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good2cya FuckEdgar
25 year-old female from San Angelo, Texas
Hello! I am a person, a girl to be more specific, who likes video games. Right now, I'm obsessed with Minecraft. Recently graduated with a masters in counseling psychology. Now I have to be a big girl and find a big girl job. One day I'd love to work at RT. The end.
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good2cya FuckEdgar
Missing RTX :(This is the first year I won't be at RTX. I went to the first one, which was amazing, and the next two, which were awesome as well. So it's hard looking at how everyone is getting ready for something so awesome that I won't be at this year. ;~;

Our family trip to Florida is coinciding with RTX, and I opted for Florida for several reasons: get to see my Granny, who's 91; go to the beach where we've gone every other year since I can remember; and this'll probably be the last family vacation for a long time. It sucks missing RTX, but I think I'd feel worse if I decided to go by myself to RTX while my family was in Florida.

So if I hate on anyone for going to RTX, it's only cuz I'm suuuper jealous! I hate all of you.
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