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    • RTMD Monthly Update #19: Is it Summer Yet?

      4 months ago

      RT Maryland

      It’s April. So no. Don’t forget Easter later in the month. Be smart and don’t buy kids pet bunnies or chicks. Just the chocolate ones. And if you don't celebrate Easter, enjoy the post holiday chocolate sales.  hatched_chick

      Mark Your Calendars

      Tayla Gets Lost in DC Pt. 2

      Last time we went to DC Tayla couldn’t find his car for 1 hour, hung on for dear life to a DC rental bike on the highway, and finally realized GPS locations on pictures are a thing...so we decided to go back for another round to see if he learned his lesson!

      Last update we said we were going to the popup event, but some of us don’t read the fine details, like it being a 21+ event, so we’re changing plans a bit. Join us on April 6th @ 1pm for ramen consuming, comic shop perusing, and some cherry blossom viewing. We will be meeting at the Dupont Circle Metro Station.

      All meet up correspondence will take place on our Discord in the #meetupnatter channel, so please check there on April 6th so we can find each other! Don't be a Tayla and get lost.

      Game Night

      Jackbox again.  iphone

      Greg is hosting again, but he forgot to fill in this part and I'm too lazy to find his response from where I asked him what the details are, so just show up when you feel like it's time. It'll probably be a Saturday around late evening/early night time. That's usually when these things take place.

      Alternatively, you could @ him or check the gaming...that's probably the smarter idea.

      Previously on RTMD

      We had a virtual meetup! After some brief technical difficulties we got to playing some Jackbox games. Can’t wait for the next one to come out since it’ll have Trivia Murder Party 2, one of the best games. Anyway, since it was online there are no pictures of our beautiful tolerable human(?) faces. I’m not good at being creative with this section, but it was fun. Just don’t forget to bring your BearFiesta™ patented shit-bag whenever you have unstoppable diarrhea. - Greg

      We also had an anime night, no one came. I hope you’re happy.  disappointed - Bear


      Sandberg on April 8 (Sandberg# 5836)

      Kieron on April 10 (Krnlkern# 2046)

      Isaiah on April 15 (Izayer# 6875)

      Mel on April 25 (Mel# 1551)


      And Now the Weather…

      You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers but it also makes Mel a year older. Tons of cool shit also goes down in April such as Easter (sometimes), the Cherry Blossom Festival (most times), tax returns (all times), and much more!

      April is also when it truly begins to feel like spring, the rain, the trees, the pollen. The bees in the trees ready to sting (mainly Taylor because he’s a hoe). Spring has sprung so get ready!    

      Your fighty Neighborhood Admins and “friendly” Mods,

      Mel, Sir Ding-a-ling-a-ding-dong, Emily, Greg, and Bear

    • RTMD Monthly Update #18: The Gang is Feeling Lazy

      5 months ago

      RT Maryland

      This month us admins and mods are feeling lazy (as evidenced by the late update post), so we decided to keep this update simple and have two online meet-ups instead of a physical one!

      Please take this to correctly identify Bear at future events: >http://fwp.mt.gov/education/hunter/bearID/



      Mark Your Calendars

      Getcha weeb on

      Join us on Friday the 22nd @9PM for a one night only anime club experience! We will be watching three episodes of two different animes that are TBD. Suggestions are welcome, but Emily will have the final say so NO HENTAI (keep that shit to yourself).

      Suggestions can be dm’d to any of the admins or mods.

      The link to the rabb.it we will be using will be posted the night of, so keep an eye on the Discord meet up natter channel  eyes

      April sneak peak

      April's meet up will be fairly early on in the month so we're including a sneak peak in this months update. Join us on April 6th for a joint meet up with RTVA at a DC cherry blossom pop-up bar. For those under 21, we do plan to walk around DC some too! The exact time of the meet up is TBA. 

