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    • We've got spirit! Yes, we do! We've got spirit! How 'bout you?!

      2 weeks ago

      RT Austin

      RT Community day is the 15th of every month, but we've decided to celebrate this incredible community for an entire week this month!

      To celebrate and show off our community spirit, we'll be hosting our first ever Spirit Week!


      Team up with your fellow community members the week of October 15th and earn points by participating in our special activities each day!

      Will you battle for the fierce, strong, and determined Red Team? Or will you side with the cool, confident, and strategic Blue Team? Or maybe you'll even play for both sides depending on what the Freelancers have ordered you to do. 

      It's up to you! At the end of each day, we will announce the winners and they will decide where to assign the points. 

      1st Place = 15 points
      2nd Place = 10 points
      3rd Place = 5 points

      But wait! That's not all! Spirit Week will culminate in an awesome Red vs. Blue Field Day and Potluck! Bring a dish to share and participate in fun games to determine the final winner of our first Spirit Week.

      Here are all the Field Day details:

      Who: You in your best RT duds!
      When: Saturday, October 20th from 12-7 PM
      Where: Patterson Park,  4200 Brookview Rd, Austin, TX 78722

      Potluck signup form

      See you there!

    • Extra Life 2018 Planning

      1 month ago

      RT Austin

      Hey Everyone! It's time to start planning for Extra Life 2018. A lot of time and effort go into planning an event this large, so I wanted to go over the basics of what I'll need to see if we're going to do our own stream.

      1.) I will need 3 "Team Leads" who will help organize and run the event. They will need to be in contact with me(MC_Shenanigans) all the way up until the event so I know that we will actually be able to produce a stream the day of the event. If at any time I feel like we don't have the manpower or time to throw our own stream I will look to others we can team up with to be on their stream.

      2.) By the end of September 2018 we will need to have a reserved location that will be able to house us and handle the stream.

      3.) We must have successfully tested and have a program for the stream ready by October 20th.

      These are in place to make sure that we are able to present a stream that our community can be proud of. If there are any questions or concerns about the above, you can DM. If you are interested in being a team lead, please keep reading.(edited)

      “ Technical ” lead. They will help coordinate everyone who has equipment for streaming, gaming, broadcasting, etc. They will need to have a comprehensive list of all the RELIABLE equipment we have available to us. Just because someone owns something, doesn’t mean we will be able to use it November 3rd-4th for the stream. I will need reports of that equipment and that they’ve been tested. You will also need to have a set team for that will help broadcast the stream, and back ups in case any of those members are unable to make it.

      ”Production” lead. This person will handle the time tables for what games are played when. They will have when we start, when we end, and keep the whole event organized. They will have back up plans for if something goes wrong with a game. This person will also be responsible for organizing the production location.

      "Promotion” lead. Any fundraiser needs people to see it in order to get money donated. This position will be responsible for creating all marketing material for the event and help strategize how to get the most eyes on our stream.

      Any one chosen for these positions will need to be completely dedicated and openly communicate with myself and each other. Without a strong team, a stream of this kind is nearly impossible.

      If you are interested in one of the lead positions please send me a DM with which one and WHY I should choose you for the position with EXAMPLES of your work. I will not choose someone for something simply because they want to or because they care about the cause. Not to be blunt, but this is a lot of work so I will be taking this very seriously and being very honest as we go through this process.

      That being said, if we can get these things done I think we have the opportunity of having an amazing stream and raising money #forthekids.

    • RT Austin/SideQuest Collab for Extra Life Community Stream!

      11 months ago

      RT Austin

      Hey, for those of you who are still following us on here, here's some info on Extra Life. Hope to see you there!



    • RT Austin Admin AMA

      1 year ago

      RT Austin

      Hey there, RT Site crew!

      On the off chance any of you still read these, here are some updates:

      One, we've added a new admin! His name is James, and you may know him better as 16BitsofAwesome. If you don't know him yet, find him at an event sometime; he's good people.

      Two, the RT Austin admins are running an AMA for the next week! We're up on rtaustin.sarahah.com to take your questions, compliments, and crushes, and then we'll go through and answer questions, publishing them somewhere, sometime.

      Lastly, if you're on here but not an active member of our discord server, come check it out! There's 150-some rowdy kids over there usually chatting just about 24/7. There's a link in the group sidebar on the left.

    • Event: RT Austin Field Day - April 29th

      1 year ago

      RT Austin

      Early heads up!

      RT Austin is hosting its first ever field day event next month. Come do things outside with us!

      More info on facebook: HERE

    • Theater Mode Watch Party!

      1 year ago

      RT Austin

      What up, fam?

      Just so you all know, our very own Shawn is hosting a Theater Mode Watch Party at his place this Saturday!

      Details on the 'book: https://www.facebook.com/events/405998473086428/

      Can't make it out Saturday? Count on another Torchy's Takeover this Friday after On The Spot! 7pm. Torchy's on 51st.

      Got any questions? Got any ideas? New to the group and just want to say hi? Hit us up. On here, on facebook, on twitter, on discord...we get around. Come get a piece.



      Assistant TO the Community Manager

    • RTATX February Meetup - Pinballz

      1 year ago

      RT Austin

      What up, fam?

      We're getting together at 7pm this Saturday at Pinballz (Lake Creek)!

      Come on out for a raucous evening of fun, games, shenanigans, games, fun, and games!


    • MIllion Dollars But Global Gamenite January 28th

      1 year ago

      RT Austin

      It's short notice but we will be joining communities from around the world in a Million Dollars But Gamenite! Come join your friends and find out just how low their standards are and who will do anything for that sweet million.

      I myself will be hosting the event so come all! 

      When?January 28th

      Time? 7:30 PM

      Leave? 10 PM

      Where? 11805 Briar Creek Loop, Manor, TX 78653-4606, United States

      How Should I Dress? Depends on where you want the night to go.


      Me irl


    • Moving chat services to Discord! https://discord.gg/7nBbas6

      1 year ago

      RT Austin

      ATTENTION ALL!!! We are moving from GroupMe to Discord! It has proven to be a more efficient method of chat and will allow you to set settings for the announcement chat for events, rather than have a notification light rave. Come join us!! https://discord.gg/7nBbas6 


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