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#1 - <Hero
#2 - Sarcasm and Patronizing
#3 - The Complacent Couple
#4 - Clash of the Simpletons
#5 - E=-AC
#6 - No Strings Attached
#7 - Maths Effect
#8 - Mystery Of The LOLcat Woman

The picture that may or may not have started it all.

Red vs Blue: Deconstruction
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May 16th, 2011

Let's try this again.

...well, it looks like the site I store my image files is going to be down indefinitely, so I had to find a new image share site.

Here's a re-post of the final chapter.

And once again, remember to add the group to your watch list so you'll know if and when I end up posting further issues. :)

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