      More details will be released closer to the 6th, but here's a link to the bar's event info in the meantime: https://www.facebook.com/events/633424067086825/?event_time_id=633424077086824%3Fti

      Game Night

      Jackbox  iphone

      When: Saturday 16th @8PM

      Hosted by: Greg

      Where: Greg will post a link on our Discord...I hope

      Previously on RTMD

      We met up at R House for a delicious dinner. Nobody was annoyed at the traffic or weather at all and everybody was super friendly with one another. We are a very loving group. Some of us may have been drunk. Nobody got shot. Mission accomplished  heavy_check_mark



      Bieber on 3/1 (@ Justin# LittleBitch)

      O’Neal on 3/6 (@ Shaquille# BigBaller)

      Mak on 3/27 (@ HollyJollyMak)

      Sorry to any birthdays we missed! If you are a March baby and don't see yours here, make sure you have took our survey found on the welcome channel  pencil

      And Now the Weather…

      ~We now return you to your regularly scheduled program~

      Guess who’s back, back again, it’s a me, Mel. Sorry you had to deal with whatever that train wreck was last month; I don’t know who let the three of them in, but don’t worry they’re gone now.

      Anywho, spring is all about new beginnings; it’s the perfect time to try news things such as learning a new skill, trying a skin care routine, finding a new cult to follow, discovering that the earth is flat, crying in a club, sacrificing a Tayla to your deity, and many more! (we are not responsible for any injuries to the Tayla).

      I hope that you all have a wonderful spring! (And remember that next month is the best month).  


      Your fighty Neighborhood Admins and friendly Mods,

      Mel (@ Mel), Tayloser (@ Tayla), Emily (@ Mololue), Greg (@ Flamesilver5), and Bear (@ BearFiesta)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #17: We’re all going to die alone. So alone. So hold onto your butts.

      6 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Hi, Emily here to warn you let you know Mel and I were busy so we had little to do with this update—Mel outlined, I formatted. We had no part beyond that; the guys were the masterminds behind what follows so...proceed with caution. 

      Woo, we’re officially one month into the year! The server is still alive! We’re ramping up for some fun stuff in the coming months, including this month’s fun take on a meat-up!

      Mark Your Calendars

      Singles and not so singles party

      When: Saturday February 23 @ 7pm

      Where: The R. House in Baltimore

      Address: 301 W 29th street, Baltimore, MD, 21211

      ***While you don’t need to RSVP for this, we would appreciate if you filled out this formfor us so that we could get a headcount***

      Everybody gets to eat whatever they want. Check out the menu on the website, there’s a lot of cool fun stuff.

      Game Nights

      PC   computer

      When: Saturday, February 16th @7pm

      What: Rainbow 6 Siege

      Where: Check the gaming channel in Discord for details

      Previously on RTMD

      We met at The Board and Brew and played fun board games and had drinks and food. Dooode. Dude? dude. Dude. Dewd. Dude. It was a grand time.



      Astley on 2/6 (Rick# NeverGonnaGiveYouUp)

      Lincoln on 2/12 (Abe#-87)

      Sar on 2/21 (sar# 6969)

      Alex on 2/22 (Min# 6294)

      Washington on 2/22 (George# TheOGPres)

      And Now the Weather…

      MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD. Butts butts butts I’m Mel. Butts butts dilly dally butts

      Even if it stops raining we know you’ll be dripping wet on Valentine’s Day. This is what you get when you ask us to do the weather Mel. This is your fault.


      In all seriousness please be safe on the roads in this time of icy weather and freak snowstorms. Keep the drifting to railtracks only.


      Your fighty Neighborhood Admins and friendly Mods,

      Melanoknees (@Melomar#1551), Taylor (@tayla#9696), Emma Lee (@Molohoe#7935), Greg (@Flamesilver5#1472), and Bear (@bearfiesta#7588)

      As a reminder, blame the guys. Happy Valentines Day y'all heart

    • RTMD Monthly Update #16: Praying to the Tax Gods Our Returns Are Good

      7 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Happy 2019 Crabbies  tadaThe holidays are finally over and the reality of how much we spent is sinking in, which means it's time to hope for a good tax return! With the new year, we're bringing you some new meetups, new game nights, new Mel being weird in the weather, and last but not least new mods. So many news! Read on to get the news on the news  eyes

      Meet Your Mods!

