• UPDATE: Block Party Stretch Goals

      1 month ago


      ICYMI, we hit all of our stretch goals for our Block Party stream! So here's what's coming:

      -BTS video from the stream

      -A Rainbow-Headed Chii (video/face cam on in at least one upcoming Let's Plays)

      -Gratuitous violence directed at Joe's TV. (video)

      We'll get these videos out in as timely of a manner as possible, but please be patient, especially on the last two. A rainbow dye job is not done cheaply, and we're waiting for a nice weekend to shoot the TV Smash video (plus, we're waiting on something special to come in for it!).

      Subscribe to our youtube channel ( to make sure you don't miss them!

    • Block Party Extra Life Stream TONIGHT!

      2 months ago


      Hey everyone! Our first Extra Life Stream of 2018 is TONIGHT!

      We're raising money to help fund the Saint Louis Children's Hospital, and their Healthy Kids Express program, which brings health care screenings to kids in low-income areas!

      Catch us online at from 5-10pmCST!

      We have some stretch goals that I'd like to tell you about!

      -If we reach a total of $125 by the end of tonight's stream, we will pick a random color to dye Chii's hair (we'll post a video about it)

      -If we hit $250 by the end of the stream, we're going to destroy Joe's TV, "Office Space Style" (we'll post a video of it.

      -For EVERY donation of at least $13.37, we're going to spin our "Wheel of Destiny" to pick a punishment for the stream team to do live on-air!

      You can donate at ExtraLife.BIGBITE.Media!

      Oh, almost forgot! We made a shirt for this stream too! All proceeds from the BIGBITE Block Party design go to STL Children's Hospital! Also, this weekend only, all sales of the BIGBITE Gold line will go to STL Children's Hospital as well! Check them out at store.BIGBITE.Media!

      Thanks for helping us raise money #forthekids!

    • Announcing our first BIGBITE Block Party! (2.17.18)

      2 months ago


      Hey everyone! If you follow our YouTube channel, we've already been talking about this for a week, but we'd love to take a minute and let you know about our new charity streaming event!

      After our second annual Extra Life Stream with our friends at RTSTL, the room unanimously decided that it was too much fun to do only once per year!

      Enter the BIGBITE Block Party!

      This will be a series of live-streamed events, interspersed throughout the year, partnering with local communities to benefit various charities! 

      Our first BIGBITE Block Party event will be on Saturday, February 17th, 2018, from 5pm-10pm CST (GMT-6). We'll be hanging out with our friends from RTSTL, having fun  and  playing  games, all while raising money for Saint Louis Children's Hospital! You can get in on the action at, or! Be sure to subscribe to those channels so that you know when we go live!

      Oh, one more thing! We have some brand new shirts in the store, so you can get some fresh threads while helping us raise money for charity! All sales of the BIGBITE Block Party design will always benefit the charity we're fundraising for!

      We'll see you at the party!

    • Fan Art Friday!

      4 months ago


      FANNNNN ART TIME! Post your best RT Art with some holiday cheer

    • Fan Art Friday time!

      5 months ago


      Hey everyone! Be sure to get your fan art submitted for this week's Fan Art Friday contest! It's live RIGHT NOW!

    • A look back at Extra Life 2017

      5 months ago



      I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on Extra Life, what we've accomplished, and what we have left to do.

      First of all, and perhaps most importantly, I'm humbled by the amount of people who have contributed to our mission of helping the kids at St Louis Children's Hospital. My daughter has been a patient in their ER, and currently uses some of their services, so this cause is near and dear to my heart!

      We had a friggin' blast at our #ForTheKids2017 Extra Life stream last weekend! If you missed it, we'll be editing the footage down into Lets Plays, and releasing them every Friday for the rest of the year over at!

      Between shirt sales and raw donations, we outpaced ourselves at the same point last year! With that being said, we still have work to do to beat last year's goal! The good news is, we still have nearly a month to raise money with the Shirts, and until the end of the year to raise these funds to help these kids!

      I have to stop and thank everyone involved here. Huge shoutouts to Chii for cohosting with me and editing the footage, Jeremy for hosting the event, Dana for building the Minecraft sets, Les for making the shirt design, Michael for running our social media campaign, The incredible team of Jack, Chelsea, and Michael from RT for being awesome collaborators, and, of course the rest of Team BIGBITE/RTSTL for making this charity campaign and event everything it was!

      Of course, I have to thank you, our readers, viewers, friends, family, and fans, for helping us out in our mission to raise money #ForTheKids! Also, I'd thank you to continue donating and sharing! You can still donate directly through the end of December at, and you can still get the Extra Life shirt at Store.BIGBITE.Media through the end of November, and all of the profits will go to Extra Life! Additionally, half of everything else we sell at the BIGBITE store through the end of November will go to Extra Life as well!


      Joe Dalton

      Captain, Team BIGBITE/RTSTL

      CEO, BIGBITE Media

      Admin, RTSTL

    • Extra Life 2017 Update #1

      5 months ago


      Hey everyone! We just wanted to give you an update on what all we have going on for Extra Life this year!

