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    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: RTCommunityDay Sass

      5 days ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello loves! Happiest #RTCommunityDay to you all! I hope you are spending it either watching some RT vids, meeting up with community friends or 'repping with your RT merch! As usual, all you total babes over on twitter look amaziiiing!

      So after the lovey-dovey-ness of Valentines Day yesterday, I thought I would go in the complete opposite direction! I wanted this RTCommunityDay to represent, but also to bring the sass, bring the attitude, and look hot, but for myself dammit!


      The classic Rooster Teeth red and black is one of my favourite combinations, as it is so versatile. Today, as I'm heading out for drinks soon, I wanted to dress to impress... myself ;)

      The Rooster Teeth Halloween shirt showed off my levels of sass perfectly... looking cute was the last thing I wanted to achieve with this look! Adding points, spikes, studs and leather amps up the attitude but still looks hotttt! Remember my advice from yesterday about clashing textures too. I paired my RT shirt with a skirt with braces, Black Milk do a great dress version that is perfect for showing off your RT shirt:


      I kept my accessories simple, some pointy black sparkly heels, and some RT slap bands of course! Smokey eyes, a red gloss and red nails were a must too. It's really fun to experiment with takes on Rooster Teeth's classic red and black palette. It proves that classic can be edgy! Try out your own sassy and sexy looks! You go girl!

      So there we have it, my apologies for not featuring the latest #RTBOX but there was no shirt in it! I KNOW. My fingers are crossed for next month!

      I hope you have an amazing RTCommunityDay, I know I will ;)

      Stay Fashionable <3

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Valentine's Day Special

      6 days ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello my dears! Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope you're having a good one, whether you're all loved up and being totally spoilt by your significant other, or, like me, you're having a quiet one in eating chocolate and watching RT videos!  barbara

      I thought I'd do a quick wee article on what I'd be wearing on a Valentine's Day date night (if anyone had asked me... *cries*):


      One of my favourite things to do with outfits is challenge the "fashion rules". Wearing red and green together seems to be one of these rules and I think it should be smashed!

      Whether it's a burgundy red or a more orangey red, they are all a great contrast to green. For spring, I chose to pair my Rooster Teeth Lightweight Scarf with a lime green vintage diamond zig zag print dress. Lime green is one of THE colours this season, and for extra fashion points, pairing it with a coral-red or mustard is *double thumbs up*. I would have loved to have worn a Funhaus Lightweight Scarf with this look too *heavy hints to the RT Store*.  barbara

      Print clashing has stayed firmly in the trends too, and if you want to, you can clash textures too, like suedes, leathers and silks together.

      Makeup and accessories should be carefully chosen as to not take the look too far. I broke the red into three parts: at the top with the scarf, in the middle with my nails and at the bottom with my shoes. I think any more would have been too much. But go with whatever's good for you! I stayed fairly covered up, but you could always show off a flash of red lacey bra or I know for a fact that red lippie with lime would give your Valentine's look a real sexy edge! Experiment your own way mixing lime and red!

      In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful day, whether you're celebrating or not! And remember, it's #rtcommunityday tomorrow, so mind and look out your favourite Rooster Teeth merch and represent!

      Stay Fashionable ;)

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Double Gold Box - December

      1 month ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello lovelies! Happy #RTCommunityDay to all! I hope you've had a great one. Did you hang out with some RT Community buds? Well whatever you're up to, I hope you are all rocking your Rooster Teeth merch your own amazing way! If you want some style inspo... or even some style info, read on!

      So I'm not going to review the November #RTBOX I'm afraid. It arrived the day before my December one and it was well past Christmas, and not to mention SO last year!

      This #RTBOX contained:

      - Eleven Little Roosters VR Cardboard Headset.
      - Rooster Teeth Reverse Logo shirt.
      - Achievement Hunter Cocktail Shaker.
      - RWBY Reporters Notebook.
      - Roostersnaps Pen.
      - RWBY Grimm Eclipse JNPR DLC Code
      - Note from Josh

      I liked this one much more than the November one, mainly for the shirt. As the self-proclaimed selfie queen (please look at my Twitter page to confirm this) I was tickled pink to have a selfie-themed shirt! I've always been a huge fan of the classic logo on black as it is such a versatile piece to fit in with many wardrobe options. I wanted to give this month's look an alternative edge, with plenty of attitude and eyeliner!