      That's right, RTMD now has mods! These two fantastic beings are going to help us with managing the Discord, Facebook, and whatever else we push off on them  might need some extra hands for  heart Our new mods are:

      Greg: Hello! This is Greg. Well actually these are just words and this isn't the Matrix (hopefully?). Anyway, I joined this group right after LPL Baltimore in 2017 and have enjoyed it ever since. I'm really looking forward to helping out and keeping the Discord and FB from being taken over by killer robots.

      Bear: Hi. I'm an actual Bear. Stay away from my young and we will have no quarrel. I also joined after LPL in Baltimore at the behest of Taylor. I'm active at most hours in the Discord except for the Anime channel because that place is lawless. I look forward to helping this group grow and make it as fun as possible!

      Mark Your Calendars

      When: Sunday, January 20th

      Time: 12pm

      Where: The Board and Brew

      8150 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740


      Game Nights

      PC  computer

      When: TBD, will be posted in #gaming in the discord.

      Time: 7:00pm-?

      What: Rainbow Six Siege

      Nintendo  video_game

      When: Friday January 11th

      Time: 7:00pm

      What: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

      Host: Bear (one of the new mods)


      And now for an incredibly reasonable amount of birthdays unlike last month. Make sure to wish these January babies a very happy birthday  birthday

      Alexis on 1/5 (Nute# 9475)

      Jon on 1/14 (S3kretS4uce# 7355)

      Matt on 1/14 (kibbler# 3436)

      Previously on RTMD...

      We went to Iron Age for our annual meat up and had a meaty time! (Not pictured are: Em, Mel, Tayla, and Tyler because laziness and bad picture-taking)


      And Now the Weather…


      Mel's back on her bullshit. Here's a selection of Craigslist ads she wrote:

      Spaghetti Hands

      We were at the costco, you with your legs that wouldn’t quit working and a handful of spaghetti. Me wearing my blue belt and matching party hat. You caught me looking at dat fine armful of spaget. I sprinted away as I’m not good with confrontation. I hope that you see this Spaghetti Girl and contact me so that we can chat over a nice plate of spaghetti.

      Looking For a Lad

      Just a lonely dude looking for a bro to chill or fuck if you’re down with that. 29 fit white guy. No uggos, must have a monster D if you know what I mean.

      Saw You Across the Targét

      I was buying a yurt for my cat when I glanced across the aisle and saw you. You weren’t a 10, but I’m fine with that. You were a tall brown haired beauty whose gayze pierced my very soul. Still not a 10, but I’ll settle. You were with 2 kids which is kinda a deal breaker but if we could send them away, this could work.

      Your fighty Neighborhood Admins and friendly Mods,

      Mel (Mel# 1551), Tayla (Tayla# 9696), Emily (Mololue# 7935), Greg (Flamesilver5# 1472), and Bear (BearFiesta# 7588)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #15: A Very Merryland Christmahanakwanzika...and whatever else you celebrate!

      8 months ago

      RT Maryland

      It’s holiday season Crabbies! Which means it’s cold as fuck and stores are crowded. Also family, food, giving, and 12 RTMD birthdays. That’s right, there’s at least 12 blizzard babies in this crab pot. Damn. This update we’re bringing you info on the annual meat up, where to watch the RTMD team compete in Rooster Rumble, a very sudden game night, and a special rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” from Mel!


      Mark Your Calendars


      It’s time once again for the annual meat up  meat_on_bone This year we’ll be headed to Iron Age in Rockville on Friday December 21st. The price will depend on whether we decide to go the “all you can eat” route or order food items individually, but expect to pay around $25-$35.

