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The group for the TeamSpeak server, Rooster Speak.

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Rooster Speak is a group run by community members where if you want to be able to sit and chat about random topics, watch movies, play video games, and/or watch RT related content with other Rooster Teeth fans, you've come to the right place! We communicate mostly through the free computer program TeamSpeak, feel free to download it and give it a try!

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December 21st, 2014

RSWU 158! Seasons Greetings!

Ho Ho Ho...mother fuckers! Time to get some updates in!

Monday, December 22nd at 7PM CST, @Erkan will be hosting a Double Feature Movie Night! At 7PM, we'll start with How The Grinch Stole Christmas! Then at 9PM CST, Scrooge!

Also on Monday, we'll be watching Episode 303 of the Rooster Teeth Podcast Live Stream!

On Tuesday, December 23rd at 7PM and 9PM CST, respectively,, @Erkan will be hosting another Double Movie Night with Elf and Home Alone!

For Wednesday, December 24th at 9PM CST, @Erkan will be hosting The Muppet Christmas Carol Move Night!

On Thursday, December 25th at 7PM CST and 9PM CST, respectively, @Erkan yet again throws the Christmas Spirit down our throats, but this time with a machine gun! Die Hard and Die Hard 2 Double Movie Night!

Then on Friday, December 26th at 7PM CST, @Warpek will be hosting our third annual Rooster Speak Secret Snowman Reveal Night! Remember to show up, and for the love of god don't open your presents yet!

@Kal, @DaCuban, @NobleSteed, @Nester82, @Newbs, @Zonerikon, @lttlecaboose, @dapple_apple, @Erkan, @Eoin, @Panacamanana, @Giffy, @Danny, @Karl, @soundbarrier, @Monica, @Russspruce, @Fthreat, @palmeirl, @Gregory, @JayJustice, @Sibwarra208, @Lynxxon, @Retalora, @Cuxim, @SanchoColonD, @ZoeEmiP, @PhaZone, @Hunter, @halo_dudette, and @Osiris1075!

On Sunday, December 28th at 5PM CST, @Giffy hosts a Game Night in Viscera Cleanup Detail!

We've got a new Worms Battlegrounds Let's Play up on the YouTube channel featuring @Nester82, @Russspruce, @Eoin, and @Hazerblade!

Sign ups for next month's Rooster Speak Achievement Challenge League are up! Get yo points in! @NobleSteed also posted a really in-depth journal in regards to the prizes and rules for the game!

Fuck that's a ton...have a tremendous holiday week everyone!
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