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A Social RP that takes place in modern Texas. Members seek to protect the world from ancient gods, aliens and supernatural disaster.

This Guild is a patriarchal society, ruled by Emperor Whedabra “Dark” Kyovaer with the help of his Admiral and Commander. So long as members adhere to the proper code of conduct for their rank everyone will be fine (this is a social RP).

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August 19th, 2014

Post "Rai's Den"

Mission Summary
During the quest, the guild traveled to the eastern part of Russia following the hunter in search of the seal of Rai, the Lightning head of Orochi. Upon arriving, a downpour soaked everyone as they found out that Nula was not far behind them. Quickly moving on, the group found what seemed to be an abandoned religious Shrine to a thunder deity. The shrine, having been occupied by a strange Russian man, was promptly vacated as Fluffy actually finished him off by biting his head. We managed to solve the shrine's puzzle activating the lightning device of the top of the shrine, which when stuck by Chaos' sword rotated around and revealed a secret path to the Castle to which Rai was kept. Meta, using directions he had been given by a mysterious group known only as the Testaments in a dream the night before, guided the guild through the various traps and tricks to get down to the seal chamber.

Solving the final puzzle by sticking the Tsukiyomi in a device at the base, Chaos got to work on unlocking Rai's seal. Nula, the wind head, knowing that he had arrived to late to do anything about the seal, instead turned his attentions to fluffy and after a little chat decided to abandon his team of Imps and side with her.

Meanwhile , Rai was activated and his energy filled the room rapidly. The Blind Lightning head sensed out the area, and seeing Tsukiyomi's presence as a threat , attempted to attack Meta , but the seals curse binded him, causing his electricity to backfire and render him unconscious. In the end, Tori assisted Chaos in taking back Rai to the guild while Nula went off with fluffy to Roxas' cliff

Honorable Mentions and Promotions
@ChaosMana and @MetaLegacy were able to help lead the guild , and because of them the group was safe from harm and quarrel. ( x3 x1)
@LILDOG, @iWes , and @ZDOG345 (Roxas) were also wonderful help during the quest and their support was most welcome. ( x2 x1)

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