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Official center for our community guild in Guild Wars 2, The Drunk Tanks [RTDT].

Our Home Server is Fort Aspenwood
We use Phoenyx's TeamSpeak 3 server for voice chat, login details are:

Bounty, Puzzle, Challenge, Rush: Saturday @ 8:30 PM EDT/5:30 PM PDT (post weekly reset time)

We're a semi-casual/fun PvX guild in GW2, primarily on the Fort Aspenwood server (but with members on EB, TC, BP you name it). We regularly run dungeons, gulild missions, LS content, and Fractals in PvEland but usually put some time into PvP and WvW roaming. General rule of thumb is if you need help, ask (or how else will we know? :D)
Check our updates and forums to find out what's happening! Send friend requests around the group! Be Social! Invite your friends! Tell us your thoughts, we always want input on stuff!

Our new member thread can be found here:

TOOLS & LINK DUMP: Rest were MOVED, check forum post here.
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July 27th, 2014

Raffle Prizes drawn + Twitch stream

Hey guys, sorry about the delay I was all like

Raffle prizes have been drawn please check your in-game messages. I will check as often as I can to get back to you if it was something requiring a choice. If I don't hear from you by NEXT Sunday I'm going to re-draw for your prize, so make sure you check, pretty please....

Our failed, failed streams are also up on my twitch channel, I'll probably do a highlight reel at some point:
Yes I'm aware my voice failed to record in the last two, cause I am a drunk idiot. Next time! (now that we somewhat have the rules down for the fractal drinking game...)

Thanks for coming out for the events and the gaemz, you guys next year

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