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    • RTMD Upd8: Death by Allergy Season

      2 weeks ago

      RT Maryland

      Oh, hi there everyone! You may be wondering why I’ve gathered all you RTMD crabbies here today. Many of us are battling with the eternal nasal assassins known as pollen, but grab the Kleenex and Claritin; it’s update time. We have a cool meetup planned (pun intended), some birthdays to celebrate, and another two game nights to look forward to!

      Mark Your Calendars

      Ice Cream(ing Into Walls)

      Now that the weather finally heating up we’ve decided it’s time to cool down with some ice skating! (You can thank our lovely community member Taylor for this idea by the way). Join us for some slip-sliding fun, because let’s be real: we’re all gonna fall. Nothing says friendship like bowling into each other with knife shoes!

      We’ll be meeting up May 20th at Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf, MD at 1:30PM (You’re welcome South Marylanders. Hannah is super excited to not have to drive). Skating will last from 1:45 to 3:15.

      Admission is $8, with skate rentals costing $4. Everyone loves a thick sock (lenny face) so be sure to bring them to protect your feet!

      After they kick us off the ice (and rightfully so), we’ll be headed to Boston’s Restaurant for some food and hopefully rest before the drive home.

      Just remember: The wall IS your friend.  



      Game Night

      Mustard Race Anonymous

      What’s that? You want to play some PC games with your fellow RTMD members, but don’t want to plan anything? Well, our awesome community member Alex Parias (@min #6294 on Discord, @min on Steam) has got you covered! RTMD is gonna have its very own PC game night on May 19th.

      The game night will start around 7PM and run until midnight. Games are TBD, but expect to see a variety of ‘em! (Think PUBG, Planetside 2, Minecraft, 7D2D, Battlefield, etc.)  Everyone is free to come and go as they please, or just join in on the fun via chat. Make sure to join the RTMD Steam group!

      Have any questions? Feel free to ask Alex via Discord or Steam!

      Thank you Alex for hosting!


      Jackbox Night~

      Your eyes are not deceiving you, Jackbox Night will in fact be a monthly occurrence now! Join us at 7PM on the last Saturday of every month for fibs, bad drawings, laughs, and Emily fumbling to un-dim the screen. This month’s Jackbox night will take place on the 26th for those of you who are too lazy to pull up a calendar. All are welcome to play, but make sure to join our Discord to get the full voice chat experience!



      Found them! Happy birthday to:

      -Aubrey (@AttyMarie) on 5/4 (May the fourth be with you!)

      -Aviva! (@avivakitty) on 5/22


      Previously On RTMD

      On the last episode of RTMD, a bunch of charming hooligans took to the streets (and metro rails) of Washington, DC to see the sights and meme around. Much frolicking was done in the Air and Space museum, then off to the Pentagon City mall for food and bubble tea! The group returned to the National Mall to beat the crowds to see some pretty pretty flowers. We traveled to an art museum to play “fuck, steal, or destroy” with the paintings and enjoy beautiful masterpieces. But even more beautiful are these goobers below:



      (By the water.)


      (The group creating their own space station.)


      (At the art gallery.)

      So much adventure! Very chilly! Wow! We had such a great time that we’re all gonna do a meetup again this month; hope to see you there ;)

      And Now...The Weather

      I’M BACK, BITCHES. And by bitches I mean all of my lovely friends whom I adore more than anything. The funeral for my laptop will be held at the family plot in the cemetery. I cry every time.

      How have you been?

      I ask that like this isn’t me just yelling words onto a screen that is projected to your screens. This may be a great form of therapy, honestly. Anywho.

      Huge thanks to Mel (@Melp) for her amazing job in last month’s update! Though now you’ll never tell just who exactly is typing. Is it me? Emily? Mel? A random stranger that has no interest in Rooster Teeth but enjoys a good pun? Who knows! We have alternates now!

      Amazing to think how many of these updates have gone out, but overall its gr8. The months have flown by, the seasons have changed, and we’re heading into the warm-nice-pretty months (but also the bugs-death-hot months).

      Fun little side-note, as an unofficial event, several members of RTMD will be attending the Pride Parade in Washington, D.C., on June 9th so if you're interested in attending and want some friends with you, please feel free to message Emily or Hannah about more details.  rainbow

      The only advice I have for y’all is to remember to drink water, especially if you’re active outside! Wear sunscreen! Doesn’t matter your skin tone, skin cancer is no joke! Invest in some nice sunglasses (brought to you by Warby Parker--just kidding). You gotta take some time and care when we’re all facing soon to be apocalyptic heats. This is just the pregame. Hydrate, protect, repair! Form Voltron!

      None of us are awake or coherent right now. Best of luck to everyone who is facing finals and huge congrats to anyone graduating school! Lots of love to everyone else too, I guess.

      Update: posted.

      RTMD: crabby.

      Dick: out.

      I am forcibly removed from the update.




      Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins,

      Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

    • Monthly Update #7 - The Sister Edition

      1 month ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello RTMD Crabbies, Admin Emily here. As some of you may have guessed from the title, we have a guest author for this month. Hannah’s computer decided to bite the dust, so I’ve forced asked my sister to co-write April’s update with me. Please give a warm welcome to Mel (@Melp)! She’s been the proofreader of this production for awhile, so she’s sure to do a good job. This month the sister duo is bringing you updated info on the DC meetup, another game night, and birthdays! Join us on this sibling journey of words and sub-par humour.

      Mark Your Calendars

      I See DC

      We heard your suggestions last month when we announced our DC trip, and we’ve decided to push the meetup back a day to Sunday the 8th! That means more friends can join us to tour museums, enjoy the cherry blossoms and ride the DC metro—a journey all on its own for some.