      (^Notice the shirt's effect in selfie mode!^)

      The Rooster Teeth store has loads of comfy beanies to choose from that would compliment this look, but today I went for my warm wool one, because boy it's been chilly here! (Check your clothes labels for pieces with wool/ cashmere/ merino/ angora or a blend of any of the above written on them to keep you warm and stylish in the cold. Avoid cheap acrylic!)

      A dark smokey eye and red lip really give an extra punch to this red and black themed look. The darker the better! Just remember to blend that smokey eye out! Just when you think you're done blending, blend some more.

      The shirt goes great and really makes a statement with the new RWBY Ruby Rose Leggings. It really creates a great, almost artistic line of the red all the way down the outfit and I'm really in love with them! Not to mention they are so comfortable and are made from a thick enough material to keep me warm when the frost bites. Pair these with a crushed velvet jacket for an extra layer, or see my wool rule above.

      As for footwear, I wanted to wear some skyscraper platforms, but thinking of my own alternative style when I was growing up, nothing beat a pair of Converse. These ones were a limited edition from Carnaby Street in London, but the original black ones will look just as great. Why not swap out the laces for red ones?

      I kept my accessories very simple, as I didn't want to detract from the overall look. A scarf that has a little attitude plus some slapbands and the wristband we got from a previous RTBox finished my outfit off nicely! Remember the little things: paint your nails and pair with some serious sass.

      So there you have it! I hope you love this look as much as I do! As always, keep using #RTCommunityDay on Twitter or tag me RTisFashionable or @ailsarocks so I can check out your lovely pictures too!

      Stay Fashionable you absolute beauts ;)

    • Rooster Teeth Style Awards: Year of 2016 - PART TWO

      1 month ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      ...continued from Part One. (Hopefully this works!)

      The next RTSA is for Most User Friendly Shirt. This is for a piece that is easy to take care of. You can chuck it in the wash with everything else and you need only glide the iron over it! After extensive research, the winner is:
      Funhaus Logo Relaxed Shirt.


      (So. Easy. To. Look. After. And looks great too!)

      The next RTSA is for Best Hoodie. I never usually wear hoodies, but one made me change my mind. The design. The cut. The length. The fabric choice. Perfect. The winner is:
      RWBY Rose Petal Hoodie.

      (It speaks for itself. Unlike any hoodie in the store. It gets my vote, every time.)

      This RTSA is for Best Bottoms. These are a relatively new addition to the store this year, but a very welcome one! Let's hope they continue to explore this avenue! The winner is:
      RWBY Blake Leggings
      (Exploring styles and colours that had never been tried in store, these in particular are proof that the Rooster Teeth Store are really combining their designs with fashion trends)

      The next RTSA is for Best Accessory. This was a tough one as there are so many stylish accessories to add a little Rooster Teeth to your #OOTD. I had to choose, so the winner is:
      RWBY Nora Boop Strideline Socks.
      (Just look at them. These are like no other socks I've ever seen. Much love.)

      The next RTSA is for Best Hat. When putting together your outfit, did you consider it might be cold out? You want the best hat right? The winner is:
      Funhaus Wordmark Beanie
      (Not only does this fit a huge range of head sizes, but it goes with lots of styles and outfits too. A true winner for covering all bases so stylishly.)

      This RTSA is for Best Scarf. Oh boy do I love a good scarf. And this scarf is lord of all the scarves. The winner is:
      Rooster Teeth Lightweight Scarf.
      (I wear mine almost everyday. It's cool when it's warm out, and warm when you need a little extra, all the while being trend aware and comfortable.)

      The next RTSA is for Stylist's Choice. This is my personal favourite piece out of everything that has been released this year. The piece I reach for the very most. And it might surprise you! The winner is:
      Funhaus Wordmark Sweatshirt.
      (The trend aware pop of colour. The fact I can put a collared shirt under it when the weather gets colder(+ extra style points of course). It has sleeves but it isn't bulky. And it is close to my heart as it was Rooster Teeth's first proper Fashion Collection. May it be a reminder of wonderful things to come.)

