Where's Caboose?
Where in the world can he be?

Greetings everyone, this is the group dedicated to the traveling figure known as Caboose as seen here:

This is a community project which is a fusion of Flat Stanley and Traveling Gnome with our own RT twist. The goal is to have our little guy travel from place to place and have his picture taken with a member of the site, and a little description of where they live.

How it works

Join the group and sign up on the list in the forum. You'll be added to the mailing list and be a part of the chain. When you get Caboose, you have a week to do whatever you want, then send him to the next person on that list.

That's it, spread the word on our little wayward traveler, and let's see where in the world he can go.
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May 29th, 2013

The Results are in!

That's right, after the poll and the results tallied, we have the results for who Caboose will be. But as I noticed that there wasn't much difference with the polls and talking to some of the people about their thoughts on which Caboose should be used, I came up with this:

That's right, there will be not one but two Cabooses! There will be a separate list for each one for people to pick and choose their Caboose. And I will say that one Caboose will be present at RTO, and the other at RTX. Which one will it be? Go and find out!
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