      Make sure to check the metro schedule for possible delays, station closings, or the occasional metro fire  fire We’ll be meeting at the Smithsonian station at 10AM and all meetup communication will take place on the #meetup_natter channel of our Discord.

      We will also be celebrating Rooster Teeth International Community Day, so wear you favourite RT merch! Not only will it help us find each other, but we plan on taking a RTMD family photo too. It’ll be like herding cats.

      We hope to see you there!

      Game Night 


      Join us for a night of fun, laughter, and tears (of laughter not sadness). Saturday, April 14th at 6pm we’ll be playing various Jackbox games. Check out our discord channel for a link to the action  video_game Thanks to Emily for hosting.

      Come play with us!   


      Hap hap hap happy birthday to these April babies:

      Isaiah (@Izayer) on April 15th

      Melanie (@Melp) on April 25th

      We hope you have a fantastic birth-month!


      Previously on RTMD 

      March’s meetup was a series of digital hangouts, so we don’t have any photos once again. Instead, we’ll use this time to ask you a question! What did you think of the hangouts? Were they fun? At an inconvenient time? Should we do more meetups in this style? Let us know by messaging Hannah or Emily on Discord or the RT site!

      And Now...The Weather

      Hey y’all it’s a me, Mario Mel. It’s finally April! And no I am not just excited because my birthday lands in April. There’s plenty of other reasons like Grilled Cheese Day on the 12th or That Sucks Day on the 15th.

      Hopefully y’all had a great Easter/April Fool’s day (Easter Fool? Easter April Day?) Not working for you? Oh well. Anyway, I have just one question for you and no it’s not about short corn (though I wish it was). My question for you is why? Just why? Was it something I did or said that led me to this? Could this have been prevented?

      Whoo! Sorry about that, seems like I had a little Freudian slip there. Anyhoo, it’s spring. Go enjoy life, smell the flowers, look at the clouds, stare at the birds, befriend the bees, fight the squirrels, or just stay inside. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure to have fun while doing it.

      Well, that was good for me, was it good for you? Gosh this a lot of writing, I don’t how Hannah does it.


      Your Friendly Neighborhood Sister Duo,

      Emily (@Mololue) and Melanie (@Melp)

    • Monthly Update #6 - The Ideas of March

      2 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Holy shit we’ve done six of these updates, Crabbies. Six. We hope y’all aren’t tired of hearing us natter. This update is packed full of more surprises and information than any of our previous ones. From our special March meetup to the official unveiling of Prawn the Spot, there is a ton to do and see this month in RTMD! Dive in and read on.


      Mark Your Calendars

      RTMD’s Digital Day Out

      You know what time it is: meetup time! Not to be confused with meat up time, that is an entirely different point in the day. Now, you may be wondering: what wonderful, amazing, face-to-face interaction are we forcing you all into this time?!

      We’re not!

      *record scratch* 

      Yeah, that’s right, you heard me correctly. We will not be having a standard meetup this March. RTMD is unique and individual, nothing standard about it! Therefore, we will be having a weekend-long meetup online. Due to a lot of traveling, icky weather, and life changes, we figured an opportunity to reach all of our peeps for some games and fun would be way less stressful for everyone. (Admins especially, I mean, what).

      Friday, March 16th - Jackbox Party

      Join us for a Jackbox Party pack, where we’ll be playing all the hits and crying from laughter. We will be streaming the main screen on Twitch at 7PM, courtesy of Emily.

      Sunday, March 18th - PC Pals

      Ready for some zombies? 7 Days to Die, but a whole night to kick some ass! The PC version of the game will begin at 6:30PM. Thanks to Taylor for hosting! Ask @Cole on our Discord for additional details.

      Monday, March 19th - Movie Marathon 

      An afternoon movie marathon from 5:00PM to 10:00PM. We’ll be watching a variety of good movies, bad movies, and stuff that makes you go “WTF” and wanna never turn on another television screen again! You can join the marathon at any point by venturing to Hannah's rabbit account. Movie suggestions welcome! Times are subject to change, so make sure to keep an eye out for updates on Discord.

      Game Night

      An official game night will be happening on Saturday, March 24th at 6:30PM. We’ll be playing Overwatch on Xbox so stan your faves and kick some ass. A huge thanks to Isaiah (@Izayer) for hosting! Please contact him via website or Discord for further details and any questions.

      Cheers, love!

      I See DC

      This April, we want to appreciate our nation’s capital and nature’s capricious little cherry blossoms. On Saturday, April 7th, we’ll be trekking to the magical lands of DC to loiter around museums and stare at some gorgeous flowers. April 7th is also the 2018 International Community Day for Rooster Teeth and what better way to celebrate it than with friends and adventure!

      We do strongly suggest taking the metro into the city as the combination of it being a weekend and the Cherry Blossom Petalpolooza means roads no do goo.

      We’ll be meeting by the metro stop “Smithsonian Station - National Mall” for easy access to all the fun. Please be there by 10AM, and we’d love RSVPs so we know who to look out for.

      Hope to see you there!



      Happy birthday to youuuuu, happy birthday to yoouuuuuuuu, happy birthday dear:

      Mak (@HollyJollyMak) on 3/27

      Happy birthday to you~!

      (Whew that was a mouthful!)

      Prawn the Spot

      Her birthday is this month, so we felt it was time to share the brain child of our lovely RTMD member Mak.  Totally not because we forgot two months in a row, nope. When our cast of crabs (That’s the actual name of a gathering of crabs y’all. Emily is ecstatic about this) was just getting its little legs under it back in July, we filmed a homage to Rooster Teeth’s own On The Spot. Through the tireless efforts—and constant nagging reminders from someone—we are proud to present episodes one and two of Prawn the Spot!