      The final RTSA is for Best Group. Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Screw/GameAttack, Kinda Funny or Creatures? This went to the group with the most stylish designs in the store. It was a close call at times but in the end I knew. The winner is:
      Rooster Teeth.
      (With the Lifestyle Collection, the Community Collection, Barbara Dunkelman's Collection, RWBY pieces and so on, I couldn't not award this to Rooster Teeth. Up your game next year everyone! I'll be judging!)

      Well that's all for this year's RTSA's! Thank you so much for joining me. Remember we still have to announce the Community's Choice Award so look out for that on @ailsarocks profile! Other than that, please feel free to tell me your winners if they were different, and if you want any catagories added for next year!

      Stay Fashionable, as always.

    • Rooster Teeth Style Awards: Year of 2016 - PART ONE

      1 month ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      As 2016 comes to a close, I can't help but be thankful for all of the wonderful clothing collections Rooster Teeth has blessed us with. I look back and giggle thinking about a conversation I had with Jon when I first joined the RT Community, when I suggested that womenswear and fashion collections would be a great idea for the store. Fast forward a few years and my fashion dreams have come true!
      To celebrate the design, diversity and versatility of the folks at the RT, I have decided to have a yearly awards ceremony here.

      The Rooster Teeth Style Awards, or the RTSA's for short, will celebrate the very best fashionable additions to the Rooster Teeth Store. All pieces in the store are nominated and the results are decided by me. If you think another piece should have won an award, let me know in the comments! Or head over to my own journal page @ailsarocks to decide the RTSA Community Choice! But enough introductions, on to the RTSA's!

      The first RTSA is for the Most Versatile Collection. This collection has won due to it's easiness to style with just about anything. You name it, these shirts will probably look great with it. The Winner is:
      Black on Black Shirts Collection.
      (Simple, effective, goes with ANYTHING.)

      The next RTSA is for Softest Shirt Collection. Yes, the shirt must look good, but is it comfortable? Through much testing (and my own patented scale of softness) I have found a winner. That winner is:
      The Geoff Collection.
      (It's the tri-blend cotton. You cannot best it!)

      The next RTSA is for Most Innovative Design. This collection isn't just a logo. Real thought has gone into this collection and it can be interpeted an many ways. It was a close call, but the winner is:
      The Geoff Collection.
      (Simply stunning simplicity that exhibits Geoff's past, present, future and personality)

      This RTSA is Best Collaboration. This can be any collaboration shirt Rooster Teeth has ever done. But one stood out for me by miles. The winner is:
      Rooster Teeth x Filthy Casual.
      (Bae collabs with gamer fashion. More. Please more.)


    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Christmas Special December 2016

      2 months ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Happy #rtcommunityday my loves! Once again I am LOVING your pictures on social media and the site. Remember if you're on Twitter to use #rtcommunityday so I can see your gorgeous unique styles!

      Now, usually I would be styling the super hot shirt I receive from my Double Gold #RTBox, however, there's been some postal strikes in the UK so it hasn't arrived in time! Boo! 

      No worries! For I have quickly put together a classic Christmassy look that will guarantee to 1, Look totally adorable and 2. Be bang on trend too! I hope you love it as much as I do!


      I'm one of those people who cringe when they see blue or orange on a Christmas tree. IT MUST BE STRICTLY RED AND GOLD PEOPLE. I wanted to reflect this timeless, classically Christmassy combo in my outfit, so looked out some gold tone pearls, my trusty gold choker and ruby red belt and ring. I could totally imagine a grown up Ruby Rose rocking this look can't you?

      Velvet is the ultimate mega-trend for winter. This ruby silk velvet coat is a new addition to my wardrobe but my goodness has it made an impact! Black velvet would be a more subtle addition so go with what you are comfortable with. And don't stop at velvet coats, why not try burnt velvet leggings from Black Milk, or a little velvet choker for a subtle nod to the trend? Lads, look for a pair of ruby velvet brogues. I mean damn... can you imagine the level of suave?! Whatever you decide, velvet is making an appearance pretty much everywhere, so experiment and have fun with it!

