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White Shirts
#1   Posted 4 years ago
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Why do they make them for little kids? More importantly, why do my family and friends insist on buying them for my kids? They get stained within minutes of my kids putting them on. I should invest in stain remover...
Zombie bait
#2   Posted 4 years ago
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i know right! my family does the same and it drives me BONKERS! i mean they are pretty much one use and done...unless your my wife who uses them to make her own tshirts. if you want to buy clothes for my kid then dont buy something that in two days will have sauce and/or dirt permanently on it
#3   Posted 4 years ago
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ScotchGuard is a wonderful invention, and bleach gets stains out.

Otherwise, white does not stay white.
#4   Posted 4 years ago
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In reply to baggins316, #2:
Well honey, I've discovered that all the kids shirts get stained equally, its just easier to see on white.....besides I like white, you can always just bleach it =)
Stand firm
#5   Posted 4 years ago
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My wife used to open a can of Coca-Cola into the washing machine to remove stains. I don't condone this, but I can't deny that my daughter always had clean clothes...
#6   Posted 4 years ago
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In reply to clubbed, #5:

That is frightening in so very many ways.
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