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Man of Chance makes gifs for anyone who requests!

Gif request status: OPEN

Rules and steps on how to request for a gif
1. You must find a video on youtube you want to be made into a gif (no vimeo videos or randoms pictures)
2. Select how much of the video (i.e. a quote) you want turned into a gif. Tell me the times from which I should record and the quote or whatever you basically want in the gif
(longer the video portion, the smaller the gif)
3. Tell me if you want subtitles for the gif, if so what they should be and all specifics of that
4. Choose max size for gif: 1mb, 2mb, or 5 mb
(1mb is the max for tumblr, 2mb is the max for imgur, and 5 mb is the max for photobucket. I will post your gif on each respectively and then send you a link to it)
5. (optional) Choose the font, font color, and subtitle placement (i.e. top middle, right middle, center or the gif, etc.)
6. Post all this info to this thread and I will make it for you :D

I will try to get them back to you as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the gifs :D
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