      ***Notice there is no time? That’s because we will only be giving the time to those who RSVP. We will be meeting after work between 6pm and 10pm, but you must RSVP via the Google Form to learn the exact time. We plan to make a reservation a week before the meat up date, so we need a headcount. Thank you for your understanding!***

      Rooster Rumble

      Q: What is Rooster Rumble? 

      A: A tournament where multiple RT communities face off against each other in different games! 

      This week, our tournament crew (Tayla, Alex, Bear, Greg and Qaspr) have two games scheduled: a scrimmage against The BUS in Rainbow Six Siege this Saturday 12/1 @ 7PM, and our first official game in the tournament against the Oxford Comma Cafe (OCC) this Sunday @ 6PM. Both games will be streamed on the RTMD twitch account, https://twitch.tv/RTMarylandOfficial, so stop by and give us a wave! Or heckle the competition a little.

      Game Night

      PC  computer

      When: Saturday, December 1st

      Time: After the Rainbow Six 7PM Scrimmage with The BUS

      What: Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield

      Check the #gaming channel in our Discord for more information.


      RTMD has so many December babies! Too many in fact. I'm suspicious now.  Are one of y'all lying? 


      Anyway! We've got: 

      Sarah on 12/4 (Voonoodle# 2781)

      Alex on 12/5 (HKUrban# 3423)

      Doug on 12/6 (SirDuggieWuggie# 5734)

      Hannah on 12/11 (Hannahconda# 5145)

      Em on 12/13 (Mololue# 7935)

      Wrath on 12/18 (Warrior Wrath# 1825)

      Jesse on 12/19 (MamiSalami# 0650)

      Allison on 12/21 (Lux# 1105)

      Tayla on 12/22 (Tayla# 9696)

      Nate 12/26 (Big Buckets# 4296)

      Brittany on 12/29 (FinalFatality# 5920)

      Jake on 12/30 (Vercyn_Dresden# 0900)


      As the year winds down, we try to get a head start on planning for next year's meetups. If you have a suggestion for a future meetup please email it to info@rtmaryland.net. All emails should include:  

      what the idea is, the location (establishment and city), and any other details you feel necessary. Help Mel and Emily prevent Tayla from organizing another ice skating meetup.

      And Now the Weather…

      This weather update brings you a special song from our very own Mel:

      (to the tune of any Christmas song with shitty flute or recorder)

      Have yourself a Merryland Christmas

      Or whatever you celebrate

      From now on your cookies will be fresh Bergers 

      Have yourself a Merryland Christmas

      Let the Emily gay

      From now on your troubles will be in our Chesapeake Bay

      Here we are as in Old Bay

      Happy golden days of Smith Island cake

      Faithful friends who are dear to us except for Tayla

      Gather near to us once more (for meetups)

      Through the years we may be together

      If the Mel allows

      Hang a shining crab upon the highest place

      So have yourself a Merryland Christmas

      Have yourself a Merryland Christmas

      So have yourself a Merryland Christmas fight~

      Not the same song but enjoy this beautiful cover of Carol of the Bells


      Your fighty Neighborhood Admins,

      Melanie (Mel# 1551), Taylor (Tayla# 9696), and Emily (Mololue# 7935)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #14: The Short and Sweet Edition

      9 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Ready for the holiday season RTMD Crabbies? The air is brisk, the days are shorter, and I’ve already heard one too many Christmas songs. This month we’re bringing you a briefer update with a peek into next month’s meet-up, pictures from this past meet-up, a ton of birthdays, and more of Mel’s weird sign-off stories. Read on and enjoy  heart

      Mark Your Calendars

      We will not be having any public meet-ups this month due to the EL Watch Party, but next month is the annual December meat up so prepare your stomachs  meat_on_bone Those who RSVP’d to the watch party should keep their eyes on the Discord server or other respective contact points we’ve set up for information.   

