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UH, THAT'S MY UNCLE (A Role for Burnie)
#1   Posted 2 years ago
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We've seen it going around, nothing would be better in a Rooster Teeth Anime than Burnie Burns having the role he said he'd never do (and yet did twice).

This forum is to act as a collection of speculation/comments/not-nessicarily canon information towards Burnie Burns in a role here.

If you would like to treat this as a sign of interest by the community in this possibility, you can do that by just commenting so there's one hit.

Now, a PSA because stealing rules happens alot...


Hello, I'm Wash008 from the popular forum Red vs Blue: Season Nine.

I'm talking to you today not as a brilliant thread-writer and theorist, but as a fellow user of the internet.

When I first started on this forum I was just as un-aware of how to do things as I bet most of the Newbs are. Hell, maybe even some of you vets and mods and shits are un-easy on some of the basic ways to go about Foruming too. Time will do that to you.

But don't worry, as today I am here to present a list of basic Forum usage nicities.

1) And this is very important. DO NOT TROLL EVER If you ever feel like posting some random shit that will just piss people off, with not even a general comedic value to your action. DON'T Trust me. People just get pissed and the shit will fly.

2) Use good grammer and spelling. I'm not saying you have to be perfect, no one is, and your firendly firends on the forum will be more than... glad to help you in a situation where you messed up, but it just makes for effective communication when people can understand the words on the screen in front of them. The ideas are a personal thing, you deal with them.

3) Post something thread appropriate. If the conversation has gone off topic that is okay, but I try to keep the Crackpot theories in that thread, the season 9 stuff in here, and when I just wanna talk I'd go to the bar. (Really, I'd find someone real to talk to but you know, this IS the internet.)

4) Don't be a dick. Treat your friendly forum firends with respect in conversations, arguments, and comedy. It just makes everything go a lot smoother. This does not mean you treat them all like sensitive idots though. Mix it up a little. They are all people. Just be sure to honor requests about topics or nicknames that may offend them.

5) Don't just leave a conversation hanging. Sign off every time you can verbally so that other people don't just wait around for you to make a point you're never going to make. Mistakes can be made, but still it's a kindness thing. This also includes long absenses from a convo, people don't like that too much.

6) When entering a convorsation, read atleast one page back so you know what you're getting into. This is so no one has to repeat themselves, you can try to bring up something NEW and I reccomend it. We're mostly all just theorizing here and all the time we spend is productive.

7) Finally a flair for the dramatic is always appreciated.

I hope you have all learned something from this PSA and I'll see you all later.


And there you go. Now, let's get down to buisness and talk about Burnine in RWBY.

Personally, I hope he IS the uncle of a villian in the show. like an evil uncle Iroh, but not because it is Burnie. What about you guys?
#2   Posted 2 years ago
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I'm just saying, there needs to be a giant, boss Burnie as a football player in RWBY. Just check out the Contra Let's Play.
#3   Posted 2 years ago
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I'd love to see anime Burnie from RT Animated Adventures show up. Don't care exactly how, but it would just be an awesome nod in his direction.
Web Head
#4   Posted 2 years ago
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agreed crazy train it could come up in a poster and burnie could be a minor male lead and furthermore he could also be a elder of a village or just some smart ass
#5   Posted 2 years ago
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Burnie would be a great villain, especially with that reverberating thing they do for his voice in The Gauntlet
#6   Posted 2 years ago
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In reply to Sniper96, #5:

But that hurts like hell, and Church takes alot out of him already.
#7   Posted 2 years ago
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In reply to Wash008, #6:

Fair enough. He could do it during the RvB off-season and his voice is pretty good already. Maybe just a little reverb. Not too much.
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