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Thoughts on the Blu-Ray changes
#1   Posted 3 years ago
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As we all know by now (hopefully, I mean this is the Star Wars group) good old George decided to tweak all the movies again. They all got some changes made to them except for Episodes II, V and III. Mainly, these changes included Yoda being changed to CGI in episode I, Obi-Wan's Krayt dragon call being changed, R2 hiding behind rocks, Ewoks blinking and the most controversial change.... Vader yelling "Nooo!" before he throws the Emperor to his doom.

ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) also corrected some lightsaber and blaster fire errors as well but those really aren't worth noting because they're the one change that all SW fans agree on.

So what do you guys think? Me? I personally don't mind. I think that complaining about anything other than Darth Vader's line is pointless because those parts aren't really integral to the story. R2 hiding behind a rock makes sense but what I find a bit confusing is how he managed to get in that tiny space.... maybe there was a way around the wall? Anyways, about Darth Vader. Personally, I don't mind it. Does that mean I like it more than the original? No. I understand the complaints about the scene but I don't understand why people are claiming that it's completely broken now. He yells no, and the scene is broken suddenly? His silent self sacrifice was indeed very powerful but I believe that this still works too. Lucas just decided to verbalize what Vader was thinking at that moment.

So sound off below. Do you like the changes? Do you hate them?
The Doctor
#2   Posted 3 years ago
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I have yet to see them, a lack of Blu-Ray prevents me, but personally I don't care about the changes. They're his movie he is entitled to make any change he wants. If people don't like it then they shouldn't buy it. Its as simple as that.
#3   Posted 3 years ago
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You see that sparks the whole argument over whether Star Wars belongs to the fans or George. I definitely agree with you. It's his movies, he can and should be able to do what he wants. I mean if it weren't for him coming up with the original story, directing and producing the first one and breaking his back to get the rights to it so that the rest of the Originals could be made, Star Wars wouldn't be the saga that it is today. It makes me sick to see people spit in the face of the person that created the thing that they love so much. He really is like a fallen prophet in some ways.

Now I don't think the fans are totally wrong either, I for one consider Star Wars to be a watershed moment in my development as a person and it really has shaped part of who I am as a person. I can see how changing something someone holds so dear could cause anger, but some fans blow it out of proportion. The saddest cases are death threats. Really? you can't just find a version where Han shoots first and watch that? Have those people ever heard of the internet? Killing George is the only option apparently.....

Anyways, when you get the chance, definitely watch them, the transfer is fantastic. Also, on another note. IS it just me or does the group seem kind of... dead? I thought I'd find a home here on RT but this group really kind of feels abandoned....
Indiana Han
#4   Posted 3 years ago
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Well I don't have a blue ray player so i haven't watched them yet but I'll definitely get them at some point. As for the changes they don't really bother me, they arent any major changes and I even really like changing Yoda to cgi in the first one. I agree they are georges movies and he can do what he wants with them. Although I can't say I'm always happy with the changes that are made to other things like even philes(sorry if I spelled it wrong) death in two different places or the thing with Karren traviss quiting star wars because of clones wars continuity errors, but as long as they arefixed someday I'm ok with it. I love star wars and they would have to change a lot more to make me not like it
#5   Posted 3 years ago
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In reply to GardenSnake, #3:
Anyways, when you get the chance, definitely watch them, the transfer is fantastic. Also, on another note. IS it just me or does the group seem kind of... dead? I thought I'd find a home here on RT but this group really kind of feels abandoned....


I'm here.

#6   Posted 3 years ago
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In reply to Spuds31, #5:

Haha, good to know. That's another Star Wars fan coming to the apparently abandoned inn of the SW group. You seen the Blu-Rays yet?
#7   Posted 3 years ago
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Episode I-III was bad enough. Now this crap. Tell George Lucas to stop raping my childhood.
#8   Posted 3 years ago
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In reply to jeepattack, #7:

Tell redlettermedia to stop shitting on MY childhood. If it weren't for George, those precious memories you say he's shitting on wouldn't even exist. So you don't like Han shooting first or Vader saying no, that's respectable. Lucas hasn't gone out of his way to get rid of EVERY trace of the originals. You can watch the completely unchanged versions on youtube.
#9   Posted 3 years ago
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The only thing that really bothered me was the Vader thing, but I'm not going to go on a long rant about it as I don't think there's much point. I'll just leave you with this quote from Mr Lucas in 1988 addressing congress.

"People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians..."
#10   Posted 3 years ago
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And I'll leave you with this:
#11   Posted 2 years ago
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I think that if you enjoyed the old untouched pieces, then good remember and solidify those memories and only watch what you think is the "good" Star Wars. And ignore the new things that bother you. And to those who say Lucas is destroying or harming SW, well: Lucas cannot destroy or harm Star Wars because each of us have a private memory of what Star Wars was and is for each one of us and nobody can change that. You are just complaining because something you don't to change is changing, and guess what? That happens everyday of our lives except for most things we are big about it, but in this case for some stupid reason, people are being very childish about it.

If you enjoy the old and only the old, ignore the new. You don't even have acknowledge if you don't want to.
If you enjoy the new, good for you.
#12   Posted 2 years ago
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In reply to Wolfdwarf, #11:

Wow, who is this wise sage that graces me with his presence in my humble thread? Truly yo uare a giant among men good sir (in the pants). Well said Liad.
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