      Previously on RTMD

      Keeping with tradition (can we really call it tradition if we’ve only done it twice) we visited a spooky attraction for October’s meet up  hochojack_o_lantern  Look at all these Slaughterhouse survivors!




      Janet (Giries) on 11/11 (@Giries# 5934)

      Treb on 11/15 (@ TrebleMaker#6851)

      Caroline on 11/19 (@ CobaltGalaxy# 4200)

      Holden on 11/22 (@ Holden# 5981)

      Greg on 11/23 (@ Flamesilver5# 1472)

      Jeff on 11/26 (@ Jeffles the Great# 4762)

      And Now the weather…

      Fall is here and you know what that means- spending time with family you may or may not like in order to gain copious amounts of food. That’s right, I’m talking about Thanksgiving.

      Sure most people think that Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what we have and family but we all know that if it wasn’t for the food, you would not be sitting there listening to Aunt Linda tell you about her cat’s diet for the tenth time. It’s the food that bring us together; whether you prefer turkey or ham, it doesn’t matter because Grandma Jojo is just happy that you like her cooking. And sure, your sister will probably show you thousands of pictures of her baby, but you bet your ass that she made Gran’s famous pumpkin pie.

      So just remember- when the holidays get you down, there’s plenty of food to go around.  


      Your fighty Neighborhood Admins and Sisters,

      Mel (@ Mel# 1551) and Emily (@ Mololue# 7935)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #13: Planning is the Scariest Monster of All

      10 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello RTMD Crabbies, Emily here with another short intro to ease you into all the plans for this month. In the words of Mel, “It’s time to get spooooky”  ghost Join us this month for a “spooktacula radventure in a field” (a quote from Mel and Tayla), some not-so-spooky game nights, and whatever Mel said in the Weather; she really lost it this update. Read on if you dare!    


      Mark Your Calendars

      Spooktacula Radventure

      This month, we’re getting spooooky. Come join us at Field of Screams on October 27th at 7:30. Tickets are $18.00 per person and we strongly urge everyone to individually purchase their tickets through the website ahead of time. Be sure to buy the Slaughter House tickets. If you buy anything else you’ll have a much different experience than the rest of us. Please let an admin know if you plan on coming so we can get a rough headcount. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!

      Where: Field of Screams 4501 Olney Laytonsville Rd, Olney, MD 20832
      When: Saturday, October 27 @7:30PM
      Price: $18 Slaughter House
      Link: https://secure.interactiveticketing.com/1.23/6a6b53/#/select

      RWBY Premiere

      While RTMD has no plans, there is a RT DMV community event for the RWBY Volume 6 premiere in Virginia for those interested.  
      Where: Tysons Corner Ctr, McLean, VA 22102
      When: Thursday October 25, 2018 from 6-9 pm

      Check https://www.facebook.com/events/592114104518343/ for more info

      If you would prefer to go to a closer one, information on all theatres are here: 

      Extra Life

      Hey gang! Extra Life preparations are well underway. Our pun-tastic former-admin, and current father, Hannah has secured an Airbnb in Millsboro, Delaware (everyone shower her in the love and gratitude she deserves). Since the EL Watch Party will be at an Airbnb instead of someone’s house this year, we’re going to have to cap the amount of people coming to 20, so unfortunately it’s impossible for everyone who showed interest in our survey earlier this month to attend. RSVPs will be first come first serve, so we ask that you check whether or not you can actually attend in terms of date and distance. We cannot accept any “maybes”. Instructions on how to RSVP will be posted in our Discord’s general announcement channel, FB page, and Twitter at 5PM EST this Thursday. Admins will be available to answer further questions via the EL channel.

      Game Nights

      Jack Box  iphone

      When: Saturday, October 6th

      Time: 7pm-9pm

      Host: Emily and Melaknee (@ Mololue#7935 & @ Mel#1551)

      Link: Twitch.tv/mololue

      Nintendo  video_game

      When: Sunday October 14th

      Time: 7pm-?

