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Rooster Speak is a group run by community members where if you want to be able to sit and chat about random topics, watch movies, play video games, and/or watch RT related content with other Rooster Teeth fans, you've come to the right place! We communicate mostly through the free computer program TeamSpeak, feel free to download it and give it a try!

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July 23rd, 2014

New Community Event!

Being inspired by several members of our group, I have come up with an event that will last all the way until next RTX. At the beginning of each month contestants will receive challenges from a random community member. The challenger has to receive at least three challenges to complete over the upcoming month, but if they are feeling extra ballsy they can ask to receive up to a total of five challenges. Now you may be curious what these challenges could consist of:

- The challenger can task someone to complete a game that is on their gamertag, but isn’t 100% completed.
- The challenger can task someone to earn a specific achievement (that is really hard or is a major pain in the ass) that they lack in a game that they have.
- The challenger can task someone to play and beat a game that they themselves have played.
- The challenger can task someone to earn a specific achievement (that is really hard or is a major pain in the ass) that they themselves have, but the person does not.

This can also extend to Play Station trophies, Steam games, or any other game for the most part, but those can be dealt with on a case by case situation. Now if you challenge someone to play a game they don’t have, they have the right to decline that challenge if they don’t have the means or just don’t want to buy a new game.

Now at the end of each month contestants will either earn or lose points.

- A completed challenge will make someone earn 1 point
- An uncomplete challenge will make someone lose 1 point
- If someone completes every challenge then they will earn 1 additional point

Now what’s the point of these points? Well once the next RTX rolls around the person who earned the most points will win a prize! What prize? A prize of their choice from the RT store. The winner can choose to get their prize at RTX if they are going there or it will be shipped to them.

If you want to sign up, want some more information, or have any questions, then go to this forum thread.
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