Diabetus and Slowbeef make fun of bad video games (and, sometimes, the people who play them)

"Diabetus and Slowbeef, 'Let's Players' (people who play video games and comment over them, MST3K-style) branch out into making fun of bad video-game style videos, and bad video games. It's like a mysterious show about science and theaters and totally not a ripoff of any of that."

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April 1st, 2012

March 2012

Evite: Your Doom; Costume Mandatory (16:13)
released March 02 - watch here
Power up...well that's not quite what I meant but alright.

Character Assassination: Authorized (2:14:21)
released March 17 - watch here
"I'm gonna teach you a lesson about subtlety!" and other ironic quotes from Metroid: Other M.

This Will Be a Great Let's Play [Citation Needed] (09:55)
released March 24 - watch here
The first let's play coming for Other M were typical for a YouTube let's play. I recounted the details of what brought me to Wikipedia and then I asked what circumstances led it to being so bad.

A Look Into Ancient LP Technology (06:54)
released March 26 - watch here
To put together this video, we put a microphone on the opposite end of the room and positioned our voices for optimal projection, bounced sound waves off the walls and hit the microphone at the most effective angle. Then I used a record player to play back the original LP audio and scientists sent us a telegraph of appropriate syncing points.

The LP is Terrible... I Hope It Doesn't Last (10:42)
released March 30 - watch here
What do you get when you can't do Let's Plays? Spouting tired crap and boring cliches? Are you surprised when your video sucks? Do you think it's a matter of luck? (MAYBE YOU'RE JUST BAD AT IT)
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