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32 year-old male from Fort Worth, TX
Hey guys, thanks for checking out my homepage. Part owner of GrifballHUB.com

Well I love grifball and I have been a fan of RvB since the very start. I actually got my gamertag from Tex....before I knew she was a girl lol. I am a play-by-play commentator for Grifball.
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What Halo(Grifball) means to me.For people that might find my passion of Halo odd, allow me to tell you a story.

I am twenty-nine years old. Up until I was say 15, I had a difficult life growing up. While I was passionate about learning, I did not receive the positive reinforcement that I probably should have. I was taught to be "realistic" to expect "failure" and so on. This was not my mother's fault in truth, for she had a rather terrible situation on her hands. But I will not go into that.

My life began to slowly change when I was adopted by the Honeycutt's. I moved in with my brother Johnny, JR, Tim and Josh. We all supported each other and it was somewhere I felt loved. I flourished in high school and was hungry to learn. I went on to college, but soon dropped out for financial reasons. I got in a rut of working and not moving forward.

I began playing Halo, got my XBL account because of Halo. Met so many awesome people through Halo 2 that I still have great friendships with now. (Nanadel, itsosadbuttru, Rapture, kastor, etc.). It carried over to Halo 3, and we continued to have fun. I was 24 working at Wal-Mart when Halo 3 came out. Soon I stumbled onto Grifball (Thanks to Greenhorn) and found the league (per Jacen Solo). Through the AGLA, I met these AMAZING people Goosechecka, Kalbelgarion first, and others (H2O_Camper, Dragon, Honcho, Rallyfox, Taco, Mango the list can go on forever). These people, built me up. They made me love Grifball even more.

I eventually got to write for an upcoming website called GrifballHUB. It might have been one of the biggest honors in my life at that point. That I was able to be a part of something and share my thoughts, be creative, people would read what I had to say. It made me feel important. No one will ever know how amazing it made me feel to be a part of something like that.

I got Goose involved in Grifball because she was so passionate about it (I nailed that one didn't I?) And thus GrifballHUB came full circle for me. Goose and Kal were the first two people I played against in a Grifball match, and now I worked with them, sharing our passion.

Working for GrifballHUB was so hard some times. People thought we didn't care about them, they thought that we felt we were better than others. These things really hurt us as a family, and we had to give it a lot of thought. Many times we all talked about quitting, but we persevered.

With GrifballHUB, I got to find two things I am extremely passionate about(Podcasting and commentating). It was GrifballHUB that "forced" me to go to PAX Prime in 2010. And it was at PAX Prime, I found what industry I had a burning passion to be in. I didn't know I wanted to do in the field, I just knew I would wind up there. And of course, I wanted to work with Halo.

Through GrifballHUB, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people. I have had the honor to meet people as passionate as me about Halo in their own facets. I have had the opportunity to sit and talk with my very own role model, Frank O'Conner for an hour. Things I would have never even dreamed up has happened because of Halo and GrifballHUB.

Going to PAX, and coming to the realization that I wanted to work in the gaming industry, led me to go back to college. That was the hardest thing for me to do in my entire life, as I had mentioned before, I had a very pessimistic outlook on what I could accomplish. But I had my family (JR, Johnny and my Grifball family) behind me, believing in me when I did not believe in myself.

And now here I am, an SGA officer at my college, Dean's List student, well liked on my campus. This semester, I started believing in myself. I tell myself I can do these things. I know I can accomplish my dreams and goals. All this I have achieved from a loving brothers and gaming family from Halo.

Halo is not just an epic story to me that I do love to play. It is a major part of the driving force of me improving myself. It is the rock and foundation of my passion. It is the center stage of the path I have traveled. I know my dream now, I know it will happen, and Halo is making it possible.

This is why I love Halo. Not just the game, but the people behind it. The people that play it. The people that love it. They are my family. We build each other up, we believe in each other, we support each other.

So Halo is not just a game to me, and its players are not just a community. Halo is my dream and the players are my family.

Here's to another 10 years of Halo
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