      Previously on RTMD

      In the spirit of love and togetherness, February’s meet up was to shoot each other with laser guns and run around. A good time was had by all! After eating Chipotle and getting to know everyone, our group’s first game was aptly called under the callsign Ruby. (Go RWBY!) Everyone played three games and dunked on some small children. A couple of members were absolute snipers, and a couple of members fell down once or twice. You win some, you lose some.

      Sadly photos were lost in the fun, but we hope all the crabbies enjoyed the running around! Goooooooo blue team!

      And Now...The Weather

      You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers, but March is a confused mess. Glad to see everyone survived the Great Windstorm of 2018! Nothing starts March off right like mother nature’s farts and downed power lines.

      You’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today. Well, Mr. Bond, I--wait, wrong script. Well, RTMD, we have officially made it over a year since the revival of this group. We’ve tripled our membership, met some amazing people, and only had minor injuries amongst members! All of us together has created so much in a year and I couldn’t be prouder.

      The word of the day is “create.” It doesn’t matter what you create; to quote a personal hero of mine, “just do it.”

      If you’re artsy, make some art! If you’re wordy, write something you care about. If you’re neither, create a budget! Create a meme! Create a playlist of songs based on moods! Create an alternate reality where every member of RTMD is now a millionaire! Just do it!

      In all seriousness, what you create is a part of who you are. No matter how big or small, good or bad it is. Your interests matter, and the world could always use more of you. We all are here right now—a part of this group—because a bunch of guys decided to go ahead and create. Please don’t let any worries or obstacles stop you. Any voices in your head telling you not to do what you love are plain wrong.

      Whatever you create, as long as you find joy in it, all of us in RTMD are behind you 100%.


      (...but yeah if you could get on that millionaire thing, that would be great! <3)

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins,

      Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #5: XOXO

      3 months ago

      RT Maryland

      We are officially one month into the year RTMD Crabbies! As we start (or continue) our school semesters, jobs, and personal lives, we hope everyone is taking the time to stop and smell the Old Bay. If not, this month’s meetup is sure to beam away any stress. If in-person meetups aren’t your thing, check out our Theater Mode streams. Read on for more details on both! We hope everyone has a lovely month and receives lots of kisses—chocolate or otherwise  kissing_heart

      Mark Your Calendars

      Lazer (Team) Tag

      It’s the month of love, chocolate, and shooting those you love with arrows! Sadly, we don’t have the same powers as Cupid, so instead we’ll be shooting non-lethal lasers. Join us at Shadowland in Columbia for a friendly, hopefully nonlethal, battle of lasers and tag. Now we know y’all would rather spend Valentine’s day with your loved ones (or shoving discount chocolate in your mouth like Emily) and the much awaited Black Panther movie will occupy everyone’s time the week after, so we will be having our laser tag rumble February 25th @ 5:00PM.

      Group discounts are man’s (read: admin’s) best friend, so please RSVP to your friendly neighborhood admins by February 16th so we can call it in, if we have enough people. These are the prices. Read them, study them, decide which route in life you wish to take.


      Theater Mode

      I know, I know, we had one stream last month in all the excitement for brand new Theater Mode episodes. Sadly the new episodes were still being birthed at the time, so expect to see new watch streams after the new release date, February 16th. Once we get closer to the Sunday following the release date, we’ll spam you with all the dates and links you could ever possibly hate to want! Keep your eyes tuned and ears peeled for stream updates, and thank you so much for everyone’s patience!


      A happy happy birthday to this lovely February baby!

      Sarah (Twitter handle: @ fakeahcrew) on February 21st!


      Previously On RTMD

      RTMD is proud to present the artistic stylings of several of our members! We got our creative groove on at January’s meetup and we want to share our labor of love with everyone. The Bob Ross-inspired painting party had a huge turnout with tons of pancakes and minimal bloodshed. Though we technically painted along to two episodes (and screamed a lot more than painted), our group photo only pictures one portrait, seen below. (How many synonyms for painting can I fit in a sentence? Just made three on that last sentence. I could probably draw more of them out.)


      Some bonus material for the DVD extras:




      Thank you to all our artists for such a happy little time  art

      And Now...The Weather

      Hey baby, come here often? Do you have a map, because I’m lost in your eyes. Are you from Tennessee? You’re the only ten I see  wink

      No? Not working? Should probably tailor more to the audience. Are you sitting on the F5 key? Because your ass is refreshing.

      Whether you’re single or in a relationship; whether you scorn the commercialization of the holiday or rejoice in every pink heart you decorate with; if you’re going out with friends, having dinner in a fancy restaurant, or treating yourself with a night in, we wish you a safe and hearty Valentine’s Day!

      If you haven’t seen it yet, RTX prices went up and tickets will go on sale this month. Any questions? The RTX badge FAQ might have your answers. Let us know if you’re planning on attending! The season of cons is starting in full swing, and we’re excited to hear from everyone adventuring to Katsucon and seeing all the pictures. Drop by the RTMD Discord for all kinds of con-planning and cosplay pics, alongside the regularly scheduled shenanigans.

      Keep warm however you can! Doesn’t matter if it’s through coats, booze, or the power of love, stay toasty and play it cool  sunglasses

      Will you be our Valentine?



      Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins,

      Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #4: It's Time to Begin

      4 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Happy New Year RTMD Crabbies, how was everyone's holidays? We hope y’all had a safe and responsible New Year and went to bed at a sensible hour (Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). To start this year—and update—off right we’re bringing you all the details on our grand trip through life in the next few months. If you’re into paint, painfully bad movies, or lasers, keep reading! If you’re into all three, what are you doing later? ;)


      Mark Your Calendars

      Happy Little RTMDs

      Grab your brushes and stroke your ego because it’s time for a painting party-palooza! Sunday, January 14th is our Bob Ross friendship night where we’ll follow along and make a few happy little trees and even more happy little friends. RSVPS are required. Supplies will be provided and you keep what you paint! (Stipulation: this does not entitle ownership of any object or living being that you paint. There are adorable animals there and painting them will be tempting, but we gotta ask you to refrain.) The party is at Emily’s house at 6:00PM so be there or be square! We are carpooling to dinner from her place, so keep that in mind if you wanna join in on food festivities! Video games and nerdy prizes will also be featured.

      (And now for our heartfelt door to door campaign...we are but poor admins who would be ever so grateful if everyone coming to paint could spare $5 to help cover the cost of supplies. We don’t want to literally be starving artists. We appreciate you and thank you in advance! <3)

      TMI (Theater Mode Initiated!)

      Christmas wishes do come true: Theater Mode is back! Regular episodes of Theater Mode returns January 19th, meaning the tried and true tradition of T.M. streams are here again. Let’s come together as a family to eat, drink, and laugh every Sunday at awful movies and the lovably awful Achievement Hunters who sit through them. We typically start the stream at 3PM each Sunday, but times may vary. We’ll announce each week on Facebook and Discord when each stream will be, and which rabb.it channel to find it on.

      But wait! There’s more! We’ll be having a Theater Mode recap on Sunday, January 7th to watch our favorites of last season and the Christmas episode. 3PM at rabb.it/hannahconda! If you’ve never been to a T.M. stream, or even watched a Theater Mode, now’s a good chance to! Hope to see y’all there.


      Lazer (Team) Tag

      If Cupid has taught us anything it’s that February is all about bringing people together...by (harmlessly) shooting them. Sadly arrows do actually hurt, so we’ll be taking things down a notch with safe little light beams in laser tag! And by safe we mean we please none of you die during this trip we have such a good record so far, y’all please. Any tripping hazards will be bubble wrapped at their own expense (think Randy from Christmas Story in his winter gear).

      For this meetup we are leaving the location up to you. Do you know of any cool laser tag places that you would like RTMD to experience? Let us know through our handy form, and towards the end of January we’ll round up all responses and put them in a straw poll for y’all to vote on. Please keep in mind that RTMD is a group of broke individuals so cheaper options are preferred!


      We have no January birthdays! At least in our handy dandy notebook. If you’re a member and you’re birthday is in January, happy birthday to you! We’d love to celebrate you personally, so please be sure to let us know in the comments (or better yet, by filling out our survey so we can remember your birthday foreeeeevvvveeeeerrrrr).


      And Now...the Weather

      Hidey-ho, neighbors! We’d like to officially welcome you to a new year. It’s the year of the dog. (And since it started on a full moon, it’s definitely the year of the werewolf. Just sayin’). We have so much in-fucking-store for you that your heads will spin in pure glee! Or explode from migraines. Either/or.

      2017 is dead! We’re finally out of December. The holidays had us all in food comas and wishing for a warmer jacket. Plus we did get a little mushy on you. But no more! Sap is for trees only, and we’re starting this year off full of caffeine and color-coordinated calendars! …oh boy we gotta write 11 more of these bad boys this year. Apologies in advance for reused jokes but recycling helps the planet (and my ego).

      Our New Year’s Resolutions to you: we’ll definitely be more organized. We do have a lot of fun and interesting meetups planned for this year. We’ll get game night up and running and we’ll be more interactive. And we’re always bringing the comedy. (More puns! More cursing! More dildo jokes!)

      Good vibes to everyone starting their resolutions or starting on new paths as the year begins. Drink water, learn something new, punch a Nazi, and tell someone you love them.

      Let’s make this 2018 a 20-great-teen.

      Love, Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins,

      Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #3: You Better Watch Out

      5 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello RTMD Crabbies, we interrupt our usual greeting for a very special message: 


      Now that that’s out of the way, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? We hope you didn’t have soupy mashed potatoes like some of us did (it was admin Emily, she mashed them too hard). We’re kicking off this holiday-tastistic month with a meaty meetup, a sneak-peek at some artsy shenanigans, and so many birthdays! Seriously, there are so many December babies in RTMD. All y’all’s parents got freaky in March.

      Mark Your Calendars

      The December Meat Sweats

      Hnnnnngh….meat sweats. It may sound gross, but it’ll be a rip-roaring good time when RTMD gathers together for a holiday feast of Korean BBQ. Swing on by to Honey Pig, a Korean barbeque restaurant in Ellicott City, MD on Sunday, December 10th. The party starts at 7:00PM, and by party, we mean friends gathered round a table top grill to enjoy KPop and festivities. Cost does depend on what you order, but expect a range of $20 - $35. Honey Pig does have a variety of options, even if you want vegetarian sweats instead of meat sweats. As long as you get sweaty, you’re doing it right!

      Happy Little RTMDs

      Oh hi there...certainly glad you could join us today. My name is Rob Boss and we’re gonna have a great time. Come with us to make some happy little trees on Sunday, January 14th at 6:00PM. Everyone is meeting at Emily’s house, going to get food, then having a painting extravaganza. Supplies will be provided but we ask that everyone coming spare $5 to cover the costs of tools. Art is pain...the pain is mostly in our wallets. We appreciate you and look forward to painting a la Bob Ross! More details to come in January’s issue.