      Host: Jake (@ Vercyn_Dresden#0900)

      Previously on RTMD

      We went trampolining and no one broke their ankle! Next meet up should have been a class on posing for photos.



      Happy Birthday!

      Brandon  on 10/3 (@ player 13#7269)

      Jess  on 10/4 (@ jess#0054)

      Chase 10/13 (@ CLMwolf#3095)


      Suggestion Spot

      We’re eliminating Suggestion Spot from our Discord! Going forward, we ask that you message the official RTMD email with any suggestions for future meetups so that your suggestion doesn’t get buried in the Discord server. All emails should include: what your idea is, the location (establishment and city), and any other details you feel necessary. Our email is: Roosterteethmaryland@gmail.com

      Other Channel Management

      It’s not just Suggestion Spot facing some c-c-changes; we’ve also added some new channels and moved around old ones. Take a gander at the channel list and explore the changes at your leisure. Be sure to pack lots of water and watch out for bears too.

      And Now the Weather…

      Here’s a lil story (Which Mel wrote and read in a terrible “British” accent. She swears it’s not a euphemism.):

      Tilly was feeling quite silly, so she decided to willy her dilly. “Tilly” said tally. “don’t dilly your willy.” “But why not Tally? I love dillying my willy, it makes me feel so silly. And besides you're being a pilly”. “A pilly! How dare you call me a pilly, you little filly!” “Filly?” said Filly. “Did someone call for filly?” “No!” replied both Tilly and Tally.  “Hey now, let’s not argue about this willy dilly business” said Willy. “Besides, I know you love willying your dilly as much as Tilly, Tally.” “I guess that is true willy. And I know that you love Tillying your Tally as much as we love willying our dilly's.” “And what about fillies?” “No one cares fillies Filly, go back to the villy.” replied Tilly, Tally, and Willy. Fine you pillies!”  So Filly left for the Villy, and Tally and Tilly went back to willying their dillies while Willy Tallied his Tilly.

      So remember kids, don’t be a filly.  

      Your fighty Neighborhood Admins,

      Mel (@ Mel#1551), Taylor (@ Tayla#9696), and Emily (@ Mololue#7935)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #12: Mel Loses Her Mind

      11 months ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello RTMD Crabbies, Emily here  heart How was everyone’s summer vacation; do anything fun? See any crabs? Join any cool cults groups? If the answer was yes to any of these, we hope the stuff we have planned for September will keep the fun going! If not, sorry  information_desk_person

      Mark Your Calendars

      The Gang Breaks Some Legs!

      The polls are in; we’re headed to a trampoline park for our next meet up! Come join us for some high-flying (possibly leg breaking) fun at Sky Zone in Waldorf, MD on Saturday September 22nd at 9PM. Yes, that time is late for some tramp’a’leaning, but we can’t say no to lasers, black lights, and music.

      The cost will depend on how long we jump (60 minutes or 90 minutes), so we have this handy dandy little poll to decide on how long we go. Afterwards, we’ll head to the closest fast food place to ruin all our athletic efforts  hamburger

      We hope to see you there  heart


      Game Nights

      Jackbox  iphone

      When: September 29th

      Time: 7PM-9PM

      Host: Emily and Mel (Mololue#7935 or mel#1551)

      Link: Twitch.tv/mololue

      Previously on RTMD

      We went to the beach! And no one drowned! We're so proud. 




      Happy Birthday to:

      Kyle on 9/2 (Kyle#2473)

      Tim on 9/2 (DGDEagles#7768)

      Brian on 9/2 (Zect#9147)

      Matt on 9/11 (SaltyLemon#9144)

      Conor on 9/22 (Conclay14#2992)

      ...Sunday is gonna be a flood of birthday messages.

      And Now the Weather…

      It’s a me Mel,

      Starbucks brought back Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and I have to wonder why. It’s not fall yet, why did they bring it back already? Surely they could have waited until September 22nd when it actually is fall. 

