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May 7th, 2014

Operation Supply Drop 8-Bit Salute!

Much like Extra Life, you pledge to play video games for 24 hours and collect donations. The donations go towards purchasing and shipping video game care packages to the deployed. How cool is that?

Everything you need to know about the 3rd Annual 8-Bit Salute event

And then some (FAQ)

Sign up today!

The official Rooster Teeth team page and roster

@Jack wrote a journal about Rooster Teeth's team and an upcoming 24 hour livestream!

So how do YOU get involved?

You can donate!
You can sign up and participate! You pledge to do the 24 hours marathon solo, join the Rooster Teeth team, or create your own team!
You can watch the Rooster Teeth stream and cheer the team on!
You can pass the links around for maximum love-spreading and moral support!

...Hey...I could have sworn there were Operation Supply Drop people here on the site Am I remembering that correctly? Step forward if you are part of the organization!

Be sure to post your 8 Bit Salute profile in the comments!

Like so: SailorTweek's profile

Also, comment below and tell us if you're going to be watching, streaming, donating, and/or reposting!

*The focus is on United States troops and allies. There was a supply drop for British troops! I don't know all of the particulars, but contact OSD directly to find out who the care packages go to.
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