      Shhh….Its A Secret (Santa)

      Thank you to all of you little elving elves who signed up for the secret santa exchange. This is our love child between RTMD and RTVA, and everyone who filled out the form should have already received your match! Remember to send out those prezzies before December 10th so our postal workers can deliver it on time. (Shout out to the post office, man, they the real MVPs of the holiday season). If you have any questions, comments, or Christmas cookies to give your lovely lovely admins, let us know! Speaking of: this is not strictly a Christmas event. We have a ton of people of different faiths and we all enjoy receiving gifts from new friends so please keep that in mind! Bring on the tidings of joy, motherfuckers!

      The Bay Watch

      Chesapeake Surv-bays

      We know, we know, a lot of you are thinking, “This again, I’ve already filled it out  unamused” but RTMD has had so many new members join that we felt it was time to bring the long-ass survey back again. This survey helps us keep track of our group, and more importantly: announce your birthdays each month without badgering you. Please take the time to fill it out if you haven’t already! The survey can be found here.

      What A Girthy Poll

      It’s a good practice to take a census of how everyone’s feeling about things when said things are reaching a milestone. With 2018 coming up, we scrapped together a lil ol’ poll to get everyone’s thoughts and impressions on how RTMD has been doing this past year. Feelin’ the temperature of everyone’s opinions helps us, as admins, move RTMD in an even better direction. So just call this questionnaire our anal thermometer. Thanks in advance for filling it out!


      Error 404: Showcase not found. Tune in next month for an update on it!


      Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear...well, a large chunk of ya’ll actually. RTMD has seven birthdays coming up this month. SEVEN. We hope everyone has a fantastic birthday, and doesn’t experience the dreaded birthday/Christmas combination gift!

      Doug (@SirDuggieWuggie) on December 6th

      Hannah (@hannahconda) on December 11th

      Emily (@Mololue) on December 13th

      Alli (@amwride) on December 21st

      Taylor (@colemant12) on December 22nd

      Nate (@Big_Buckets) on December 26th

      Adam (username TBA!) on December 31st


      And Now...The Weather

      Ho ho ho, hoes!  heart RTMD has grown so much this year! From our wobbly-legged beginning to a semi-functioning adult, we’re proud of how far this group has come. Starting from the beginning of 2017 to now, we’ve more than tripled our size and done some wild shit together both online and offline. We love you guys and we’re happy to have you here with us! There’s some exciting stuff planned for 2018 and we’d love to hear suggestions from everyone. We don’t have a typical suggestion box, so if you’re not jiggy with the survey, just send us an email at roosterteethmaryland@gmail.com or DM one of us on any of the social media sites we spam you on! We promise we’ll keep the dog memes as responses to a minimum.

      Our present this year is to keep this update fairly short (ha, like this is ‘short’!). As the holidays begin, we want to wish everyone a safe, plentiful, and loving time. Obvious reminders for all: don’t drink and drive; be polite to customer service and retail workers; and don’t re-gift a present to the person who originally got it for you. That’s just yikes.

      Hanukkah Sameach! Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Christmas! Peaceful Solstice! And a happy New Year!  


      Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins (And Santa's Helpers),

      Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #2: It's Coming

      6 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Attention RTMD Crabbies, Update #2 is here! How is everyone doing now that we’re moving into our colder months? We can just smell all the great fun right around the corner with the holidays. No wait...that’s the Old Bay again. This update is bringing y’all some prime info on our EL viewing party, December’s meetup, November’s birthdays, and a super secret project we’ve been working on! Strap on and read in! Wait, no...switch that around.


      Mark Your Calendars

      If you haven’t heard our excited and frantic yelling yet, Extra Life is this month! We’re giving them the ol’ razzle dazzle this year with our very own RTMD viewing party for Rooster Teeth’s 24-hour stream on November 11th to November 12th. The stream goes from 9:00 AM EST on Saturday to 9:00 AM Sunday. More details and extremely important information can be found below! Make sure to read all of the PSAs and FYIs, and RSVP asap! Acronyms are fun.

      A doubly sweet bonus: November 4th to November 5th, the amazing Rooster Teeth community is having their own community stream that everyone can watch and enjoy. RTMD is not one of the communities to watch (this year!), but we hella encourage everyone to check out the rest of the world as they also raise money, joke, and lose their shit over video games. Stream starts at 9:00 AM EST and according to Mr. Pattillo himself, 25 different communities will be a part of this epic event. Check it out, yo!

      Ain’t No Party Like An Extra Life Party

      Holy fuck, do you like to party? Do you like watching your faves eat gross shit and do weird tasks in the name of charity? Do you like good food, great games, and a giant sleepover? If you said yes to any of these, call THIS toll-free number to win your prize of going to our very first Extra Life stream viewing party. Service fees may apply. (Kidding! Maybe.)

      Rev your engines and join us in Baltimore, MD on November 11th to November 12th as we puppy pile and play awesome games alongside the Let’s Play family. The stream starts at 9:00 AM Saturday. We are being welcomed into Mr. Bear Fiesta’s house for the stream, so we ask that no one arrive any earlier than 8:30 AM. The address will be given privately only to those who RSVP to either Bear, Emily, or Hannah.

      Speaking of RSVPs, we need yours! The max number of people who can chill the whole 24 hours is 15 and spots on that list are first come, first serve. Be sure to RSVP because we’d love to have you! We promise we won’t record you snoring or put shaving cream on your face while you sleep. But just because overnight guests are limited does not mean the rest of the time is restricted! All RTMD members are welcome to join the party, whether it's for one hour or for eight. As we are a respectful and loving community, we know everyone will get along and be on their best behavior, but as a reminder, since we will be together 24 hours as roommates, all assholes and assholish behavior will result in a politely forced exit.