      But no, they brought it back before summer was even over. What has this world come to? I go outside and see girls dressing like it’s fall. What’s wrong with them? It’s not fall and for fucks sake it’s like 90° outside. You do you, but how are you even alive. What I’m trying to say is, stop trying to make fall happen. Just enjoy the summer breeze.

      Anyways, Em likes to show me some weird shit. Lately it’s been these strange nursery rhymes about some baby named Johny. Just watch this; it will make you question everything:

      I’ve watched so many Johny videos. It’s at the point where Em and I just quote them to each other. The rhymes get worse and the beat loses tempo… I don’t know what’s happening anymore. There’s a singing fridge, a talking dog, and everyone shames one another for eating food.

      Send help.


      Your Fighty Neighborhood Admins and Sister Duo,

      Emily (Mololue#7935) and Mel (Mel#1551)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #11: A Short Stroll

      1 year ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello RTMD Crabbies, we’re trying something a little different this month and keeping shit short. Please let us know if this is a better format for y’all, or if you like our long, rambly updates  heart


      Mark Your Calendars


      We got a calendar!

      Pre-RTX Picnic

      Come meet friends new and old!

      What: A massive picnic spanning multiple RT communities

      When: Wednesday August 1st @2PM

      Where: Pecan Grove picnic area of Zilker Park

      Discord: https://discord.gg/dmWbbRC

      Life’s a Beach

      When: August 18th @10am to Whenever People Want to Leave *NOTE: This will be a day trip*

      Where: Assateague Island

      How (Travel): Go your own wayyyyyyyy (or ask around for people who want to carpool)

      Carpool doc: Remove your name from “Need a Ride” once you pair with a ride.

      Why: Sunburns


      Game Nights

      PC  computer

      When: TBD (check the #pc_gaming channel on our Discord for updates)

      What time: Ditto (7PM most likely)

      Games: Payday 2, GTA 5 and GMOD.

      Host: Alex (@min#6294)

      Nintendo  video_game

      When: Wednesday August 22nd

      Time: 8pm

      Game: Mario Kart

      Host: Jake(@#0900)

      Jackbox  iphone

      When: Saturday August 25th

      Time: 7PM-9PM.

      Host: Em and Mel. (@Emily7935 or @Mel1551)

      The Purge is A-Comin’

      We're doing some late summer cleaning next month. Do the survey (found under #Welcome) or you’re getting the boot from our Discord server on August 14th  boot

      Previously on RTMD

      Our hiking meetup got rained out, but we still had a great time seeing Incredibles 2!




      This information is being moved to our calendar. Please give it a look!

      And Now The Weather…

      So what did you think about this short update? Love it? Hate it? Let us know! And don’t forgot to take the survey or you’ll get kicked from our Discord  heart

      Your Fighty Neighborhood Admins,

      Emily (@Mololue), Tayla (@colemant12), & Mel (@Melp)

    • RTMD Monthly Update #10: New and Old Faces

      1 year ago

      RT Maryland

      Hello Crabbies! We hope you’re doing well and the rain hasn’t washed you away. This month we’re gonna keep the greeting short because we have a ton of information to share!

      New Faces and Old Faces


      As many of you already know, RTMD experienced a huge admin change recently!

      Meet the admins, new and old:

      Melanie (New): Hey y’all, it’s-a-me Mel! You might recognize me from previous updates or discord. I’ve been helping from the shadows for a while, but I’m happy that I ascended to adminship. I’m here for the food to help and I hope to see this community grow.  

      Tayla (New): Heyo guys! Tayla’s in the house, if you’re in our discord (which you should be) chances are you probably know who I am by now. I’ve been a part of this group since October 2016, so I’ve seen the group grow from 5 to now 62 in our discord. I’m glad to join the admin team of RTMD and hope we can keep growing as a community!

