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Red Team After Dark, or RTAD is a Community run group here on RT to help introduce and highlight the unique personalities found here on Rooster Teeth.

Every Friday night RTAD records a podcast and we try our very best to have a guest from , the Community that does really cool things we want to highlight (YouTube channels/videos, art work, etc.)

Through out the week the RTAD members along with the occasional guest from this amazing community will record game play and release it on our YouTube channel and our website.

Every Saturday night at 7pm EST RTAD holds a Community Night usually in a Halo game where all of you amazing people can come join us for a few hours. We have two parties going, and recording. So make sure to keep an eye on the YouTube channel to see if you are included in the most recent Community Night Highlights.

We really appreciate the continued support from all of you in the community and we can't express our gratitude in you helping us make it this far. For those of you just joining us; welcome! We love you as much as everyone else!

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February 17th, 2014

Do not mourn for me

I am grateful to everyone who has welcomed me into RTAD. You all are awesome people and I am glad I have gotten to know you. Nevertheless, in an effort to expand my experiences, I have decided to say goodbye to RTAD. I will still be around the community just as much as I always have, even more so actually! I assure you, I have no bad feelings towards ANYONE. There is no ill will, just an attempt to grow. I am glad for all the memories I have made here and will remember them always.
Anyways, I am outta here! In the words of the Two Best Friends:
"See ya later, fuckers!"
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