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A Social RP that takes place in modern Texas. Members seek to protect the world from ancient gods, aliens and supernatural disaster.

This Guild is a patriarchal society, ruled by Emperor Whedabra “Dark” Kyovaer with the help of his Admiral and Commander. So long as members adhere to the proper code of conduct for their rank everyone will be fine (this is a social RP).

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May 7th, 2014

Post "Storm of Nula"

Mission Summarly
In the mission the Guild traveled to Antarctica in order to revive the Wind-Head, Nula. Soon after arriving, they run into another group of imps lead by a "Lione Drake" who was an adept wind mage. With the help of the Earth-Head, Nevarack the opposition was quickly subdued and the Guild was able to continue following the Hunter as it pointed down.

Chaos and Wes combined their magic and slowly worked the ice into a 1.5 mile tunnel down through the ice, eventually leading them to another Moon Tribe facility. The was no power in this facility, to the Guild had to re-start it's 2 generators before being able to move forward. After finding a Japanese translation of the generator's operating instructions, it became clear that this facility was intended to accommodate human visitors despite it's location.

Once power was restored the Guild came across an ancient dining hall where they heard pipe-organ music, and found the remains of Susano and his mate [bKushi, Susano's wooden Glaive Tohenboku, four pieces of the golden puzzle, and finally the actual Blade of Tsukiyomi, Nagi's glaive. After retrieving the items the Guild continued on, stepping "outside" and moving through the hidden city.

As they approached a particular house, the Guild once again heard pipe-organ music and were able to follow it to it's player. The organist displayed a measure of power by suspending Meta in the air as he tried to attack the organist, and eventually revealed his name to be "Vali." Vali explained that he had been waiting for an long-but-nondescript amount of time, and gave Chaos a special song to play which would reveal the way to Nula before excusing himself.

After playing the song, the Guild discovered that they had been fooled by Vali, who was already on the last stop of the ritual that would summon Nula.

All efforts to stop Vali failed and he revealed his true form to the Guild. Dropping the human glamour spell, Vali turning into a dragon, one Meta instantly recognized. Vali went on to taunt Meta, admitting that he had been the one who had attacked him years ago and murdered his fiance. Vali then thanked the Guild for their help, revived the defeated Lione Drake, and granted Lione control over the Wind-Head.

Before Nula could obliterate the Guild, Nevarack sacrificed himself to give the Guild enough time to draw a circle and warp away.

Honorable Mentions and Promotions
First I'd like to give recognition to both @MetaLegacy and @ChaosMana for your contributions during this quest. It was thanks to your efforts that Nevarack's sacrifice was not in vain. ( x3 x1)
Second I'd like to give recognition to @iWes and @Thaydan who both showed great skill in battle. ( x2)
Lastly I'd like to recognize the efforts of @LILDOG and @Joyous who offered crucial assistance during the battle with the imps. ( x1)

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