      Emily (Old): Emily here! Many of y’all already know me from your interactions in RT Maryland, but I’ve never officially said hi as an admin. I’ve been helping steer this dumpster fire lovely group since July 2017. Hopefully I’ve done a good job so far and I look forward to working with this new team to further RTMD’s growth while planning so awesome activities for y’all  heart

      As you probably noticed, Hannah is not on this list. Sadly, she has stepped down to focus more on her life as a duel master, but expect to still see her at future meetups and chatting in the Discord!

      Mark Your Calendars

      RTMD Goes Into the Woods

      Are you ready to get lost in the woods? Join us for hiking at Cunningham Falls Sunday, July 22nd. We will be meeting up at 10 am at the Cunningham Falls Trail parking lot. Expect an entrance fee of around $5, with this we can prevent forest fires or something. I hope you can come join us as we die in the wilderness!


      Mustard Race Anonymous

      We’re back once again with a PC game night! Huge shoutout to our awesome community member Alex (Min#s6294) for continuously hosting the PC game night. This month, game night will take place on July 28th and will last from 7-12. The games this month are: minecraft, PUBG , Battlefield and No Man's Sky.

      If anyone has questions feel free to message Alex on discord or steam.

      Nintendo Game Night

      Who’s ready to play some Mario Kart with the rest of our community?! This month we have our new community member Jake (@Vercyn_Dresden#0900) hosting a Nintendo game night this month! This month's Nintendo game night is scheduled for July 21st from 7-11. We’re gonna be playing Splatoon and Mario Kart. Thanks to Jake for hosting this months Nintendo game night!

      Any questions? Reach out to Jake on the RTMD Discord!

      RTX Meetup

      Are you going to RTX and plan to arrive a few days early? Join us and a bunch of other awesome RT groups on Wednesday @ 2PM in Zilker Park for a huge community hangout! Further details can be found in this Discord: >https://discord.gg/dmWbbRC

      Previously on RTMD

      This past meetup we went swimming! And no one drowned! Despite the multiple dunking attempts.


      And Now… The Weather


      For those not venturing into the Texas heat, it's only a month until August and holy shit Maryland weather why are you like this.

      Happy belated ‘Murica Day, everyone! I hope you had fireworks in your life, literal or figuratively. You decide.

      So you've probably noticed, but for this part of the update, its usually one dumbass rambling on. (Hint: it me.) Sadly, this will be my final ramblings. But never my final dumbassery! It is a way of life.

      After some hard decision-making, its my time to step down as an admin of RTMD. I'll still be active in our community and you'll see me trolling around events. But leadership should belong to those who have the will and means to lead and I can think of none better than our new admins.


      What to end on, what to end on...there's always the funny route, the whole “getting taken out back and shot" joke. Or maybe more appropriately getting put in the hole? Just call me Edgar.

      There's the serious side I could work with. Maybe say something how life is a roller coaster and sometimes the rides aren't for everyone. How life can throw you curve-balls but it'll give you amazing friends and community to be beside you.

      Perhaps the sappy as shit play? How it's been such a joy and honor to be an admin for you amazing, talented, wonderful weirdos? That nothing could ever tear me away completely from the joy that is watching RTMD grow? That I truly love all y’all and want to thank you for moments I'll remember forever?

      I should definitely mention how incredible these admins are, shouldn't I? Emily will keep everything going strong, and Taylor and Melanie are smart, hilarious, and amazing planners--excellent additions as admins.

      Oooooh I should sneak in one last dick joke past the editors, that's a good way to go.

      I don't know, there's just so many things to say, so little time. The directors are telling me to wrap it up, the cane is coming in from offstage, the awards music is turning on.

      I guess I'll just go with: thank you and love you.  heart heart heart


      (PS: penis!)

      Love your Friendly Neighborhood Admins Old and New,

      Emily (@Mololue), Tayla (@colemant12), Melanie (@Melp), and Hannah (@hannahconda)

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