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    • Meet Up Update

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      To anyone who is going to the meet up it has changed a little in the past week the room that we where going to was booked full so now we are doing the Art Gallery this Starts at 10:45 on the 23rd and i would recommend to pick up tickets early You can pick up tickets on their website remember we are at the Indianapolis location 

    • Fit4RTX(Life) Challenge!

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      Greetings and Salutations Everyone! Happy Friday!

      As of today it is 10 weeks until RTX Austin! Get Hyped! Even if you aren't going to RTX this year, summer is coming up and we are also going to have some more meet-ups so all kinds of fun stuff coming up! That is going to mean more heat, more walking, but more excitement and fun as well.

      With that in mind, I want to issue a Fit4RTX(Life) Challenge to you all! This challenge is simple, become a healthier you!. The why and how are simple, whether its cons like RTX, meet-ups like the upcoming one in the escape room, or even if you prefer just gaming or drawing, being healthy can help you in so many ways, so this is a challenge for EVERYBODY.

      Yeah Casual, being fit is great and all but How are we all going to get "Fit4RTX"? That's simple my dude:

      Step 1; PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). This is the most important thing of all. This challenge is you against yourself so stay positive. The goal here isn't for us all the be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or Blaine Gibson (Although that may be the end goal for some of us), the goal is to be healthier than we are today and be able to easily have fun when we all meet up or just in our daily lives. Encourage yourself and encourage each other! This isn't an overnight thing and we will all have rough days so keep positive!

      Step 2: Do The Little Things: You don't need some insane workout plan, diet, or anything like that. It's the little things that make a HUGE difference! Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting sleep every night? Are you getting 10K steps every day (this has actually been proven to be a huge factor is being healthy)? Are you standing and stretching every hour even during work or major gaming? If not (and honestly, we all struggle with this from time to time) now is a good time to focus up. 

      Step 3: Consistent, Small Improvements; If you aren't already almost there, you aren't going to go out and run a marathon or bench 400lbs tomorrow and you know what, that's fine. This is about being a better you so ask yourself this question: "Have I done 1 thing better than yesterday?" If so, you are winning the challenge. Yes it is as easy as that. The big part is consistency. Consistent, small improvements make the biggest difference.

      (Step 4: Profit? Sure why not)

      So now, that we have the why and the how, let's set a goal. 10 weeks. In 10 weeks we are going to be a more healthy group than we are today. It wont be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it. Best part is, we are going to do it together! So for those days when you are struggling, or when you dont know the nest step, we are here for each other. The only competition is yourself, so keep the positivity going and we can do this guys! With that said guys, let's get started! If you have good articles or ideas, share them! I will also be posting daily in here and in the Discord ( so whether you check in every day, once a week, or just at the end we will be here! Remember you can do it, all you need to do is start.

      Cheers and good luck everybody!

      - Casual

      P.S. Speaking of Blaine I know he put out an awesome post earlier this year about some of his fitness stuff, if anybody finds it please either link it or send it to me and I will update this! Thanks!

    • 1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community


      Game Night And Meet UP\


      Indianois RT Community

      Hello Everyone, I have some fantastic news and the first part of this news is A new Game night The Game night will take place on June 1st we will be playing CAH the time for this event will be a t 8:00 pm Est.

      The Second thing that I will be announcing is that we are having a meet up. Yes an actual meet up the meet up will be doing an escape room the escape room that we will be doing is the Bank heist on june 23 at 10:50 >; the ticket price is 29 dollars after the escape room we will head over to the zoo for some leisure time out in the sun.

      The address for the zoo is 1200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46222

      The address for the escape room is 200 S Meridian St #220, Indianapolis, IN 46225

    • Introducing RT Indy!!!

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      Ladies, Gentlemen, Non-Gender Binary folks, Reds, Blues, Faunus, Robots, and fellow denizens of the internet; It is my pleasure to announce that as of today, RT Indianois has evolved (upgraded, morphed, really whatever you wanna call it) into RT Indy! Que Gratuitous Firework!

      This change to the group will now have us as a group focusing on Indiana (and large amounts of corn). We are SUPER excited to bring this idea to harvest and start this new adventure with you guys and finally have things all set to let you know about this next stage! (Warning: lots of corn references and puns ahead. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

      So I get there are probably many questions and I will try to address as many of them as I can; the first being the big WHY. (For those who don’t really care why just skip this paragraph and go to the What’s next or just skip all the way to the end for the TL;DR)

      So for those of you still with me, thank you first of all. Now as for why, it is 2-fold. With RT doing some rebranding and reorganizing, the community side is doing the same. The reality of the situation is that there are multiple Illinois groups, but only one group that covers Indiana at all. This not only caused issues for people looking to join a state group in some cases, but it also made it difficult for our group to do a lot of things other state groups normally do that are a lot of fun like meetups and the like. We tried a lot of things but would often come up short trying to split things between Indy and Chicago. I am sure this was frustrating for everybody. So between the options of making one supergroup or us just taking on Indiana on an official basis, the general decision was that we just take on Indiana. The second thing is that it is time for us to shake things up a bit and grow into the beautiful corn stalks I know we all can be. #CornSquad. We have so many talented and funny people in our group both old and new that we also thought it is about time to start trying some new things. We want to try and come up with new activities so that everyone can participate in some way. Ok, enough being Cereal, time to get corny and tell you guys what is changing exactly.

