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April 11th, 2014

RvB:TX BBQ and Cocktail Contest!

If you are in the Austin area Saturday May 10th, you should highly consider celebrating 4 years of Red vs Blue fan pride with this awesome group. Guaranteed good food and swell company for sure! Bring a camera, create some memories, and maybe even make some new friends.

The community event link so you can see who all is gonna be there!

Here is a link to the original group post

And you should totally join the RvB:TX Group while you're at it!
Guys! Come May, RvBTX will be FOUR years old! To celebrate, we're doing a couple things.

First off, we're having a shindig in Austin on May 10th (a Saturday). It's going to be a BBQ potluck. We supply the BBQ, and you bring the sides/fixins/dessert (and $5 or $10 for meat compensation). We've done a few of these before and people seem to love them, so we're doing it again. RSVP here!

Second, we're having another contest! This time, we'd like to you come up with an Official RvBTX Cocktail.

Official RvBTX Cocktail Contest Rules -
We need YOU to come up with an alcoholic drink that will serve as our official group drink, to be made and served at our various functions. Here are the guidelines:

One or more of the following: Texas, Internet, Gaming, or RoosterTeeth.
No brand-specific or rare/expensive alcohol.
Type of Cocktail
Can be any type (shot, mixer, etc).
Type of Glass
Any. No need to specify, but it is helpful.
All allowed, but don't go too crazy.
Email entries/recipes to [email protected]
Emails must be sent by Friday, May 9th.
$50 gift card (the Visa/Mastercard/AmEx kind)

Selection of Winner
Here's the kicker: We will be streaming the taste testing live from our anniversary event! We will be making, drinking, and scoring the submissions live on the internet for all to see! We will take the entries (or just our favorites, depending on number of entries), and serve them to our panel of judges. The panel will individually score the submissions, according to the following:

Taste (1-10)
Theme (1-10)
Appearance (1-10)
Uniqueness/Originality (1-10)

The judge's scores for each drink will be averaged, and the drink with the highest score wins! We're really looking forward to your submissions! Any questions can be asked in this thread.

So, to recap:
-Anniversary BBQ potluck event on May 10th
-Official Cocktail Contest

I cannot wait to see the livestream tastes test! Good luck, drinking cockbites!
Happy 4th Anniversary, RvB:TX!
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