      I love how my RWBY bag from last month's RTBox looks so great with this look too, it is so versatile! As for my shoes, I managed to find these adorable wedged ankle boots in my shoe closet! Go dressier with a pair of mid heels, or pumps for a comfy alternative.

      The main things to remember here are if you're going Rooster Teeth, think warm, luxurious ruby, velvet and golden pearl tones. If you'd prefer Achievement Hunter, try rich emerald hues instead.

      Well, that's me for 2016 (unless the RT Box arrives in time!) so I will wish you a very happy RT Community Day, a very Merry Christmas and a gorgeous New Year!

      Stay Fashionable, as always <3

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Double Gold Box October 2016

      3 months ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello my dears! My goodness, #rtcommunityday snuck up on me this month! I feel like it was only recently I was writing the article for the last one! But here we are, mid way through November ALREADY. Time: you need to calm your shit.

      As always please post your #rtcommunity pics on twitter using that hashtag so I can see! I love checking out your unique styles!

      Anyway, as predicted the October RT Box was spooky themed! Here's a little inventory list of what we got this month:

      - An Achievement Hunter Beanie hat.
      - The Funhaus Freakshow Shirt.
      - 5 piece glow in the dark RWBY button pack.
      - Gus' face mask. Yup.
      - Let's Play logo shot glass.
      - RWBY Tote Bag.
      - RT Store $5 gift code.
      - Card written by Michael.

      As I write this I just realised I didn't actually get the AH beanie in my box. I'll get that sorted! *EDIT: Shoutout to Sheena from RT Support you absolute babe!* I want to style the pieces I did receive. Now, with this being a Halloween themed box, you might think that you could only use these things at the spookiest time of year. Wrong! The super stylish Funhaus shirt has a great autumnal feel, with a slight alternative edginess to it.

      Being a Funhaus piece, I was delighted to dust off my orange sunglasses. There is still a little sun here in Scotland! Banish Winter blues and shine brightly in bold hues of orange, red and gold! I'm still waiting for my Funhaus Logo lightweight scarf. Just sayin'!


      Or, if you'd like to play on that alternative edge, get your chokers back out, rock a little black leather. All genders suit this season's hottest offering: leather panelling. My coat is wool with leather bucket pockets, leather cuffs and leather panelling along the bottom half too. It's a great way to smarten up your everyday outfit while still adding a little alt attitude!


      As for footwear, I would recommend some cute creepers if the weather is still dry with you. However, mine would get utterly ruined due to Scotland's wintery weather so I've had to opt for some boots. Go for a little heel to elongate shorter legs, or go flat to stay comfortable! Why not try some military style or biker boots? These beauts are from All Saints. But style it your way!


      I love that the RWBY bag has that darker feel to it too, tying into this look perfectly. Another great feature is that it's fairly waterproof, as I got to test out when I went shopping today!


      Well there we are! I hope you enjoy this look as much as I loved wearing and styling it! Hmmm, I'm wondering what the theme might be for the November box... any guesses? Winter? Party? I suppose we will find out soon.

      Stay Fashionable ;)

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature - Double Gold Box September 2016

      4 months ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hey there! What's up my loves? I wish you all the happiest RT Community Day today! Remember to use the hashtag #rtcommunityday so I can see all your pics on Twitter too! I know you guys always bring your A-game!

      Another month has gone by and another lovely RT Box has arrived! This one was September's box with the theme: Movies.

      Here's an inventory list of everything we got. Remember, these items are all RT Box exclusives! That means you need to be a Double Gold Level First Member to get them. Want to get involved? Sign up now!

      - Lovely note from Jack

      - Lazer Team themed popcorn

      - RT Podcast Pizza Cutter

      - Achievement Hunter sunglasses (with bottle opener arms)

      - Game Code for Jack Box 2

      - Theatre Mode tumbler

      - Crunch Time coasters

      - Theatre Mode Double Gold shirt.

