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Welcome to the RvB:KS group! We are the official group of the RvB:KS meet up.Once we get enough people we will defiantly meet up watch some Red vs Blue (and other Rooster Teeth Productions) and party Rooster Teeth Style! Ad Astra per Aspera!
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July 30th, 2011

Oh Hey there 20th Member!

So I feel so bad for neglecting this group. Ill try to be more active at least until I move. Guys we totally have 20 members. And I've always said if we get 20 members that we would try to do a meet up. So here is my challenge. If you leave a comment committing to come to a meet up, and we can discuss planning later, I will totally host a get together outside KC. I will, out of pocket, pay for a small theater rented out, or if its still nice outside a Drive-in movie theater, to watch RvB and those old enough can drink and us not old enough can uhhhhh converse? So please if your interested in coming up to KC and having an RvB meet up let me know.
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