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Who is he?

If you are not sure who Mark Nutt is, or forgot where he came from? Click here.


There is an artwork forum for Mark Nutt where you can post all your creative Mark Nutt artwork!

Mark Nutt Moments

There is another forum made where fans can discuss, share links and relive funny Mark Nutt memories and great moments in your life!

Mark Nutt T-Shirts

Rooster Teeth has made their first ever Mark Nutt T-shirt! They've noticed our all the commotion we made about it and decided to make it a reality. Check it out here!

Potential Mark Nutt Merchandise

Do you want Mark Nutt merchandise? Well in our new forum you can vote and post all of the Mark Nutt products you'd like to have and maybe soon you'll be able to show the world your Mark Nutt pride! There is a forum that we made in this group for all wants and suggestions!

Mark Nutt Notifications

We also have a forum on this page with an MP3 of Gavin saying "Mark Nutt!", free to download, which you can use as a ringtone or other notification sound!


Watch your language
Not just grammar (just kidding) but seriously, we encourage free speech but do not put others down


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January 13th, 2015

We miss you!

It is so sad to see a once very active group become so inactive, sitting at 2785 members!

Would you guys like to see anything daily/weekly from us? I was thinking maybe a Song Of The Day type of thing, that can allow you guys to get some insight into our lives behind the screen!

Please let us know what you think, and don't be afraid to post suggestions below!

From the bottom of my Mark Nutts, I love you all

- @Jake
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