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October 9th, 2014

RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 10 Discussion!

Sorry for the very late news post I've been busy as of late. But here it is. The episode opens with Glynda and Ironwood having a talk on the roof about Ozpin. Then cut back to the girls and the professor, mainly Ruby keeping watch. And Oobleck is.. sleeping!? No that should be impossible for a man who drinks so much coffee. But the other girls aren't sleeping and begin to discuss the reasons they want to become Huntresses. Weiss wants to right the wrongs of her father's company. Blake discusses Adam. Making all the fan girls squeal. She wants to be honorable, and also make up for her mistakes with Adam. And Yang wants adventure. Then they discuss the fact they are no longer kids. And I knew it! Oobleck isn't really sleeping! Ha! I got ya! Anyway, Zwei decides he need to goes for a walk. Ruby chases after, while he takes care of business. And its... teh White Fang! ER MAH GERDDDD! While Ruby sneaks (kinda) Zwei follows close behind. Ruby leaves to get the othrs.. until the ground collapses. She saves Zwei, throws him back up, but she falls down.. and without Crescent Rose. Ruby falls into.. a underground city that happens to house the White Fang. Ruby is kidnapped. Oh noes! Zwei comes back to tell the others! And Oobleck seems to pick up on that immediatly. Anyway the White Fang have Mechs, boxes, and bombs. Wow. Looks like a staging area. Oobleck has.. a weird realization. Don't know how he came up with it with just a hole in the ground but... ok. We See Oobleck's weapon finally! And it looks like.. a telescope? Umm.. Ok? Cool. Maybe a cannon or.. I don't know, and neither do you! So go discuss the episode, including what you think the good Doctor's weapon might be! And no not the Sonic Screwdriver Doctor.. Now if you dont mind.. Im gonna pass out. Goodnight.
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