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September 11th, 2014

RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 7 Discussion!

THE DANCE DANCE IS UPON US! And I still dont have a date... damn. Well neither does Weiss, but only because she is too busy. Pyrrha looks wonderful in her dress. Jaune and Neptune have a.. strange heart to heart, and finally Pyrrha basically straight up says to Jaune "I like you". More or less. And daaamn. Jaune goes a loong way to make it up to Pyrrha. Nice. Team JNPR shares a awesome dance together. With everyone but Ruby (and me D:) having a partner, she goes outside, only to spot an uninvited guest. It's Cinder. And can apparantly can create swords out of thin air? But thats not all she can do. After a brief confrontation with Ruby, Cinder escaped when Ironwood shows up. Cinder returns to the party, as the episode ends with a shot of one of the monitors with a queen chess piece. I for one loved this episode, especialy the music. I found myself bopping in my chair. Well, thats enough for me. Unleash the comments.
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