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October 30th, 2014

RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 12 Discussion!

I'm so sad RWBY volume 2 is done.. but we had fun, didn't we? Well.. on to the episode. Jaune is sleeping in his footy pajamas and gets a 6 second call from RWBY. Now Team JNPR finds out the city is under attack. Jaune surprisingly leads the team well. Cinder's plan for Roman went down earlier than expected, as Team RWBY fights for their lives and the lives of others against the Grimm. And in comes the flying Nora, and the rest of JNPR to help. Jaune gets confronted by a Ursa.. which he then destroys. Then Junior Detectives Sun and Neptune are on the case, as the Atlas Military arrives to keep the peace. And kill some Grimm. Finally they do something. Time to test out the new toys. Which surprisingly work well. Cinder, Mercury and Emerald under the guise of helping. Now here comes Zwei, who headbutts a Grimm. And Velvet and her team! FINALLY!. And holy shit do they kick ass. Coco kicks a Grimm in the nuts.. then proceeds to transform her briefcase INTO A MINIGUN! LIKE HOLY SHIT SHE OBLITERATES EVERYTHING! Back to Oobleck, Zwei, and Port! Finally Port will fight! So will Glynda and she looks mad. She rebuilds the hole the Grimm came through. Romans taken into custody. Everythings good right.. right..? well.. The girls and friends saved the day. Zwei and Yang just wanna relax. So do the other girls. But wait.. still 7 minutes left.. Ozpin gets yelled at by a stupid council (Like Nick Fury in the Avengers). Ironwood is announced head of security... great. Nothing can go wrong. Roman plays with Ironwood. Yet Roman doesnt seem to mind.. Cinder calls the day a success. How.. Oh hey Adam. So thats the end of RWBY Volume 2, join us for Volume 3 (hopefully soon). Wait... more.. after credits. Its Yang and the Mystery Girl. Its... Oh... I think I know who that is. And wait more.. extended X-Ray and Vav trailer. Cool. Oh neat you can see Yang's gauntlets, Ember Celica on X-Ray and Vav's wall. Cool.

Thanks to @Kerry @Miles and @Monty, and everyone else for a wonderful volume 2, including you lovely people. i for one loved it entirely. Well discuss below what you hope to see in Volume 3, any thoughts on this episode, and share your best/ favorite moment of Volume 2 and this group. I love all of you, your all beautiful. Especially you. Yes. You.
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