      The shirt from this RT Box has already had two outings. I reach for it because it is so easily to style with pieces I have in my wardrobe. I wanted to test drive this shirt a bit so I could come up with my top look this month. Hope you like!

      I decided to take inspiration from Jack's note when styling this outfit. Picture this if you will:

      You were in classes all day yesterday. You and your friends treat yourself to a few drinks afterwards. A few drinks quickly turns into an all nighter and it's time to get up for class again. You feel rough as hell, but you've got classes and then you promised your friends you would go to dinner and a movie later. What the heck do you wear?

      The look has to be comfortable, effortlessly stylish and nice enough to wear out to dinner. A great staple trans-seasonal piece to have is a pair of culottes. They can be dressed casually for daywear and easily made to look more formal too with a few accessory changes. 


      I keep reaching for my patent brogues. These ones have a slight heel which are great for elongating the look of your legs. The shirt goes so well tucked in that I didn't want to make too much of a statement with my accessories, so I went with a few favourite jewellery pieces and a forest green bag: so on trend this autumn. Experiment with softer lines and textures with this look, really make it your own!


      Got bags under your eyes for days after that wild night out? The Achievement Hunter sunglasses mask those perfectly, and a splash of coffee in the new Theatre Mode thermos will make you all better by dinner time. I slung on my Achievement Hunter Lightweight Scarf as well to add an additional pop of colour. (This was me an my way to work this morning!)


      As for you gents, a really high quality denim pair of long shorts would work well with this look, or a tailored short if you want to go smarter! Brogues will look great or mix it up with a smart/casual sneaker! Express your individuality!

      Well that's it for another month! I can't wait for the next box! With it being Halloween, I can't help but wonder if the next box will have a spooooooooky theme. We will see! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful community day!

      Stay Fashionable <3 

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Double Gold Box August 2016

      5 months ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Happy #rtcommunityday to all! I hope you are doing well!
      Yay! My August Double Gold First Exclusive box finally arrived in the Highlands of Scotland! How exciting! The best part about this box is that I had NO idea what was going to be in it, so I couldn't plan my article in advance! Challenge accepted! ;) (Remember these items are exclusive to Double Gold Level First Members, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now!)

      So let's have a look and see what we got this month! The theme was 'Back To School', one which will be useful to so many at this time of year. The August box contained lots of awesome goodies which can be adapted to non-students too! Here's an inventory of the items we got this month:

      - Gorgeously detailed RT Box, complete with quotes aplenty
      - A note from our 'mom' @Barbara, detailing all the useful ways you can use your items if you're not a student... and dick pics of course
      - A RWBY sticker set featuring the four main gals
      - A Game Code for Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (and it's Soundtrack), and Disorder.
      - Screw Attack Logo Compact mirror
      - Red/black marbled Rooster Teeth wristband
      - Let's Play pencil case, complete with pencils for every member of the Let's Play family (Six total)
      - Rooster Teeth insulated lunchbox/beer cooler.
      - I ** Rooster Teeth Double Gold key-ring
      - Rooster Teeth University Shirt

      I love that Rooster Teeth chose the 'Back To School' Theme. Even when you're not a student, you always get that feeling when Summer is starting to wind down that there is potential for new beginnings, changes or even just a period of remembering summer's good times. The weather is getting ever so slightly colder but you still want to look good. It's a time for trying out a new look you can rock all through the season!

      Now for the Rooster Teeth University shirt. First off I love that this, along with all the other pieces in the box are Double Gold Sponsor level exclusives. The fact that this shirt was only available in this box adds to it's desirability. I would have been pretty sad if I had missed out on this one!

      My initial thoughts when I saw this shirt was that I wanted to style it the way I would wear it if I was starting a term at university. It must be styled smartly, classic and a little preppy. It must be effortlessly cool, and wearable for a spectrum of tastes. So here's what I've come up with!

      I could have gone two ways with this, the shirt could be easily styled with a varsity style baseball jacket, jeans and sneakers and would have been awesome! If you have these pieces in your wardrobe they get my thumbs up of approval with this shirt! Why not tag me in a pic? I'd love to see!

