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29 year-old female from Washington, DC
5th year graduate student - on residency
M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Psy.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Community and Content Manager for GrifballHub.com!

GrifballHub.com - Writer, Content Manager, Hubcast Co-Host

I play for the Ways and Means Committee - We've been providing both death and taxes since Summer League '08.

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RTX Let's Gooooooo!RTX is under five months away and the hype is real! I'm working on a mental health panel to submit and, of course, there's the awesome Grifball Kickstarter going on, too.

So far, we've raised nearly $6,000 of our $11,750 goal and we still have two weeks left to go. If you attended RTX 2013 or 2014, you know what GrifballHub brings the show floor - 400 sq ft. of Griball awesome. LAN Grifball available the entire con plus t-shirts, and tons of free swag.

If you've already donated, thank you so much! If not, you totally should. If the above isn't enough of an incentive, I'll be on a 24-hour live stream marathon starting tomorrow at 8AM to help raise funds. Legendary speed runner ProAceJoker is helping us out this year with the streaming marathon. He'll be running Halo CE, 2, 3, and 4 all in a row.

RTX just isn't the same without Grifball, so please help us get there through donations and spreading the word.

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