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The purpose of this group page is to connect members of the RT/AH community who intend on playing Diablo 3, whether it be to organize a group at certain dates, times, difficultly levels, etc., trade loot (whether you're requesting a certain item or posting that you have something you're willing to trade), request help on a quest or boss, or post general topics of discussion.

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May 18th, 2012

Weekend Group(s)

Hey-o! Since no one has utilized the forum for organizing a party yet, I'll go ahead and break the ice in that department.

I'll be on starting tomorrow morning (5/19) around 7:30 AM PDT (GMT -7) and will probably be playing all day long. Just add Nand#1121 to your friends list. I'm a Level 28 Demon Hunter and am in Act 3 on Normal. Don't really have a preference for another's class, but melee (Barbarian, Monk, or WD that has summons) would be the most effective. I definitely don't mind going back to help someone with earlier Acts/Quests, but I don't really want to jump forward in the storyline to group with someone until I've at least beaten the game on Normal and have experienced it in its chronological correctness at least once.

Don't forget to post to the forum if you want to play in a group with your fellow RT/AH community members. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter @RT_Diablo3 where all groups and more details will be updated regularly.

What do you think of Diablo 3 so far?

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