      In case you missed it, we've joined forces yet again with Team Rooster Teeth and RTSTL to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals via Extra Life. Specifically, we're raising money for St Louis Children's Hospital in St Louis, MO.

      How can you help us help the kids? I'm glad you asked. Here's how:

      1) Join us for our Game Day Livestream on November 4th, from 10AM-10PM CST at ! We've got a ton of fun games planned, and we're excited to hang out and raise some money #forthekids!

      2) You can donate directly to our team! You can find our team page at, and our donation page is already live and accepting donations!

      3) You can buy the shirt! All proceeds of the "#forthekids 2017" design from October and November go to Extra Life! Additionally, 50% of the profits from the rest of the BIGBITE store during that time frame also go to Extra Life! Check it out at store.BIGBITE.Media

      4) Tell your friends! Share this post on social media, or share our promo video to help spread the word to as many people as possible! The more people we reach, the more we can help the kids!

      We'll see you guys on Game Day!

    • The RTX Guardian Experience - BIGBITE.Magazine #13 Sneak Peak

      6 months ago


      By Sarah H.

      Edited by Matthew VanDeZande

      You know that feeling you get sometimes when you're not nervous about something, but you are definitely nervous about something? That weird gooey sensation in your stomach that just sits there doing the occasional backflip while you're still trying to convince yourself that you're definitely not nervous about anything?

      Being an RTX Guardian is that, but for five days straight.

      Don't get me wrong – there's a lot more to it. Like adrenaline. And excitement. And constant team messages popping up on your phone in between Head Guardian SailorTweek yelling “HYDRATE!” at you every five minutes. Also, one of your coworkers is a dog.

      RTX Austin 2017 might have been my third RTX event, but it was my first RTX Austin. I've been lucky enough to work as a Guardian for both RTX Sydney events and this time, I packed up and made the trek to Austin to do the exact same thing ...

      … on a tenfold scale.

      Hence, the gooey backflips upon sight of the Austin Convention Center.

      Being a Guardian at an event like RTX Austin is a huge honor. The competition for spots is fierce because there are just so many eager and passionate members of the community. It says a lot about an event when you have too many volunteers, and RTX having so many people prepared to sacrifice their own time speaks volumes. Back home in Sydney, I've been a Personal Assistant and worked on panels, but this time around I was back in the role of PA again.

      A personal assistant at RTX is someone who makes sure the guests – those very same people the Community is there to see – get to where they're going on time, get fed, and have everything they need to make their weekend run as smoothly as possible. It means that you're always on duty, always on your feet, and sometimes, you have to be the bad guy and say no when people ask if a guest can stop for a photo. It’s not because we're mean! it's because we're running late for a panel!

      But we also get to do cool stuff, like take your photos at signings and talk to so many of you community members while you’re waiting in lines. The photos were definitely my favorite part. There's nothing like snapping the moment you meet someone for the first time. I took photos of high fives, of hugs, of gifts being given, time and time again.

      That was cool.

      I spent RTX weekend working with so many great people who are so awe-inspiringly dedicated to what they do. Guardians do so many jobs at RTX and every single one of them has the same goal in mind – to make sure the attendees are always safe, and always enjoying themselves. Is it challenging? For sure, anything is going to be challenging when you're dealing with around sixty thousand people and infinite variables.

      You're so busy as a Guardian that one day it’s Wednesday and then all of a sudden it's Sunday afternoon and you're sitting exhausted on the floor with numb feet, cheering for a plant riding an escalator. Why? I don't know.

      But I do know that sitting in that foyer, with five hundred and one other Guardians (the canine variety included), it was clear that RTX would not have been successful without everyone’s hard work, perseverance, and dedication to this amazing community.

      With RTX Sydney applications just closed, I wish everyone luck in their Guardian applications! You're going to be busy, you won't see much of the event, and your Team Leads and Head Guardians are going to expect you to work harder than you've ever worked before, but it's one hell of a worthwhile experience. That goes for any RTX, regardless of location. It doesn't matter if it's Sydney, Austin, London, or somewhere else in the future – you're going to be exhausted. But it's the nice kind of exhausted, the kind where you feel like you've accomplished so much in so little time, because you have, and you've helped an entire community have an awesome weekend.

      Something I remember writing on my very first Guardian application was the fact that volunteering my time for RTX feels like the ultimate way to give back to the community that has given me so much. Three events later, I still feel like that. Hopefully, soon, it'll be four events. Maybe five, or six, or even twelve, but the number doesn't matter; being a Guardian is the best way I can think of to say thank you.

      London Guardians, you're up.

    • Hey! It's Fan Art Friday time!

      6 months ago


      Time to enter in our Fan Art Friday contest! Click here!

      Oh, and don't forget to pick up your BIGBITE Extra Life shirt! 100% of the proceeds of the "#ForTheKids 2017" merch goes to support Extra Life! Check it out at store.BIGBITE.Media!

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