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Group for those who are fans of Monty Oum's upcoming show, RWBY. Monty you will be missed by all, and you were loved by all. You will forever remain an admin on this group.
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June 28th, 2015

Counting down to all the tings

Are you ever having a nice relaxing weekend and then all of the sudden you get hit with an intense landing strategy by Ruby Rose

feeling that we are counting down to everything. We are counting down to Lazer Team, to RWBY Volume 3 and to RTX. I have been thinking a lot about those last two in particular. Last year at RTX we had a lot of RWBY cosplay, there were ongoing and flash sales on RWBY merch. New merch was released. There was constant mention of it in animation panels and of course there was the screening of the show in the large auditorium which was packed with dedicated fans. We are still 5 weeks out so there are no official announcements yet.

While we wait, if you went to RTX last year, what was your favourite RWBY moments? If you are going this year what are you most hoping to see?

Is anyone planning to give some of these cosplayers a run for their money?

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