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Starting in 2013, a new Rooster Teeth Fan Event is coming to Toronto, and it's here to carry on the community that formed around the legendary RvBTO events.


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June 11th, 2013


Hey all!

Well, fellow Rooster Teethians, that was truly an amazing weekend. It surpassed our expectations by a long shot, and the main reason for that is all of you who attended. Whether we were seeing you for the first time or the tenth time, you all were a huge part in making the event such a great success. Shout-outs have to go out to those who came out from out of province, out of country, and even out of continent (That loveable New Zealander)!!! Perhaps the greatest thing about RTO was how many new, enthusiastic attendees we got to meet, though. We were blown away by all the new friendly faces, and look forward to seeing all of you again next year. We're already getting to work planning next year's RTO, so you may want to be prepared for surprises! The future looks bright for this event, and what's around the corner for it may not be what you expect (in a good way, duh).

We can't go, however, without mentioning our favorite Achievement Hunter, Ray. As we're sure all of you who met him can attest to, Ray is downright awesome. We couldn't believe how involved he was in RTO, and neither could you, obviously. We all reacted differently to meeting Ray. Many of us spent the day with really stupid smiles pasted on our faces, many of us stood wide-eyed as Ray approached us to ask "what's up", and a few of us even cried. We couldn't have asked for a better guest to kick off the RTO annual events. Please, be sure to thank Ray for flying all the way up here to Toronto, because it was his unbelievable kindness that played a very big role in making RTO such a glowing joy of an event to be at. He may very well be my favorite human being.

We'd also like to thank Cassie Chui for bringing her delightfully addictive (and hard!) indie game Electronic Super Joy, it packed the event with ever-danceable beats, and brought a massive crowd of spectators in whenever a brave gamer dared to face its trials. Be sure to check out the game at the website electronicsuperjoy.com!

All in all, this year's RTO was a massive success. We can't wait to see you all again next year, and in the meantime, be sure to join in on the conversation on the RTO group on the community site. You can also follow our twitter or like our facebook page.

Thank you once more, and see you next year!
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