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26 year-old female from San Angelo, Texas
Hello! I am a person, a girl to be more specific, who likes video games. Right now, I'm obsessed with Minecraft. Recently graduated with a masters in counseling psychology. Now I have to be a big girl and find a big girl job. One day I'd love to work at RT. The end.
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good2cya FuckEdgar
Anyone want a Let's Play Live ticket?So I bought a ticket to Let's Play Live, but I've decided not to go. I've been super stressed and sleep deprived lately and traveling usually exacerbates things for me... so I've decided to sell my ticket!

If you or anyone you know would like a balcony seat to Let's Play Live, please message me. I believe the price for it was $49.99 but I can round it up to an even $50 and I can accept payment through Paypal. Once I receive payment I'll message you on this site with the ticket (it's an image file you print out to take with you to the event). I'm typing this at work and I don't remember the exact seat my ticket is for, but it's in one of the angled balcony areas (either Balcony 2 or Balcony 5).

I'm a little meh on not going, but I think I just wouldn't have fun cuz I'd feel like crap. Someone buy my ticket and go have fun in my stead!!!
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