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29 year-old female from Austin, TX
"Ladies of the Irish persuasion are unique in their character. They are a combination of a little girl, mother, hooker, and nun. They go from Bambi to Banshee in 3.7 seconds. They can bat their eyes, or blacken yours. They can love you with a passion and make you feel like a king. They can be frail and strong at the same time. Depending on their mood, they'll chastise you for drinking...or match you pint for pint. The ladies keep Irish men from killin' themselves and each other. But, they're like the grace of God... uncompromisable but indispensable."
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AWESOME Lazer Team stream!Thoroughly enjoyed tuning in to get to hear some incredibly exciting info about the movie. So cool to see the excitement going into this project, as well as from the fans. Thanks to @Barbara, @burnie, and @matt for taking the time to shed some light on this upcoming amazeballs creation.

Oh, yeah, it's totally supposed to be lazer with the z. Stop shaming me, autocorrect!
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Interests Fact: -I'm Greenie. -I'm Irish. -I love Ryan forever. -I am an elementary school teacher -I love to sing in the shower -Music is my passion -I have better friends than you do -I'm freaking terrified of clowns -I always make sound effects -I often make jokes at inappropriate times -My little toe eating monster kitty is my favorite -I will probably invade your bubble -I love capri sun -Rudy�39;s BBQ makes me happy -I'm a beer snob -I have a spare spare rib -I love to cook and I do it often -My mind seems to always find its way into the gutter -I�39;m a super nerd that plays World of Warcraft -Meeting Ryan is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I9;m so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life waking up next to my best friend.
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