      Breakfast is covered for both mornings but if you enjoy having other food besides breakfast (heathens), we’re going potluck-style on meals and snackage. Here’s a handy dandy form for you to request what you would like to bring. Click it!! Click the thingy! We ask that if you’re coming, no matter how long, you bring something to eat or drink. Prepare the offerings, comrades! Please note: due to allergies, nothing with nuts, fish, or mushrooms can be brought. We thank you for your compliance as we are trying to cause minimal deaths that weekend. Should there be any items with any of those ingredients brought, one of the admins is obligated and legally allowed to action dive between the food and any allergic person, and then axe kick the food to the ground. Just sayin’.

      TL;DR? November 11th at 9:00 AM, Baltimore, thank you Bear!!!, RSVP or die, click the link if you want to eat, no nut-related deaths, axe kick, we love you.


      December’s Meat Sweats 

      The holidays are all about reconnecting with friends, joyous get-togethers, and most importantly: eating. Join us December 10th at 7:00 PM to do all three of these things at Korean BBQ restaurant Honey Pig in Ellicott City! Not familiar with Korean BBQ or Honey Pig? Prepare yourself for K-pop and grill-top food. Those attending should expect to spend around $20-$35. All food is served table-top sharing style, so cost will depend on what you order and who you share with; let’s break out those elementary school sharing skills, guys.

      Super Secret Project Shhhhhhh AKA RTMD Secret Santa ft. special guest RTVA

      This holiday season we’re teaming up with RT Virginia to coordinate a cross-state Secret Santa! Spending limit will be $30, so no need to make your wallet cry (any more than it already has). Please make sure to sign up here by November 22nd! We will email you your giftee’s information on November 23-24th (depending on when Emily gets her butt in gear to RNG matches), and gift’s should be mailed by December 10th to ensure they reach your giftee in time. Let’s show our sister state some community love and holiday cheer by sending each other cool stuff!  christmas_tree

      The Bay Watch

      If you like convenience, like us, then make sure you save this link to the RTMD calendar. We have all the latest happenings, events, and due dates. Save yourself some spam by getting all of your dates in one place. We prefer raisins ourselves.


      RTMD WANTS YOU to send us submissions so that we can showcase your talents. Do you draw, animate, play an instrument, bake, write, dance, be all around awesome? Do you want to show the community your skills, but don’t have a place to do so? Well you can count on us to make this wish come true! Fill out some questions, send them to roosterteethmaryland@gmail.com, and we’ll feature you in one of our monthly updates.

      These questions are just a general idea of what we’re looking for; feel free to skip questions but we do ask you at least give a couple words description of what you are showcasing.

      1. What would you like to showcase?

      2. Can you recall what originally got you into (insert thing)?

      3. What program, process, or equipment do you use?

      4. Attach any pictures, videos, etc that you would like us to share!

      5. Would you like to provide a link to where people can find your stuff? If so, please share!

      We will take the information you submit, write up a blurb, and provide you with a preview before anything is posted. We will also accept blurbs from you if you wish to write your own. In the case that you submit, but change your mind, a request for withdrawal will be accepted up to 3 days before it is to be posted in the monthly update. We hope to see a variety of talents from our RTMD members!


      Hap-hap-hap-happy birthday to these lovely people! Wish them a great day and a happy new year!

      Greg (@Flamesilver5) on November 23rd (and a happy Thanksgiving!)

      Jeffrey (@JKShulenburg) on November 26th


      And Now....The Weather

      These updates keep getting longer, and we’re only on the 2.5th one. Man, we’re wordy. Verbose, if you will. (Long-winded, others would say. I’m just proving it at this point). There’s so much information that we wanna give y’all, we just kind of blast it at you. We do hope you take the time to read over the details of the events. Stay informed! Stay ahead of the game. We post new event info here first before any other social media so be sure to be “first.” Do you have to read this part? Nah, we just kinda ramble here. Do you have to read this sentence specifically? How about this one? You’re already reading this one...damn this is too meta for me.

      In the tradition of rambling, it’s almost Thanksgiving! Sure it's a commercialized holiday which celebrates the invasion and consequent genocide of the indigenous people by white explorers, but still! Turkey! Even if you don’t like turkey, or the awkward family small talk, or the oncoming doom of Black Friday shopping, there still is the time to give thanks in the season of change.

      It may sound cheesy, but there’s a ton to be thankful for. Your friends, members of your family, having a roof over your head, making it through another year. As well as the big stuff, the little things deserve thanks too. Thankful for the weather, thankful for your favorite book, thankful for finally beating a raid in Destiny. We’re all here in this mess of a world, and yeah there’s a ton of shitty stuff but you can’t just pile your plate with the negatives. No one wants a plate of only cranberry sauce, you have to add in all of the turkey, potatoes, and stuffing to really appreciate the meal (side note: Emily would totally eat a plate of cranberry sauce).

      Overall, we’re thankful for all of you. This community has been growing, and we don’t mean only in numbers. The bonds and friendships being made continue to develop even stronger than before. The weirdness and laughter and typos and games have made this past year one to be thankful for. We want to give thanks to every single one of you for the past months, and thanks to you for the future. With you all, it’ll be one to remember.

      May your holiday travels be safe and easy! May your game saves be critical and judicial! May your turkeys be basted and potatoes mashed!

      Hope to see you soon!


      Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins,

      Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #1: The Beginning

      7 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello RTMD Crabbies, we are pleased to present you with Monthly Update #1! In this update we are bringing you a reminder of October's meet up, more details for the Extra Life stream party, some cool new features, and a helping of comedy! (Please humour our jokes)

      Mark Your Calendars

      “RTMD Dies At the End” - Halloween Haunted Forest Meet Up:

      There’s plenty to fall in love with this October—get it?—but one of the top is the chance to meet all new friends at our Halloween spooktacular meet up. Sure, there may be some terrifying monsters, maybe an axe murderer or two, but haunted forests are safe when you have a large group of Rooster Teeth fans to scream with you! Circle Saturday, October 21st on your calendars and join us at Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Dickerson, MD. Everyone will be meeting at admin Emily’s house at 9:00 PM to carpool. Address will be provided directly to all those who RSVP.

