The Guild of the Henge
A Social RP that takes place in modern Texas. Members seek to protect the world from ancient gods, aliens and supernatural disaster.

This Guild is a patriarchal society, ruled by Emperor Whedabra “Dark” Kyovaer (MIA) with the help of his Admiral and Commander. So long as members adhere to the proper code of conduct for their rank everyone will be fine (this is a social RP).

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Be respectful to your superiors.

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February 9th, 2015

Venom Snake

Through extensive research using the texts received from the underwater palace and within the guilds archives, Chaos was able to detrimine where the next sealed Head of the Yamata-No-Orochi will activate. The 6th head, whose base element is that of 'poison', will activate in just a few days in a remote location in forests of the amazon. Locating the head may prove more difficult as we do not have the use of our tracking device, the 'Hunter of Elements' , to assist us.

On this Tuesday afternoon (tomorrows , the guild shall depart for the amazon and attempt to locate the seal of the poison head before the dragon inside wakes up.

It is possible we will receive assistance from the Water element head of Orochi, Tori, or the Lightning element head, Rai, that we have saved in the past, but that is not certain.

All who are able to attend please let me know.

@iwes (who still needs to get on skype so we can bring him up to date)
@Metalegacy @lildog @joyous @shadow_hound @dthomash @ZDOG345 @Thaydan @Tareei
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