Connecting Community and Charity!

RT SideQuest is a group that tries to bring the RT community closer together AND raise money for charity. We host parties and events at PAX and RTX, and other charity events in Austin and online.

We do all of our charity work with one thing in mind: Enim Filii (For the Children)

RT SideQuiz for a Cause is next up! More info can be found in our post about the event or on the Community Event page!

PAX SideQuEAST is GO! Join us for "Community Chow" at Lucky's Lounge!
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RTX SideQuest is in the planning stages!
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PAX PrimeQuest will be BACK in 2014!

RT SideQuest for Extra Life was GREAT in 2013 and will be BETTER in 2014!

Want to hang out with other SideQuest-ers or find more information about what we do? JOIN and WATCH the group!

You might alsocheck out our website at or our Sponsor Chat room. Our website is also home to the RT SideQuest Guide, Community Compendium, RTX Hotel Helper, and many other useful tips and tools that every RT Community member can use!

And of course, follow RT SideQuest on Twitter, "Like" us on Facebook, and check out our YouTube channel!
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March 14th, 2014

RT Community Group and Event Map

Greetings SideQuest-ers!

With the second RT Community Day nearly upon us, we wanted to share an expansion to our RT Community Compendium, the Community Group and Event Map!

We've taken all the big, active regional community groups and community events that we know about, and we've mapped them out so you can easily find a group or event near you to join! We're going to work to keep it updated from here on out, in hopes that we can help people find community members in their area to hang out with!
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