      What is changing? Like I mentioned before we are now focusing on Indiana. We will be working on things like meetups and events in Indiana, likely focused around Indy. 

      If I am in Illinois (or elsewhere) does this mean I need to leave? FUCK NO!!! We love all of you that are in here and would LOVE for you to come hang out with us. Whether it’s game nights or events closer to the border you will ALWAYS be welcome. We started this journey together and you will always be family. As it was put “If you live or have lived in Indiana, traveled through, seen, thought about, or been near Indiana, or even come into contact with corn, this is the group for you!” Just be aware that the focus will be on Indiana. 

      What can we expect going forward? Some of it will be the same, we are still planning game nights, Extra Life, and we are going to be working on some meetups.

      This is going to be a big undertaking but all of us on the admin team are popping with excitement at this refresh of the group. Just so you can hear it from the other admins here is what they are excited about:

      "I'm excited to start up the new group for a few reasons. It gives us regulars a chance to start over new and clean out past issues. We can look into being a solid state and hopefully meet-up more without having to worry about state borders. Plus you'll have bragging rights for the 'Back in my day, we were TWO state groups!' And we can have more corn, always the corn." – DuoAchievement (Undisputed leader of RT Indy and holder of all RT knowledge past and present, queen of Tumblr and GIF maker supreme)

      “I can't wait for the new group to start because it will single a new era for our group we can now be the corniest group in the world lol but no seriously this is a great chance for everyone to have a common area to meet up in and it will give us all a fresh start to create a more active group can't wait for it to happen. – Shadowdmf (Drinker of alcohol, grenadier, and UNO champion)

      For me personally, about the only thing I can add is that I am excited about the journey and to see what we can all make together (other than really bad corn puns). 

      But this is where we want to ‘ear from all you lovely people. What do YOU want to see? What are you looking for out of the state group? We want to know what is important to you and what kinds of things you want to do together, so be on the lookout for the new Discord where we will have a special space for new ideas that we can bring up to everybody. You are all the crème of the crop (ok I’m done with the corn puns) so don’t be afraid to let us know your thoughts.

      Welcome to the New RT Indy!

      - Casual, Duo, and Shadow

      TL;DR- RT Indy is replacing RT Indianois, Indy focused, doing new stuff, Everyone welcome. Stay Tuned. You also missed all my amazing corn puns, how could you!

    • It's Rooster Teeth's Birthday, Let's Break out the CAH

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      Hey guys!

      So As we all know, Rooster Teeth just celebrated their 15th birthday yesterday! I can't believe how big they've gotten, it was only yesterday they were cursing us out as Halo characters...

      To celebrate their birthday, a bunch of the state groups are getting together and holding different events to hang out! Meet-ups, Games, movies, everyone is doing something a bit different and I got ours planned out. We're going back to everyone's favorite, Cards Against Humanity!

      When: Saturday, April 7th
      Where: Discord and CAH website
      Time: 7pm EST

      We'll be using the different Rooster Teeth decks, and if we really want to try again we can add in the RWBY deck too (keep in mind it's huge so most of the cards in this one will show up). I also wanted to try out something too, on Saturday if you can everyone should get pizza! That way we can all munch on pizza and play CAH together, like we're all in the same room.

      As always, share your thoughts and comments in this journal and I'll see you guys Saturday!

       - Duo

    • Game Night!

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      The votes are in and it was really close this time but minecraft pulled it out. The Game will be on the Xbox one and will start on the 10th at 8:00 p, est. 

      I cant wait to see everyone there 

      also my gamertag is dmf shadow1

    • Game Night!!

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      Hello I hope that everyone has been having a fantastic time. It is time for another GAME NIGHT. Now the games for this one will be Minecraft, monster hunter world, Jack Box Party Packs, and 7 Days to die. The place to vote is 

      The Game Night will happen on March 10th i cant wait to see everyone there


      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      Hey so the poll is in and the Game Night for this month is RWBY Grim Eclipse. I cant wait to play this with everyone. Also just a reminder but The Game Night will be held on the 20th of January at 8:00 Est. cant wait to see everyone there.

    • GAME NIGHT!!!!!!

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s. With the New Year brings us our first GAME NIGHT of this year. The games that we will be potentially playing for this Game Night are Jackbox Party Pack, RWBY: Grim Eclipse, Cards Against Humanity, and finally Uno! 


      The Game Night will be held on the 20th of January at 8:00 Est.

      I cant wait to see everyone there!!!!

      VOTE HERE (>

    • Christmas Movie Night!

      1 year ago

      Indianois RT Community

      Hey guys!

      So we had tossed around some ideas for movies in the Discord, and we decided that Home Alone and Grinch will be the movies for our Movie Night! I am going to host this event for this so I'm thinking Tuesday(12/19) at about 7pmCST/8pmEST. Im thinking thatll give everyone enough time to get home and eat dinner and leave us time to watch the films.

      I'll set up the room for the movie night in a room on their website so if anyone has any questions about the site just let me know. I'll also drop a link for the room in a second journal on Tuesday closer to the movie night.

      If anyone has any questions/concerns make sure to let me know on this journal!

       - Duo

      EDIT: Here's the link to join the movie night

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