Dead Island movie
Please make a good video game movie for once!!!

So recently the Dead Island teaser was released and it went viral pretty quickly. Many thought that it was too brutal or whatever and some thought that it was really good. Recently after the release of the teaser, it was announced that Hollywood may be planning on making a movie based on the trailer. I hope they make the movie good because I dont think I can handle another Mario brothers the movie :(
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February 26th, 2011

"Do not buy Dead Island game" group

I just saw a group made for the sole purpous of boycutting Dead Island and when I checked to see who would possibly join something like that I felt my heart warmed by the fact that it had no members. Even its creator had left it. Totally made my day.

And now for film news since thats what the group is about. Apparently those who created "The Mummy" Franchise have the rights for the Dead Island movie soooo if your a The Mummy fan I gues your pretty darn happy. I liked the first The Mummy movie, the secound was okay, the third however slightly made me loose hope for humanity, anyhow, things always turn out well if you have an open mind :D
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