RT Community Minecraft Server
A Minecraft PC Server for & built by Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter Community Members. Hosts Let's Play style games every Sunday at 8pm CS

STATUS: *********UP***********
On version 1.7.9

A Rooster Teeth community based Minecraft server for PC players to get together and have fun, play Let's Play style games and enjoy each others' company.

The server (bukkit based) is growing continuously, with player towns established and an economy now implemented.

We have a Server Talk thread in this Group's Forum for a Main Server Thread for regular conversations, server things and off topic chat alike.

The group page forums is the place to discuss specific topics, like build projects.

The server is whitelisted, not for real security reasons (because we have logs and rollbacks for douche griefers), but so that players can attach forum IDs to Minecraft profiles and know who is who and be friendly cross-platform.

Post your Minecraft user name & ask to join in the Joining thread.

We have been flooded with requests since Minecraft has become a popular topic with RT people lately, so be patient when waiting to be whitelisted.

If you have a history of being banned on other servers we reserve the right to not whitelist you at all.

Whitelisting is usually suspended on Sunday's to observe the lord's day of games!

After you are notified on the thread that you were whitelisted, message the RT Helpers through here with your Minecraft name & the phrase "I'm super good and read directions!" to get the IP. You may be required to provide a second level of verification if your RT profile is new(basically blank).

If you don't follow the steps as listed you will likely get no response at all due to the amount of people added everyday that actually do it right.

Users start with a few less privileges than Citizens (Green names). To become a Citizen users must have 3 current citizens vouch for their play style (ie. say they aren't a dick). Depending on the situation players sending reports on players being dicks may count against Citizenship. Punishment for being a dick may include revoking of citizenship, jailing or a swing of the banhammer. Citizens can vote by using the form located in the embassy in the Capitol.

Donating money to the server DOES NOT guarantee Citizenship or even not being banned for being a dick. Nice people and dicks alike can help with the server upkeep by sending money to RTCommunityServer(at)gmail(dot)com on Paypal. Donors get a few perks...curious?

The Tower of Champions!


Every Sunday at 8 pm CST players on the server get together and play games, several of which are unique and highly contagious, for pride, prizes and POWER!
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November 14th, 2014

Post-Spoopy Pre-Turkey Days 2: SantaTime

Its Friday, so time for another game of statues. Play to win the tower, 2000 teeth, and a fancy [Madam] title for a week!

This Week's Judge ... GamerX_01 ("Gamer, or @GamerX01")

Last Week's Winner: GamerX_01. (Theme: Magic. Judge: MAGICmagic98)

Statues is at 8PM CST (That's 2am Saturday in the UK & 12pm Saturday in Canberra, Australia). Join us, and just remember - Have fun!
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