The Guild of the Henge
A Social RP that takes place in modern Texas. Members seek to protect the world from ancient gods, aliens and supernatural disaster.

This Guild is a patriarchal society, ruled by Emperor Whedabra “Dark” Kyovaer with the help of his Admiral and Commander. So long as members adhere to the proper code of conduct for their rank everyone will be fine (this is a social RP).

New Members:
The Oracle has lead you hear for a reason, go introduce yourself in the Pub
Read the rules about Character Creation.
Watch all unlocked "sticky" threads in the Guild's Forum.
Be respectful to your superiors.

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The Guild Of The Henge Members page.
The Guild Member Technical Data page.
The Guild Member Rank Description page.
The Spellbook page.
The Encounters Archive .
The Familiar Archive.
The History Archive.

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Guild Quests thread.
Sparring Arena thread.
Prize Vouchers/Aug. Gems thread.

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January 7th, 2015

Piece of 14: Vamana's Leg

Current Owner: Dog
Effects: DX+3 AP+50

Upon his defeat, Vamana (the dwarf avatar) dropped one of his legs which was later discovered to be infused with body magic (which is forbidden by Draconic Law). When testing the leg's magical abilities, it attached it's self to Dog, and merged with his right leg. This resulted in the skin of his leg turning blue (matching the skin color of other avatars), and prevented Vamana's leg from being removed without destroying Dog's own leg.
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