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October 28th, 2014

The Burnie Journey

An exciting new project has cropped up in our community!

The Burnie Journey: An RT Community Docuventure!!!

Docventure = Documentary + ADVENTURE!

A joint venture of @Count3D and @FriscoFlame. Part documentary and part found footage. A grand journey featuring RT Community members, American landscapes, road trip culture, and shenanigans!

These lads are looking for project funding. If you have a few dollars, would you be willing to pitch in?
Would you be even more willing to pass this project around? Spread some love!

The Funds provided by our contributors will help along the trip with:

Fulfillment of Perks
Increase Quality of Production

Various perks are available, but my favorite PERK is "As soon as we hit our initial $5,000 goal, we will be donating 25% of the amount above our goal to the charity Child's Play." Not only will you help production, but you will also be contributing to one of our community's favorite charities!

All important information on this fantastic project is located in the link

Good luck and see you on the road!
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