      Please note there is a correction regarding ticket prices from last month’s update. Tickets for Oct 21st are $25 BEFORE Oct 1st, and $35 after. We apologize about the confusion y’all, but fear not, using code FRCO25 will save you 25% on your ticket! And remember, buy your tickets online for the TRAIL PASS only! Trails are where it’s at, yo.

      After shitting our pants in fear, we will be camping in admin Emily’s backyard. This is optional and you absolutely need to RSVP for this, but the more the merrier! Remember to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. The slumber party is BYOS (bring your own snacks), but if you do want to bring enough for everyone double check with an admin so we can avoid any allergy-related deaths. Be warned, there will be alcohol present and no one under the age of 21 will be able to drink. Get ready for s’mores, shenanigans, and scary stories.

      Spooky times for all!


      Ain’t No Party Like An Extra Life Party:

      It’s beginning to look a lot like Extra Life! It’s that magical time of the year when everyone in the Let’s Play family and beyond team up and lose their collective minds with wacky antics and no sleep to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream begins on Saturday, November 11th and goes on until the following morning. Were you planning on watching the stream live as it happens? Why not do so with all your favorite RTMD people? We will be throwing a live stream viewing party rife with good food, hijinks, and great company for the entire stream.

      This event would not be possible without our gracious host, Bear, and we cannot thank him enough for letting us into his home. Our community is respectful, and we know we all will keep it that way during the stream. We will be together for 24 hours, so bear in mind the courtesies of both being a guest in someone else’s home and having a ton of temporary roommates. Assholes will be sent home on their own dime.

      The party begins no earlier than 8:30 AM. The stream itself starts at 9:00 AM EST. Breakfast will be provided both mornings, but other meals and snackage are potluck-styled. Please keep in mind, there will be alcohol present and drinking laws apply. A form and sign-up sheet for bringing food will be sent out to those who RSVP. You must RSVP to either Emily, Hannah, or Bear if you will be attending, whether you want to come for the full 24 hours or can only make it for a short period of time. We are capping out at 15 people for those who wish to stay the entire 24 hours. More people are definitely welcome to come at different intervals; we would love to see you there!

      RSVPs can be made through the event on our Facebook page, or by messaging Emily, Hannah, or Bear on Discord.

      The Bay Watch:

      Got all that, but afraid you’ll forget? No worries, we now have a calendar for your viewing pleasure! Our RTMD calendar is sure to keep you updated with all the RT and RTMD events for the low, low price of $4.99! Kidding, it’s free, but we won’t say no to any...donations. (Disclaimer: this is another joke. The calendar was made out of love for ya’ll) You can find the calendar here.

      Chesapeake Surv-Bays

      We know, we know, you already did this survey. And we love you so much for that! You are our favorite child. But for everyone who missed the survey in last month’s update, or didn’t get a chance to fill it out yet,  please take a couple of minutes to do so! It’s our census of the group and we’ll be using this information in a variety of colorful and interesting ways.

      Please click here for the survey: Take me!


      RTMD WANTS YOU to send us submissions so that we can showcase your talents. Do you draw, animate, play an instrument, bake, write, dance, be all around awesome? Do you want to show the community your skills, but don’t have a place to do so? Well you can count on us to make this wish come true! Fill out some questions, send them to roosterteethmaryland@gmail.com, and we’ll feature you in one of our monthly updates.

      These questions are just a general idea of what we’re looking for; feel free to skip questions 2 and 5.

      1. What would you like to showcase?

      2. Can you recall what originally got you into (insert thing)?

      3. What program, process, or equipment do you use?

      4. Attach any pictures, videos, etc that you would like us to share!

      5. Would you like to provide a link to where people can find your stuff? If so, please share!

      We will take the information you submit, write up a blurb, and provide you with a preview before anything is posted. We will also accept blurbs from you if you wish to write your own. In the case that you submit, but change your mind, a request for withdrawal will be accepted up to 3 days before it is to be posted in the monthly update. We hope to see a variety of talents from our RTMD members!


      Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

      A merry day of birth to these lovely members:

      Jess (@jessty104) on October 4th

      Chase (@CLMwolf) on October 13th

      Join us in wishing them a wonderful birthday!


      And Now...The Weather

      Oh gosh, oh man, it’s the first official update. Last month was a test run with training wheels and a plastic bubble, but this here is the big leagues. How do I look? My palms are sweaty (knees weak, arms are heavy).

      In all seriousness (that we can muster at the moment), we hope everyone has been enjoying what RTMD’s been offering so far. Can you smell what we’re cooking? Hint: it's a community of love, diversity, and Old Bay. The smell is mostly Old Bay. There’s so many wonderful things happening in the next few months! Our main goal is to keep everyone informed of all of the events and news, so we apologize in advance for all of the site, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord spam. If we could spam you on LinkedIn, we would.

      Having in-person events is fantastic, especially for a group that barely met at all a few months ago, but with our state being so oddly-shaped and everyone having active lives, we aren’t able to have as many events as we would like. In our ideal world we would have one every weekend with no schedule conflicts or time constraints and there would be free food and balloons every time. (Hannah’s ideal world also includes roller skates as the main mode of transportation and a unicorn as mayor of DC, but. We digress). With the limitations of reality in mind, we can’t stay connected face to face as much as we want, but we have plenty of ways to keep in touch with all group members in between events. Twitter and Facebook are poppin’ but the real discussions, jokes, and ridiculousness occur on our Discord.

