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22 year-old male from Phaaze

This is the Twilight Hack. Read it.
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Back to SchoolTomorrow I go back to school as a sophomore. I'm not too eager but I am happy to get out of the house and do something other than lay around all day.

I also managed to get AIM working and made myself a new AOL screen name. I was agitated at dad because he had used my full name for my E-mail address,and the fact that I was still in the lousy pre-teen category. I was staring at the screen for about 30 minutes, trying to come up with something, because Peeves wasn't going to work. So I decided to go with something most of the people at the HighSchool call me by: Doug Diesel. Now that my AOL account is set to a General account, I'll be using it more often (and because it sucks up less memory).

So if anyone feels like E-Mailing me or sending me an IM, this is where to contact me:

E-Mail: DougDiesel01@aol.com
AIM: DougDiesel01
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Name Douglas
Occupation Freshman
Birthday October 24th, 1992
Interests videogames internet girls Greek Mythology science in general thunderstorms puzzles computers odd dreams that I have and some other things.
Music Anything worth listening to.
Movies Mystery Men Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Bruce Allmighty Ace Ventura: Pet detective A.I. Van Helsing Cabin Boy Night at the Museum Hell Boy Men in Black 1 & 2 Jurrasic park 1 & 3 Transformers Click more to be added once I remember.
TV Shows We don't even have cable but there are a few good shows out there (Moonlight Ghost Whisperer anything the rest of the family watches). Simpsons Family Guy King of the Hill American Dad Robot Chicken Stargate SG-1 Battle Star Galactica Deal or No Deal The Man Show Saturday Night Live more to be added.
Books Books that have to do with Greek mythology anything that isn't total garbage.