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I am not a gun-nut. I mean, I know a lot about guns, I do research on guns, my desktop is a picture of a gun, I like war movies, I ...own a BB gun, I...do...rifle training for sport...and...um...shutup...

Weird; I'm Chinese, but I was born in England yet I've lived in Australia for my entire life...
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You know something's wrong when......the first word that pops in everyone's head in your class is gay.

A couple of days ago my class had another little bit of "education out of school time". We learn about sex (oh joy), drugs, alcohol, etc. Now we turned to the subject of gender.

Our teacher had a test for us. He would say one sentence, then we had to say the first word that came into our minds. First sentence:

1."All boys are..."
class's answer: Gay
2."All boys must be..."
class's answer: Gay
3."All boys must not be..."
class's answer: Gay

Nobody knew each others' answers until one of my friends goes:

"Hey, is everyone's answer for each sentence gay?"

Eveyrone raised their hand, except for a few. My teacher:

"Well at least there were some sensible boys."

Their answers were masterbate.

In conclusion it was one whole disturbing, strange, funny, hilarious, idiotic, insane, freaky, weird, disgusting, warped session of class.

Just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone before.
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