important it is to renew my efforts to make it to RTX next year. The UK event has grown significantly over the past few years and I'd highly recommend it! #DanSucks #TeamNeil2k14

Long version:

It was a typical British summer as my train pulled into Leicester, with the sky a murky grew and one of those towers that shows the temperature registering a shrugable 19 degrees. I made my way to the Phoenix Centre where I was to find this year's RvB UK event. Warmly greeted by Jason (@jamilio) I found myself back at the event that I had only attended 4 years prior. You see, four years ago, in a small pub on the outskirts of Leicester, RvB UK (the second one) was just 10 (or so) of us sitting in the back of a pub watching RvB and playing video games. My fondest memory of this must be two teams of 4 trying to get through splosion man multiplayer faster than the other, resulting in obvious chaos. The event I was coming to today had grown leaps and bounds since then though!

After a couple of quick games to warm up, we then proceeded to the screenings, where we learned the grim tale of Death Knight love story (not the film itself, the grim tale of watching it) and, it being an RvB event and all, the entirety of season 9 (some things make more sense again now).

The afternoon was reserved for the behemoths of gaming to participate in their battles of epicness. It was, however, replaced with playing mario kart for a bit. My confidence was high coming into it, but turns out after playing Mario Kart 8, playing the Wii version feels a little rusty. I scraped through to the final with two second places (from third going into the last race both times), then came second in the final as well. I actually felt like I'd lost in a fair fight to Neil in the last race, unlike Dan (@The_Hybrid) who'd been hilariously screwed over at the last moment in every race (the video will be up somewhere eventually, I'm sure).

Grifball went less well, with our rag-tag team only winning our opening game (although I will take pride in getting the opening goal within 10 seconds and the other team not even realising it had happened). Finally, in worms, the last tournament of the day Nai (@CaptainNai) found out when someone offers you a truce, you take it, as after declining my offer, I promptly wiped three of his worms out in one go (before getting swiftly knocked out myself).

I would just like to take this point to say I would've liked to have stayed out with everyone in the evenings a little longer than I did (leaving just after midnight on both nights). It's a shame that I couldn't, but that's just me being paranoid abut the scenarios that could unfold when you have 2 room keys between three people. Definitely something I would aim to resolve next time!

Saturday was filled with more gaming, although primarily of the board/card type, with some Cards aganst Humanity and Munckin (which involved me further torturing Nai). Thos games took a while, so the only thing I can remember from the day was the Lord Puggington games panel. As a fellow indie developer, but who's mostly worked alone, it was interesting to hear their perspective and I look forward to following more of their stuff soon! For the evening, we retired to the cookie jar for a night of drinking and the blue, a pretty good combination really!

With the gaming all packed up, sunday opened with the prospect of a much quieter day. After recording a couple of AHWU shout outs (not entirely sure how well they'll turn out...) we headed off to lazer tag to wrap up the event. Turns out I do my best when I stand in plain sight shooting everything that moves (who knew?), even if it meant I instead got shot by the slackers staying in the lobby manning the remote controlled turret.

Sadly, with our games played, it was my time to head off. I bid my goodbyes, hugging anyone who was keen (perhaps less pleasant than normal given everyone was now all hot and sweaty) and heading back to the station to return from when I came. All in all a fantastic time and I will certainly be back next year!

Shout out to everyone else I can remember/have been able to find!
@Eoin @Kleelasseter @TheLadderMan @palmeirl @TopherBeadle @Hightower

I'll have to try and use this as a springboard to get back into the community as well. Obviously it's been too long since I made this for any of the community hunter gang to accept me as their own
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