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Official center for our community guild in Guild Wars 2, The Drunk Tanks [RTDT].

Our Home Server is Fort Aspenwood
We use Phoenyx's TeamSpeak 3 server for voice chat, login details are:

Bounty, Puzzle, Challenge, Rush: Saturday @ 8:30 PM EDT/5:30 PM PDT (post weekly reset time)

We're a semi-casual/fun PvX guild in GW2, primarily on the Fort Aspenwood server (but with members on EB, TC, BP you name it). We regularly run dungeons, gulild missions, LS content, and Fractals in PvEland but usually put some time into PvP and WvW roaming. General rule of thumb is if you need help, ask (or how else will we know? :D)
Check our updates and forums to find out what's happening! Send friend requests around the group! Be Social! Invite your friends! Tell us your thoughts, we always want input on stuff!

Our new member thread can be found here:

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July 23rd, 2014

Happy Birthday, Drunk Tanks!

We hit our terrible two's today which apparently means we're old enough to be drinking. SO we are playing game(s) in a game (Inception NOISE). We will be meeting in HOELBRAK (Norn city) for all events because that suits our ambitious drinking and size compensation needs, at the Hall of Legends (Legends waypoint) between Bear and Wolf lodge.

Fractal Drinking Game - Revised RTDT Edition
TONIGHT (yes we're aware it's a Wednesday) starting 7 PM PST/10:00 PM EST (barring setup time) and will be streaming for anyone not in the fractal group to drink with us. Get on TS (, pswd: apple) to join in on the fun or just witness our shenanigans. Rules can be found here, or a printout of them here.for those who wanna follow along.

Teri's Trolly Trivia Game
This has been moved to SATURDAY at our regular bounty time. I might even troll you DURING the bounties. That's just takin it to a hole nutha leva. Winners will get RAFFLE entries...

The Raffle v 2.0
Draws will be done with a random number generator (irony is not missed). Gain entries by:
Logging in during the day (time zones considered), send me a message if I'm not on but I will see the guild log.
Hanging out with us in Hoelbrak before the festivities
Logging into Teamspeak during the festivities
Liking my post (OH YEAH I went there)
Turning in for the Fractal Drinking Game - Revised RTDT Edition
Participating in Fractal Drinking Game - Revised RTDT Edition
Every right answer in Teri's Trolly Trivia Game™
Showing up for guild missions
Other ways I figure out til Saturday night. I am a benevolent dictatorkingqueen....

THREE (3) draws for ONE back piece selected from: Tybalt/Tiger/Cheetah charr backpack, Killer/Pink Quaggan backpack, Toxic Spore Skin
THREE (3) draws for a GIFTABLE item from the gemstore worth 150-300 gems
TWO (2) draws for a GIFTABLE item from the gemstore worth 400-500 gems
ONE (1) draw for a GIFTABLE armor set OR piece of your choice from the gemstore OR an instrument
ONE (1) draw for *EITHER* THIRTY (30) of any ONE T6 material (I I understand if you pick blood...) **OR** SIX (6) of EACH T6 mat... not both. Break the bank, much?
ONE (1) draw for a Celestial Dye + 20 unidentified dyes

Prizes will be drawn on Sunday. I will send you an in-game message or a message on Steam/RT if you are not online.

It has been awesome meeting you guys and playing with you guys for the last (almost, come August) 2 years. Thanks for the fun .


PS, have you seen this?! GET PUMPED for next Tuesday!
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