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April 23rd, 2014

Game Night Results!

The first of the game night series has come to an end and here are the results:

1.) @Erkan - 41 points
2.) @Newbs - 40 points
3.) @Panacamanana - 29 points
4.) @Warpek - 28 points
5.) @Hazerblade -27 points
6.) @Pageman - 25 points
7.) @H0b0Walrus - 21 points
8.) @Kal - 19 points
9.) @Kiyoshi - 18 points
10.) @DarkBowler - 17 points
11.) @CrockDoodle and @GoobertheGr8 - 14 points
13.) @IdkBlue - 9 points
14.) @ZavronG - 4 points
15.) @M3NTL - 3points
16.) @JayJustice - -3 points

That was a great game night and stay tuned for what next weeks game will be!

Also, the Rooster Speak Birthday Shoutout is coming up next week with the birthdays of May! Don't forget to sign up by filling out the Rooster Speak Birthday Poll, it only takes a few short seconds! And wonderful job to everyone who participated in the game night! Here's to hoping there are more laughs to be shared in the next 3 weeks!
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