Guild Wars 2 Drunk Tanks
Official center for our community guild in Guild Wars 2, The Drunk Tanks [RTDT].

Our Home Server is Fort Aspenwood
We use Phoenyx's TeamSpeak 3 server for voice chat, login details are:

Bounty, Puzzle, Challenge, Rush: Saturday @ 8:30 PM EDT/5:30 PM PDT (post weekly reset time)

We're a semi-casual/fun PvX guild in GW2, primarily on the Fort Aspenwood server (but with members on EB, TC, BP you name it). We regularly run dungeons, gulild missions, LS content, and Fractals in PvEland but usually put some time into PvP and WvW roaming. General rule of thumb is if you need help, ask (or how else will we know? :D)
Check our updates and forums to find out what's happening! Send friend requests around the group! Be Social! Invite your friends! Tell us your thoughts, we always want input on stuff!

Our new member thread can be found here:

TOOLS & LINK DUMP: MOVED, check forum post here.
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April 19th, 2014

April Feature Pack Links
Update Notes:
(It's a long one, including details about World Boss changes, Account-bound dyes, Wardrobe, Outfits, and the Megaservers)
Refund Policy for those looking to contact support re: outfits, dyes etc:

Dulfy Links
New World Boss Schedule (Megaserver rollouts will make GW2stuff and other API based timers obsolete...yay)
New Wardrobe Armor guide Very thorough with links to all currently available skins as well as which ones are not currently/permanently no longer available
Fashion Collector (1000 skins+tltle) guide For those too lazy to explore and figure out where to get unique karma gear or other odds and ends in the wardrobe
Drums and avian minis
New Rampant, Strider and Incarnate armor

PvP Tournament of Legends details: GW2 Blog, Dulfy, Mistpedia
WvW Spring Season 2014 (until May 28th): GW2 blog, Meta achievements
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