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Transition Some of you may have noticed that in addition to wrapping up RT Comics, my five-year project with Luke McKay, I have also been absent from the podcast and other Rooster Teeth happenings. I've been out of the office, struggling with a decision I've been scared to make... and then, once I made it, scared to commit to completely.

I left the company last month and now I'm finally announcing it officially.

My involvement with RT goes back to 2004. On our second date I helped Geoff stuff RvB Season 2 dvds into envelopes. Our first kiss was on the way to the post office to mail them out. Not long after that I was working the booth at the second convention we participated in; Anime Reactor in Chicago. When I was seven months pregnant with Millie, I worked RT's first Comic-Con in San Diego. I've hosted nearly everyone connected to the company at my home at least once and have done what I can to help out in any way possible.

I've loved the company fiercely and it's hard to let go.

However, it is now time to move on and do my own thing. So, with that said, I'm proud to show you my latest video project and new YouTube channel. Thanks so much to my very talented friends Marshall Rimmer (editor/cinematographer) and Martha Marin (music) for helping me with it. Also, special thanks to Geoff for being consistently awesome.

And thank YOU for reading one of my longest journals ever (assuming you made it this far) and for showing me so much support over the years. You can find me here, here, and here.
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