      However, I want to out "smart" the teachers, out "cool" the cool kids but with simple pieces that'll do you through the colder weather. A good longline blazer or trench is an autumnal staple. I got this one at the boutique I work in but you'll see styles like these popping up in stores everywhere
      pretty soon. All genders are going to look great in this too so don't think you're excluded!


      Extra points for cool autumn prints like herringbone, hounds-tooth, or tweed. Top tip, if you're taller you can get away with a coat below the knee. Shorter folks try a coat above the knee if you feel drowned by a longer style. I also like to turn up the sleeves for a preppy touch. Trousers are tailored in style and simple in colour. I didn't want them to be the star of the show so I kept them classic. If your trench was a block colour you could try some patterned trousers in the autumnal colour palette.

      Lastly, shoes must be high quality, classic but durable. Brogues are my go-to shoe for the autumn and they go with pretty much everything! These are a real investment so buy the best you can afford. I went for a patent black pointy pair today.


      I've added a few other pieces from the RT Box to really complete the look. The wristband is so easy to style with this look and I liked to use the Rooster Teeth lunchbag as a mini handbag by tying my Rooster Teeth lightweight scarf to it!


      Why not add some of your other Rooster Teeth merchandise? I loved adding my Lootcrate Anime RWBY notebook and Rooster Teeth wristbands.


      So there you have it! Did you get the August Double Gold Box? What was your favourite item? How are you styling the exclusive pieces? Remember to tag me @ailsarocks or the RTisFashionable Twitter in your #rtcommunityday pictures!

      Stay Fashionable ;)

    • Rooster Teeth Fashion Feature: Retro Space

      6 months ago

      Rooster Teeth Is Fashionable

      Hello my stylish dears! Here's a little bonus article that I have in my archives from the release of Lazer Team. With it being released in theatres in Japan, and the launch of awesome new Lazer Team exclusives in the RT Store, I've decided to share this with you all! Enjoy!

      Hopefully all who are reading will have seen Lazer Team in theatres, cinemas, YouTube Red, DVD and Blu-ray by now. If you're as in love with the movie as I am, no doubt you'll be dying to show off your Lazer Team shirts to the world!

      If you're struggling to think of the perfect way to represent, have no fear! I've created my favourite Lazer Team look! Don't worry if this look isn't for you, remember to be proud to wear Lazer Team merch your way!

      Since Lazer Team has a nostalgic feel to it, I wanted to do the same with our outfit choice. One of my favourite styles is retro space, and it's perfect for styling with our Lazer Team shirts!

      The retro space look is all about bold shapes and colours. Think monochrome, large prints, geometric patterns and artificial fabrics. The great thing about this look is that it is classic, so it will always look great whatever the season. Also, pieces are versatile so can be interchanged with other looks!



      So let's take influence from Space Age fashion and add it to our outfit!

      First off, make your outfit as shiny as you are comfortable with. A silver skirt, or jacket would be amazing. However, if you want a more everyday look like me, why not try lots of bold silver or bright plastic accessories? The Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter tattoos look great!


      Another tip is to add a touch of glitter on top of your lipstick/ lip gloss. It's a really subtle but effective way to add space age glam to your look.


      Next up is footwear. Again the more shiny and space age you can make it the better! I've gone for some adorable silver ankle courts but as long as you keep the monochrome theme going then feel free to stick with comfy converse or vans!


      A bold monochrome print can also be an easy way to update and add a little space age style to your look!


      And there you have it! My retro space Lazer Team look is complete!

      Let me know what you think! And leave links to any cool pieces you think would go with the space age look.


      Remember to take pictures of your RT Style and tag me here @ailsarocks or @RTisFashionable on Twitter so we can see you!

      With the launch of RT Lifestyle, the RT Community Collection, RT Ladies Collection, the expansion of one of my faves: the Geoff Collection... Rooster Teeth merchandise is going in a direction that no other YouTube Production Company has ever ventured. My love affair with the RT Store continues to grow with each new addition. I'm so proud to be a stylist of RT pieces when their collections continue to break barriers. May this beautiful journey continue to new and very fashionable heights.

      Until next time, stay fashionable <3

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