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Group for those who are fans of Monty Oum's upcoming show, RWBY. Shout out to Monty and Rooster Teeth.
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July 24th, 2014

RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 1 Discussion!

ITS HERE! The day we have all been waiting for! Chapter 1 of the second volume of the show RWBY! So excite! And Monty and the gang started it off with a bang! We are introduced to the two thieves known as Mercury and Emerald. Oooh. Yang makes some puns, Ruby's ideal greatest day ever, food fights the likes of which no mortal being has ever seen, and a milk carton labled "Udder Satisfaction". Hah. Im loving it! Also, it is obvious the sexy Cinder is calling all of the shots, and I mean all of them. Even Roman fears her ( to some extent at least.) All I know is, I love it, and Im going to LOVE Cosplaying as Neptune, the seemingly cool teammate to the obviously cool Sun Wukong. Finally a character with my skin color! Monty, you are the man. Now fly free my children (not really, not liable for sue if you actually try to fly), and discuss this episode in lenght! Remember, as always, try to keep spoilers to a minimum. I will pop in every now and then to give my inputs on your genius comments, thoughts, and ideas.
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