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January 26th, 2015

ACL Update - Prizes Galore!

Alright so here's another update for the Achievement Challenge League! For the month of February we have 9 competitors and they are @NobleSteed, @KrazyGameNerd, @Sibwarra208, @Vsava, @Newbs, @DanniCheri, @RubyFINGRose, @halo_dudette, and @Joshatron120.

Everyone pretty much knows the rules at this point, but if this competition is just getting on your radar then you can check out this thread here for the laydown.

Since it's been six months since this started I'll go ahead and post the top 5 rankings.

1. @NobleSteed - 32 points
2. @Giffy - 31 points
3. @Newbs - 18 points
4. @Vsava - 8 points
5. @Nester82 - 7 points

So as you can see there is still time to jump in and win some awesome prizes. What prizes you ask? Well for a detailed layout of them you can check out my journal, but essentially here is what's on the table.

Top 7 Placement:

- RvB: Ten Years Box Set
- Either of the RT blankets
- Either of the RT flags
- A bobblehead of choice
- An outerwear Item
- Any shirt
- Any poster


- A DvD of choice (not box set)
- Any shirt of choice
- Any shirt of choice
- Any poster
- Any poster
- Any drink-ware (tumbler, mug, glass)
- Any drink-ware (tumbler, mug, glass)
- RT card deck
- RWBY plushie
- RT keychain

Pretty awesome right? Eventhough signups are closed for February you can watch this thread here and keep your eyes peeled for announcements when they open back up on future RSWUs.

Speaking of RSWUs, if you haven't be sure to check out this week's right here.

Post edited 1/26/15 10:23PM
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