      If you haven’t joined the RTMD Discord yet, we’d like to personally invite you to come on in. If you’ve joined but might be a little hesitant to chime in, no need to fear! We would love to hear what you have to say. We have so many people from so many different walks of life and varying senses of humor. Our community comes together for the ups, downs, and in-betweens and we want you to be a part of that. You’re part of our RTMD family.

      Now that we are officially in autumn, we wish the best for everyone’s school and work endeavors! Enjoy the pretty leaves, the pumpkin flavored everything, and the season of change. Though some of us could do without the colder weather, we have to wear sweaters already (mom’s spaghetti).

      Wishing you a happy Halloween!

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins,

      Emily (@Mololue) and Hannah (@hannahconda)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #0.5: The Updatenning

      8 months ago

      RT Maryland

      giphy.gifHello everyone! Welcome to RTMD Update #0.5. This neat little feature is kid-tested and mother-approved to make sure all of our members are informed and up to date every month (disclaimer: don’t quote us on that). On the first week of every month (starting in October) we will post about upcoming events, important announcements, birthdays in the RTMD community, and other cool highlights.

      Mark Your Calendars


      October is the time for pretty leaves, pumpkin spice, and deathly terrifying shenanigans. Hallow your ween with us on Saturday, October 21st at Markoff’s Haunted Forest in Dickerson, MD in honor of the most sacred of candy-giving holidays. RSVPs are a must! Please let Emily and Hannah know by October 10th if you want to attend in order to get an accurate headcount (admin's site names at the bottom). Tickets are $25.00 per person (until October 13th, $30.00 after) and we strongly urge everyone to individually purchase their tickets through the website ahead of time. If necessary, please contact either admin if other arrangements need to be made. Be sure to buy a trail pass; please do not buy the town pass. You will have a completely different adventure than the rest of RTMD! We want to all be terrified together.

      We will be meeting up at 9:00PM at Emily’s house. Be sure to have your tickets handy for our carpool to the death forest. Afterwards will be a backyard camping adventure for those who don’t wish to drive home so late, want to spend more time together, or are traumatized by the forest of terror (like us!). Be sure to bring pillows and a sleeping bag. Snacks are encouraged, but if you wish to share with the class, please let us know so we can plan how much to bring and/or deal with allergies. Details and 

      Emily’s address to be privately given to everyone who RSVPs. Respecting privacy, yo!

      If you have any questions, feel free to message Hannah or Emily on the site!


      Extra Life Stream:

      As many of you are aware, Rooster Teeth’s 24-hour Extra Life Charity Stream is coming up on November 11th-12th. This is an important event to Rooster Teeth and the entire community where we band together to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. RTMD will be hosting a 24 hour viewing party to laugh, play, and exhaust ourselves alongside our favorite Rooster Teeth and Let’s Play Family personalities. Please keep an eye out for next month’s update which will provide more details and be sure to let the idea percolate in your head if you wish to attend! Remember, it’s for the kids!

      The Chesapeake Surv-Bays

      Do you like surveys? Do you like providing information online? Do you like spilling all of your deepest, darkest secrets to strangers in a Google form? What do you mean, no? Well, too bad!

      In all seriousness, we need information from y’all to plan monthly meet ups and stuff that you would enjoy. The more information provided, the more fun for RTMD!

      We will love you forever if you complete the survey, which you can find here: https://goo.gl/forms/d0wxTrLp2FqQA16l1

      Community Showstoppers

      Exciting news! RTMD will be working on a community showcase for our wonderful state. We will have more details available next month in our first edition. You can also contact Isaiah (@Izayer) if you are interested or have any questions.

      Birthday Party

      Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear everyone! We’ll be putting out birthday announcements each month to show some love to our awesome members. Be sure to double check that your birthday is listed in our member survey, and we’ll give you a shout out. Spread some birthday joy amongst each other!

      For September, we have very happy birthday wishes to Kyle (@Laxus) and Larry (@HyLarryous)!

      If you have a September birthday and would like it announced, please let us know and we will put it in October's monthly update.


      And Now...The Weather

      We’re so excited to start pushing RTMD to be even better than before. We have tons of fun events planned, plenty of shenanigans scheduled, and a whole lot of content to enjoy. But while we are growing, we want to take the time to encourage all of you to reach out to each other. New friends are just a few mouse clicks away. Find someone you haven’t talked to much, or at all, and send them a friend request. Ask them what their favorite RT show is or what video games they play. First and foremost, RTMD is a community of individuals who enjoy Rooster Teeth, and we want to double down on that whole community thing.

      Be sure to keep in touch with the group through our RTMD social media accounts for the latest news and events!

      Stay tuned for more updates when we roll out our first full post in October! Don’t call us, we’ll call you.


      Your Friendly Neighborhood Admins, Hannah (@hannahconda), and Emily (@Mololue)

    • September Meetup: We're On a Bowl

      9 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello RTMD friends! After two outdoor meetups we felt it was finally time to head inside for some bowling! 

      Join us at the Laurel, MD AMF Bowling Alley on September 3rd at 5pm for some striking fun! 

      <img src=maxresdefault.jpg

      Price per person per game is $2.50 and shoe rentals are $2.50. We intend to play 2-3 games so plan for around $10. Outside food is not allowed, but AMF has a full menu of options. 

      As always, to keep up with any changes in this and future plans, follow us using the links in our sidebar. The discord link is especially helpful for those looking to connect to the RTMD community on a day to day basis!

      We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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