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September 25th, 2014

RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 8 Discussion!

The time is nigh!.. I don't know what for, but, I digress. The episode kicks off with a semi- heated discussion between Ozpin, Ironwood, Glenda, and later Ruby to give some info on what happened at the CCT. But Ruby throws them off the trail.. which I feel Ozpin knows but goes with it anyway. And Ruby and Yangs father sends them...a dog?! In a mail tube?! Umm.. Ok. Sure. Everyone takes a liking to him.. except Blake cause.. kitty kat. The girls go to a meeting led by Ozpin and students from all the schools are there. Each of their uniforms are tell tale signs of how the kingdoms are. And we get a look as why to people are named colors. Cool. Ozpin continues to support the girls in their mission. We finally see Velvet and her team for the first time. The girls Huntsmen they shadow is... Oobleck! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! But more importantly... X-RAY AND VAV CARTOON/ SHOW / WHATEVER COMING SOON! Ever since I heard about this 2 years ago at RTX I've been excite. The excite grows. Now discuss the episode my lovelies, and dawn your super hero costumes and bring your dogs! Or dogz, if you prefer.
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