X-Ray and Vav comic

    • It begins..

      4 years ago

      X-Ray and Vav comic

      I'm just about to start working on drawing the pages (my computer is in the computer hospital, but as soon as it gets back, I'm getting started.

      It will take some time, but I'm hoping to be compleatley finished with the origin story (issue 1 and 2) by RTX (at least I hope, I still have an armor to complete, aprons to make and a full time job to go to, but this project is really high on the list I promise)

      just the quick reminder that if you wish to write an adventure for our Heroes, feel free to run it by @JustSean or read tha material @KateeMac has been putting out (the origin story and her newest adventure which can be found in the forums) to make sure your story stays in unisson with what has already been written.

      Also, if you are an artist and wish to help, please contact @Antiorwell .He is working on the rough outlines for the pages (placing the characters, and setting, based on the origin story script) these drawings can be as rough as stick figures. They really help me out. thanks.

    • What next?!

      4 years ago

      X-Ray and Vav comic

      Alright writers and other participants of the X-ray and Vav project. Just letting you know that the origin story is closed.

      @Kateemac 's story has been chosen docs.google.com/document/d/1y8SVhBqkvze1CYCkqgWMiW1wYo8cg_jcKgM0f1nANPc/

      A few details might be tweaked but this is the basic story of how are heroes came to be and what they are doing now. That was the hard part and we couldn't have done it without you all. Thank you for posting stories and Ideas, even if they didnt get chosen it is still a great help.

      Now comes (in my opinion) the fun part. All of you who want to help make this comic continue, please re-direct your attention to the "new adventure Ideas" thread and start posting Ideas about things that could happen to our heroes, new phoes, new obstacles, its all a great big idea-fest in there!

      And if you have shorter, goofyer ideas. feel free to post them in the "minisodes" these are shorter stories that can range between the size of a couple pages to even a 3 pannel comic strip. its all a great fun fest in there too.

      I would also like to point out that @JustSean is going to be our "continuity advisor" for this comic, he is responsible of taking notes on what is canon and what isn't. So if he suggests that you change something, it's for the good of the comic so that everything fits together.

      Not a writer and want to help?

      read some stories that writers post and draw some concept art and put it in the "art dump" thread. Want to do a bit more? @Antiorwell has taken it upon himself to sketch out the base of the comic, the disposition of the pannels, the camera angles, the basic storyboard for the origin story. Feel free to grab onto a new story and do that as well. Or contact @Antiorwell for the origin story (maybe he's going to need help, I dont really know, I haven't asked him if he needed help.)

    • Welcome writers!

      4 years ago

      X-Ray and Vav comic

      First off, Welcome! And thank you for joining this group and taking an interest in the X-Ray and Vav project.

      Now here's how I figured this would work. As I have explained in the forum post you all responded to, I've been thinking for a long while that an official X-Ray and Vav comic is overdue, sadly my writing skills are not quite there yet. I've been working more on the art part. And that's where you come it.

      Now you may have noticed that there are many of us wanting to write. However, writing as a large group can be as chaotic as drawing as a large group or for those of you who don't draw, as chaotic as 2 people playing a videogame with one controller. I realize that it is much easyer for one person to get into the zone and write something on their own.

      So the way I saw this go down is that I'd create a new forum topic for every episode, then all of you who are interested in writing for that story write your take of how that story should be told. Then, once I have enough responses I will read them all and choose one and draw it. Making sure to contact the author and collaborate with him or her as I draw.

      It is very possible that I end up liking the plot of one story and the writing style of another and mix some stuff up and make some slight modifications, naturally only if you agree to it, and work on the comic together.

      One writer can be chosen for more than one story, it is just as likely that every comic have a different writer. But we are all working towards the same goal: to make this the best comic ever, and the comic X-Ray and Vav deserve!

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