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October 23rd, 2013

After action review: RvB:OR 2013

Well folks, it's that time again. Drinks were drunk, food was eaten, games were played, music was enjoyed, and now our annual gathering has come to a close. So we'd love to hear from you all, what worked? What needed improvement? What should totally happen again, pretty please, with a cherry on top?

In the meantime, the journals will slowly come in. The pictures will be posted. The good times will be relived, and somewhere, you can be sure, plots and schemes are being drawn up for next year.

Huge thank you's to @RagingTerror and @KarliBean for helping us attain a new achievement: Musical Guest. Every bit as huge of thank you's to @RupertJeff for popping our cherry with his sweet serenades during our event, as well as his fierce yet courteous competition during Dominion games.

All the loves to our friends from Canada, including @C4pwner, @Count3D, and @DiMono.

Massive rounds of applause for our Dungeon Master @OboeCrazy, as well as her intrepid companions, @JFowler2004, @MissZahrah, @Reaper86, @Sephiroth0, and @DiMono.

Additional praise is due to our friends from the local community, @Chiron723, @Syris8, @blitz120, and @UberGrif500.

Vying with DiMono and Jeff Rupert for longest voyaging attendee, @TheRecreator joined us this year, and I really wish we'd had a chance to play the boardgame he developed. That sounds like a good excuse for him to come back next year!

We even had some welcome guests from the Bungie community join us, and hopefully next year we'll see a bit more folks from within the wider gaming community as well.

Let's not forget a massive thank you to @Audrey, who supported 95% of our social media communications, manned the tower for Facebook and Twitter, and kept all of our information coordinated and broadcasted.

One last warm thank you to @Jengaship, @OboeCrazy, and @RoadBlock for featuring @KarliBean, @RagingTerror, and my own irascible self on Glibshark.

This event couldn't have happened without all of you. Thanks guys, let's do this again next year! Please, make sure and leave us some feedback. We want to know how to make this even better for all of you!
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