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GodslilTippy Mrs Mommy
31 year-old female from NC
Super power: Ability to teleport into and out of the RT bathroom (bestowed by Shunejii)
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GodslilTippy Mrs Mommy
Healthier 2015

It seems like a good time for a challenge! As a dietitian, I get to hear every excuse as to why someone can't make a change. Some are difficult to overcome (ie. My family hates vegetables) and some are fairly simple (ie. I don't know how to cook that). I want to put together a way for people to make a change that is reasonable/realistic. I never expect my clients to go from fried food and starch to baked lean meats, veggies, fruits, low fat dairy, and whole grains overnight, but if they can start adding veggies to one meal a day, then there is a much better chance at a lifestyle change.

So, lets begin!

1. Pick one thing you know is affecting your health and WRITE IT DOWN (ie. I dr...
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