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Week One UpdateThe first full week of Grifball is now on the books and we want to thank all our Captains for all their hard work and scheduling efforts. Week One featured seventy-six matches played and resulted in every last one of Grifball Single Game Records being shattered. Maybe that last part was not so amazing, considering that none of the Records existed before last week. But still... breaking every record in one week is in itself a record, so take that history!

We would also like to award our first ever Captain of the Week. Gingerlink of Team Chupathingy not only led his team to a perfect 2-0 starting round and payed all his games by mid-week, but he was extremely helpful in assisting other Captains and offering to scrimmage with newer teams. You can also check out his write-ups of Chupathingy's games on his roosterteeth account. Congrats to Gingerlink.

We're doing some shake ups around the League today. You can expect to see some fresh faces in the Divisional line-ups; possibly some familiar names as well. More on that later. For now, get back to the arena. These Grifs aren't going to hammer themselves.
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