the Botherhood of Outcast
B.O.O is an independent clan

The Brotherhood of Outcast is an independant clan

and are clan came from a game called fallout 3

If you are interested in joining megs khakiace87 on here on RT

We do want you to agree to our Term of service and Use
We are a mature clan
We work as a team
We are active
We respect are members
We like to have fun too
We like making new friends here at B.O.O
14 and up are allowed to join

on RVB this is our fanclub so you can play with us and keep you update on the fun

What the brotherhood of outcast does, is play all kind's of game's with seperate branches for different games.

Members can choose to make their own branch, which they would be branch leader of. They would be in control of that part of the clan's branch. It is also the responsibilty of the leader of that branchto recruit on his own.

If your favourite game does not have its own branch, you can apply to start a branch for that game, and name it.

khaki ace 87: Now here are the branch's we made for the game's we play now;

1)Branch play's all battlefield games and the leader is me the name of the branch squad: ghost exile squad we have 13 members

that is it for now this is what we need made for are branch

call of duty
war face
titan fall

those that are not made can be made by you if you are going to be a leader we only

allow mature people to be leader if you are a teen and you think you can lead ask
khaki ace 87

the number of members we have is 13

if you got a xbox 360 pc or a ps3 you can join

join are family we sand by your side the botherhood of outcast send a friend request to

gamertag cammander javik
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December 2nd, 2014

branching out to the xbox one

2 of leader of the brotherhood of outcast clan + me the breach leader of the ghost exiled squad mane branch as moved slowly into battlefield 4 for the one and we will not be abandoning the 360 we will recruit steel on the 360 we haven't think of recruitment on the one yet but sure the leaders will be talk about it before do so if you like to join are family megs me on xbox live or on here on RT
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