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25 year-old female from Under the stairs

(Yes, I am going to marry Alistair from DA)

Hi, I'm Austin!

And I'm here to fuck shit up.

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woaaahaWell, it's definitely been awhile RVB! Not for any significant reason either...I genuinely forgot the password to my account one day. Couldn't for the life of me remember it, and the email I have set up on here is unfortunately nonoperational. :/ Derp move.

Anyways, brief update with my life within the past 8 months. I bought the promotional company I was working for. :) This little lady is a small business owner, also in charge of all the hot women you see working beer and liquor promos around Eastern Washington. Yay! I know, pretty exciting. Calm yourselves. Other than that, nothing to report.

What has everybody else been up to?
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