8-Bit Roosterteeth
A single player adventure Rooster Teeth game developed by fans

8-bit Rooster Teeth is going to be a single player adventure game. Top down old rpg style graphics. You can look at it like a giant rooster Teeth meme incorporating many different funny situations discussed on the podcast, news, and journals. The game will consist of different areas like the office, a convention, Australia, Canada, and places like that. Each place will have different "quests" to complete to move on with the story.

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A game created by Rooster Teeth fans for Rooster Teeth fans.

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February 26th, 2014

Still Working on that project

Still Working on that projectI am still finishing up auditing a website. Should be done by next Monday, then I will have my free time back. Until then I have a steam code for the game Fez. It is one of my favorite games and it needs a good home. I also need a giveaway game.

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